Towleroad Guide to the Tube #756

THE VIEW: Co-hosts rehash the Bill O'Reilly walk-out.

SHAYNE WARD: The X-Factor winner shoots his new album cover with Tony Duran.

TWEET IT: It's iPhones vs iPads in this very geeky shot-for-shot remake of Michael Jackson's "Beat It".

ELVIRA: I'm not a witch (via joe).

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  1. JauntyJohn says

    oh my god, Elisabeth Hasselbeck made a good point, about using the term ‘terrorist’ and not constantly linking ‘muslim’ and ‘extremist.’
    Jokes about broken clocks not withstanding, I actually always feel a little hope for us all when someone who’s track record on discerning valid points on many issues begins to show some insight.
    Sure, she’s a long way from someone I want to be trapped on an elevator with, but that’s encouraging.

  2. Bobo says

    @JauntyJohn…Elizabeths whole statement, on the day O’Reiley was on the show was this…”the President doesn’t allow anyone to use the term terrorist anymore. If the President would just let people say terrorist, then we would not have to say muslims. It’s the Presidents fault.”
    She said this in the segment after Joy and Whoppie walked off.
    Hasselbeck is a shill for people like O’Reiley, and Fox, don’t be fooled!!

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