Cicilline Wins in RI, Stachowski Loses in NY, O’Donnell Wins in DE


A few primary election results here. If you've got more you would like me to post, please put them in the comments.


Road David Cicilline (above) wins Democratic primary in Rhode Island's 1st Congressional District: "The 49-year-old Providence mayor cruised to a comfortable victory Tuesday, winning more than a third of the vote in a hard-fought four-way race, according to unofficial election results."

Said Victory Fund CEO and President Chuck Wolfe of Cicilline's win: "Adding more authentic LGBT voices to Congress is a Victory Fund priority, and Mayor Cicilline’s win tonight puts us one giant step closer to doing just that.  When he wins this November, he will join Tammy Baldwin, Barney Frank and Jared Polis as the only openly gay and lesbian members of Congress—our greatest champions for real change and real progress toward full equality.  We’re proud to have supported Mayor Cicilline throughout his political career, and thrilled about this historic victory."

RoadAnti-gay New York state senator Bill Stachowski, a Fight Back NY target, is defeated.

Road Maryland could see seven gay and lesbian state lawmakers.


RoadState Senators Ruben Diaz, Sr. and  Shirley Huntley win handily in New York.

RoadTrans candidate Dana Beyer concedes General Assembly race in Maryland.

Road Pro-gay DC Mayor Adrian Fenty loses re-election bid. What happened?


RoadTeabagger, 'ex-gay' supporter, and masturbation foe Christine O'Donnell upsets Mike Castle in Delaware GOP Senate primary.


Road Eric Schneiderman edges out Kathleen Rice to win NY Attorney General primary.

(image below via Fight Back NY)



  1. TampaZeke says

    Fenty’s opponent, Gray, is actually considered to be more gay supportive/positive than Fenty. He won the endorsement many of the gay groups in DC. So maybe this one should be listed under the “Good” column.

    And O’Donnell’s win should also be listed under the “Good” because she is considered to be much more beatable in the general election than her Republican primary opponent.

    Diaz and Huntley are just BAD, BAD, BAD no matter how you look at it.

  2. CCOB says

    I agree with TAMPAZEKE, there is nothing inherently bad about Fenty losing to Gray in DC. Gray has been as good, if not better, than Fenty on issues relevant to the gay community.

    In fact, between the two, Fenty is the only one with a serious misstep. Awhile back it was revealed that Fenty’s office issued a certificate of commendation to the executive director of the virulently anti-gay group PFOX. The mayor apologized for the mistake and blamed it on low-level staff. However, while the community clammered to have the certificate recalled, it is my understanding that the mayor has refused to do it.

    Perhaps there should be “draw” heading for the Gray over Fenty election result.

  3. jeffrey in the Bronx says

    pedro espada jr has been voted OUT! another FIGHT BACK victory. YAY!!!

    and newcomer (young and cute, i might add), gustavo riveria is in! hopefully the stonewall democrats will make sure our needs are going to be represented. he seems like an open minded dude.

  4. Tyler says

    Sadly, many gays in DC, like those commenting here are one issue voters. As such, they switched to vote for Gray because of some mystifying belief that he’s better for gays than Fenty (I’m sorry, did I miss something or did DC get gay marriage under Fenty – not sure exactly how it gets better than that). Meanwhile crime is lower than ever and test scores for schools are higher than ever.

    Look at the ward-by-ward results of last night’s vote in DC and it’s plainly obvious what the vote came down to. Keep in mind this is a city that reelected Marion Berry twice. Progress is not something welcome there. Gray capitalized on fears of gentrification and change and used it to convince residents of the poorer wards in DC that Fenty did not care about them.

    Fenty is not blameless for his inability to overcome that sentiment, but the reality is that he’s done a very, very good job in DC and it is shameful to not let it continue.

  5. walter says

    hey another win is the lose by the crook pedro espada, who was put of the ruben diaz crew. so that is 3 of the antigay senators gone. monserate also lost his bid for assembly seat. isn’t it amazing how all these crooks fight so hars to keep political office. i guess it beats working for a living

  6. tom a says

    Thank you Tyler! I am heartbroken at Fenty’s loss. I fear the city wil take major steps backwards with Marion Berry back at the helm. (Or next to the helm.) If there is a god, Fenty will run and win as an Independent.

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