News: Obama Cover Drama, Natty Nadal, Shotgun Weddings, Scraping By

Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and others attend the 2010 Wimbledon Champions Ball. Nice tux!

Road Families forcing gay men in the UK into straight marriages. Also an interesting finding, the UK has a Forced Marriage Unit that investigates this phenomenon.

Road If a gay (but celibate) man is appointed Bishop of Southwark, conservative parishes of the Church of England might seek leadership abroad.

Road Gallagher, he of watermelon-smashing fame, is now "a paranoid, delusional, right-wing religious maniac." (And still isn't funny.)

Road Will Republican Minnesota state Sen. Paul Koering lose votes—or gain them—in the wake of his dinner "date" with a porn star?


Road The cute cyclist above got into quite a scrape. It's probably wrong to check out his ass when he's in pain. Here's hoping it heals quickly. 

Road South African Caster Semenya—banned from competitive running for nearly a year over a gender controversy—has been cleared by the findings of a panel of experts. It took them 11 months to figure out she's a woman?

Road The hottest guys of…The Price is Right???

Road That Bachelor relationship sounds like it went from honeymoon to seven-year itch overnight, with Jake Pavelka admitting he withheld sex from his faux-fiancée after less than a month of togetherness.

Road George Michael arrested. Again.

Road Via Kenneth In The (212): An op-ed by a gay scholar who thinks "the argument for upholding California's gay marriage ban has merit—not because the policy is fair or wise (it isn't) but because it represents a reasonable judgment that the people of California are entitled to make." Huh?

Road Today, controversial artist Mr. Brainwash finds beauty everywhere.

Road I'm From Driftwood launches four-month, 50-state tour across the country in search of true LGBT stories. Sounds expensive!

Road The only person convicted in the Lockerbie bombing, Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, was released by Scotland last year so he could die in Libya…except it turns out he "could survive 10 years or longer."

Road Jared Leto's hair-raising appearance for Christian Dior.

Road SHOCK: Gay youth activist Pasikali Kashusbe has been found decapitated and dismembered in Uganda. UPDATE: This story was a hoax.

Road The Economist doctors a photo of President Obama to make a more compelling cover, and one that becomes "the ideal metaphor for a politically troubled president." The mag thinks it's no big deal.



  1. DBDB says

    While the Pasikali Kashusbe story might be as sexy as reports about the whereabouts of Madonna and Kylie, one would hope that it deserves a more prominent feature on this site than being shoehorned in a glut trivial postings (including the latest on the Price is Right).

  2. sparks says

    I won’t ever apologize for checking out a cute cyclist’s ass. But that DID look exceptionally painful. Hope the poor fellow prefers to top…

  3. joe says

    a kid is brutally murdered and that goes at the bottom right after jared leto’s hair? classy.

  4. jamal49 says

    Figures that the “forced marriages” in the UK are primarily done by Muslims.

    As for the brutal murder of Kashusbe, I’d say that Rick Warren and the rest of those homophobic assholes who have spread their hateful religion into Uganda now have some serious blood on their hands. Makes me wanna go out and throw rocks at some mega-church.

  5. SFshawn says

    I certainly hope the subhumans of Uganda can feel some sense of accomplishment in beheading,dismembering and brutally murdering this young,openly gay activist.
    I guess these ignorant religious zealots in Uganda have to blame somebody for the shithole of an existence they live in. Have a few more babies so if they’re gay you can murder them in the most inhuman way possible. Fuck Uganda.

  6. TANK says

    The only way you can control that type of mentality (which, if it weren’t for the consequences and society we’ve developed in the states, these christianists would be doing this type of thing to us here, and were…) is with a gun and a threat of something that they care about…occasionally, you gotta make good on that threat to show them that you’re serious about hurting them and what they care about. It’s…that primitive, and unfortunately…the only thing available.

  7. nic says

    wtf is wrong with africa? is it a perfect storm of muslim and xtian fundamentalism? i have never been an isolationist, but good gawd, some places on this planet may well be beyond redemption. we are wasting lives and resources on the middle-east and africa. one cannot bargain with insanity. let us wash our hands of this muck; let us invest in ourselves.

