News: Constance McMillen, Minnesota, Boy George, MEditation

Road Mixner: Vote as if your life depends on it, because it does

RoadIndonesian death toll in hundreds after tsunami, earthquake…

Constance RoadItawamba School District ordered to pay Constance McMillen and ACLU $81,000 in legal fees in Mississippi lesbian prom case.

RoadBoy George throws drink on woman talking loudly during his performance.

RoadGay vets to walk 45 miles on Veteran's Day to raise awareness about repealing DADT: "Jason Knight and Jeffrey Kongslie Correa were both highly trained and decorated linguists in the US Navy and US Air Force, respectively. Jason was discharged from the Navy not once, but twice, under the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) policy. Jeffrey served a six year enlistment in the Air Force, and elected to not reenlist because he could no longer serve under such a discriminatory policy."

RoadKylie Minogue announces new tour of the U.S.

RoadIs Tom Hardy Snow White's Huntsman?

RoadMinnesota GOP official meets with Log Cabin Republicans.

Dag RoadThe first known photograph of man?

RoadAnti-gay Colorado Tea Party Senate candidate Ken Buck says he'd consider meeting with gay rights group One Colorado "if he won the election."

RoadGuess who has over one billion views on YouTube?

Road Tron's Garrett Hedlund cheers up Japan.

Road Thintervention's Craig Ramsey's ass-ets (nsfw).

RoadProject Runway contestant Mondo Guerra talks about receiving negative comments, hate mail, and disclosing his HIV status on the show: "I realized when my mom visited that I’m accomplishing my dream and there’s one thing that’s been holding me back for a long time—me hiding this huge secret. It was such a weight on my shoulders that I couldn’t move forward emotionally, creatively, even health-wise. So I knew that this was the last thing."

RoadRepublican sex and marriage advice.

Gaybar Road1957 collection Gay Bar reissued: "With an introduction by Blanche M. Baker, M.D., 'America’s first advice columnist for homosexuals' who, according to historian and author Will Fellows, preferred the fluidity of Gavin Arthur’s Circle of Sex to Kinsey’s Scale and believed that gay men and women were reincarnations of souls previously embodied by the opposite gender, Gay Bar is a fascinating artifact—a sparse, conversational series of essays about life at Helen’s, a Los Angeles gay bar that managed to be both unabashed and discreet."

RoadOntario minister apologizes for tweet accusing anti-gay candidate of "bigotry".

RoadCan meditation change the brain?

RoadTel Aviv vs. Beirut as gay hotspot: "The tour operators said Beirut boasts many gay-friendly nightclubs and other social venues, as well as being home to fascinating history and an authentic taste of 'the Arabian spirit.' There are also a number of downsides for gays looking to visit Beirut. First, and most important, is the fact that homosexuality is illegal in Lebanon, though that law is rarely, if ever, enforced. Nevertheless, there is a prevailing hostility toward homosexuals, especially among more traditional Muslim communities."

Posted October 27, 2010 at 3:50pm ETC by Andy Towle
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