Towleroad Guide to the Tube #782

TSA: New Jersey lawmakers take on the TSA!

TINA FEY: Anderson Cooper puts PBS on his “Ridicu-list” for censoring Fey’s Palin remarks.

BOYS IN BEAUTY PAGEANT: Joy Behar looks at the male JonBenets of the world.

NO YAWNING: I’m impressed that the class stood by one another. Where’s Spicoli when you need him?

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  1. Cal says

    If you aren’t mature enough to sit and listen without being a jerk, you shouldn’t be in a college class. The professor was right – if you are that bored and trying to make a statement, just leave. No one is keeping you there. College isn’t high school – instructors don’t have to tolerate bad behavior.

  2. Paul says

    This is the stupidest reaction to safety procedures i have ever heard. Terrorists have planted bombs in water bottles, dogs, underwear. Does anyone seriously want to travel on a plane with the threat of being blown to pieces ?? These procedures are for our safety. The first people to react when a shoe bomber passing airport security are the first people to complain about pat downs. What the hell are the TSA supposed to do ? X rays, pat downs, they can do whatever they need to in order to keep us all safe. 911 happened because of a laisser faire attitude to screening. Increased screening means increased security. Only a over reactionary Tea Party idiot would use this as an argument about ‘big government’ Seriously are people literally brain dead ??
    I don’t care how long it takes to get on a plane, i want to get on a plane that doesn’t have bombs on it. If you have an issue with that then simply don’t travel. Idiotic.

  3. borut says

    Can you imagine someone saying something like: “You shouldn’t discriminate against black people, because they were born this way and they can’t help it. If they could choose the color of their skin, they would certainly choose to be white”?

  4. Ron says

    And if the little shit isn’t brave enough to own up, why not give the others a chance to identify the schmuck? This is also training for life–you’re not going to do this if your boss is talking, so why is it okay here?

  5. Paul R says

    PBS knows which way the wind is blowing. Republicans have threatened to cut its funding tons of times, and it’s not going to risk pissing them off.

    I suspect the class “stuck by” the person making the obnoxious noise because that person is a huge jock. Just a guess.

  6. says

    Paul, the full-body scanners don’t make us any safer. They’re expensive means to create “security theater” — the illusion of feeling safe. The fact of the matter is experts have said that the full-body scanners wouldn’t have prevented the failed ‘underwear bomber’ from getting on the plane — which is the only reason why they’re going mainstream. Furthermore, it’s fighting the last battle — terrorists could just as easily place explosive material in their body, vagina or anus. When that happens, should we then make people get full chest x-rays to get on the planes?

    These things may not even be safe. If they malfunction at all — which is inevitable — they will give people cancer, and potentially a lot of people cancer.

  7. Danny says

    as to the scanners, what risk analysis was done to justify their purchase?

    I can tell you: NONE. Nowhere at the TSA is professional legitimate risk analysis in evidence. They simply buy shit. And I bet every goddam thing they buy makes a buddy of Dick Cheney’s a little richer.

  8. Jay says

    Sorry, Andy, your attitude toward the immature, insulting behavior of that Cornell student puts you in his the same class. The hell with Spicoli. The student should have had the balls to stand up, admit his action and apologize. If he wants to criticize the teacher or the course, he should have gone to the prof’s office and expressed his opinion in private, not using up time belonging to his 220 other classmates. As for the rest of the class, I would not rat him out either. I would have seen him afterward and suggested he man up and apologize and suggest that he drop the course since he was not sufficiently mature to be in college.

  9. CoMo'mo says

    I agree with Jay. I dozed off in classes time to time but never imposed my sense of boredom on others.

    Zander’s mother doesn’t SEEM evil but I can’t help wondering if she is. Zander seems on the way to becoming male model or politician. I hope he chooses the former: it won’t pay as well, but impersonation and performance and exhibition won’t hurt as many people or cost the rest of us as much.

  10. JJJJS says

    @ Mike and @ ERB

    I’m sure that, since you are now professors yourselves, your shiny fuzzy happy-time lectures keep your students in constant thrall.

    A prof being either an arrogant jerk, or really boring, or unfortunate enough to have his/her class scheduled in a late timeslot, is no excuse for you to encroach your own pompous entitlement onto your fellow students, or to distract the lecturer from his/her job. It is possible to yawn quietly.

    As others have mentioned, it’s university. If you don’t like it, seriously, leave. Don’t come to class. Do fun things that you like instead, and this way the learning environment is not disrupted for either the students who are attending the class or the person delivering the lecture. Everybody wins!

  11. Dback says

    I had a prof in college take me aside after class one day and tell me in no uncertain terms that if I was dozing and “bored,” I should drop the class. I was mortified and almost in tears by how snarky she was; actually, I was fascinated by the class, I was just working two jobs and going to school and dealing with a bad breakup, and was completely running on fumes physically, emotionally, and just about every other way. I apologized profusely, but she was still pretty unmollified, though I did earn a “B” in the class. (Side note: she and several of her colleagues came into the restaurant I was hosting at a year later, and during the minute-long walk to their table I unleashed a torrent of thoughts about stuff from her class with regards to current events happening in the media–completely flummoxed her.)

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