  8. says

    To those who noted the placement of the Ugandan murder, these news briefs are built—when I do them—randomly. I begin them usually late one evening and continue building in the a.m. (not even sequentially; photos sometimes push items around) until one is ready to go up. I put links randomly within each bloc. As this was ready to go up, I was having power outages in my building (heatwave), which was frustrating my ability to get anything up. When I read about the Ugandan case, I wanted that up immediately and didn’t want to be in the middle of a post and lose it, so I made sure it went up in this bloc. (Some of the other posts around it were not timely and were pre-written.) Sorry if in any way anyone feels placement belittled the event; I will keep an eye on it if more develops.

  9. Drew says

    Boy, those African countries are like a different planet, right? I mean, it’s even worse than the Crusades and the Middle Ages (excluding the cell phones, of course). When they figure their shit out, that’s when I’ll send them a few bucks to improve their lives. Until then, I suppose DeBeers, Tiffany and Harry Winston will keep their young ones employed.

  10. redacted says

    As a journalist and a photographer, I don’t think that the “doctored” Obama is a breach of ethics, the editing out of another person’s head is more like a crop and doesn’t seriously change the emotive content or value of the photo.

    What “makes” the photo is Obama’s pose with the oil rig seemingly “hanging over” him in a metaphoric sense. The theme of the photo is encapsulated in his pose, with his head hanging down and hands on hips it give the sense of someone worn out, tired and disappointed, which may be the theme communicated by the article (I don’t know, I haven’t read it).

    But this is a far different case as in that famous photo that Time (or was it Newsweek?) seemingly darkened OJ Simpson’s skin 15 on the cover years ago. That was a pretty clear-cut case of race-baiting. This editing doesn’t significantly change the content or message of the photo and it is a non-issue raised by Daily Kos.

  11. nic says


    no, no, and no! the Economist sullied its reputation by needlessly manipulating a photo to add gravitas (or as you say, metaphorical significance)to an article that should have been able to stand alone. that is a perfect example of intellectual dishonesty. the fatal flaw of reportage now is that journalists feel they need to sex us up to their point of view. edward r. murrow must be spinning in his grave, and walter cronkite must be red-faced with rage. as jack webb used to say, “just the facts, ma’am.”

  12. redacted says


    Tell me how does the editing seriously compromised the content of the photograph? How would have that woman’s head contributed to the information that you need to find out about the oil spill? It was an aesthetic decision to make a cover look good. That alone does not compromise the story itself.

  13. dizzy spins says

    Every single magazine cover and newspaper article is cropped or adjusted. There’s not lie, here, simply an omission. Was Obama at the beach? Yes. Was he looking down? Yes.

    Editors chose unflattering images of politicans ALL the time. This week, the Times ran a front-page photo of Governor Patterson signing a bill. Because of his sight-impairment, he had to look at it very, very closely. The photo either made him look like Mr Magoo or that he was doing a line of Coke off his desk.

  14. nic says

    @REDACT, in the original photo, pres. obama is accompanied by thad allen and the president of LaFourge Parish. she is much shorter than he, so he bows his head to listen to her. in the bogus photo, the intent of the dissemblers at what has now become a “rag” is clear. rather than depicting the president as simply conferring with two other officials, they show him as a solitary, despondent man staring helplessly and hopelessly into the defiled sea shore. what is honest about this? while he may very well be disheartened about the disaster caused by BP (goodness knows i am), there is no excuse for supposed journalists to falsify recorded events to advance a story. i recall that when the movie “Forest Gump” came out, some critics and others were concerned about how easily archival footage could be manipulated to “make real” the appearance of tom hanks’ character in all sorts of historical events. life is certainly imitating art. the Economist should be deeply ashamed.

  15. Rich says

    Clearly someone isn’t a regular reader of The Economist. Most – if not all – of their covers are artistic, not realistic. I can’t recall the last one that wasn’t an obvious Photoshop, (or an outright illustration,) and they usually don’t try to hide it.

    No regular reader of The Economist expects the cover to be anything other than an editorial statement. Photojournalism just isn’t what they’re about, *especially* with their covers.

    In fact, the whole magazine is different from any other. They avoid bylines and blend editorial opinion with news in almost every article. That’s simply their style.