1. TANK says

    ha ha…Guess I’m totally wrong about him, huh? Riiight. “Getcho hands off me, bitch! Ain’t nobody care bout star trek, mofo!”

  2. Anon says

    Why would (or should) he “regret this one”? At the time, there was no hideous exclusionary policy, and if we’re to believe it, his experience was a worthwhile part of his childhood. Again, long before any of their current policies were in place. Of course, he wouldn’t do a PSA like this today (nor would they ask him). Altogether a non-story.

  3. says

    Just to be clear – Takei was closeted then, so the Boy Scouts were more than happy to have him. And you’re right, today they would kick him out. That being said, my tenure as a Boy Scout was also was first introduction to homosexuality. There was more gay sex going on in the Boy Scouts than any back room at a gay club…

  4. says

    I can’t count the number of Eagle Scouts I’ve known who were absolutely on ‘our team.’ It’s sad that the Boy Scouts are so bigoted, when so many of their membership are among those the organization persecutes. People shouldn’t have to choose between doing something they like, and being able to be open and proud of who you are — yet the Boy Scouts make gay teens out there make those decisions every day.

  5. Lexxvs says

    Lol. I don’t see what is the reason to come up with this. Back then the Scout didn’t seem so intolerant.
    I guess someone is trying to help the bigots round here.

  6. TommyOC says

    @Lexxvs: EXACTLY! Back in the 80’s, the Mormon stranglehold on the organization was just a twinkle in the church’s eye. Until about that time, the Scouts own materials kept the subject of sexuality ambiguous, choosing to enforce a social morality over a religious one.

    I’ve said it repeatedly, but it’s worth saying again: The Scouts instilled in me many of the basic leadership and practical skills I employ to this day. Some of my fondest childhood memories are centered around the Scouts. If my son wants to join, he’s got my blessing – even if the national org has a problem with my sexuality… as long as the local troop allowed me to donate time and energies, even in an unofficial capacity, my son would be golden.

    And some snippy snark from posters here won’t change my mind one bit.

  7. Balbo says

    Well, it’s a sub-military organization. It falls under different legal rules, but the character of the organization is similar: all-male (or mostly), out in the woods, hierarchical.

    Going off the other commenters who mentioned the amount of white-hot gay happenings going on, the same is true of the military as well. I have a feeling that these groups refusing openly gay persons from serving is an admission that they are implicitly and actually quite gay. Call it sublimation, I guess. Because the organization depends on homoerotic male bonding exercises, with the erotic desire deferred into arts and crafts, or whatever.

  8. Lucky says

    Indeed, scouting wasn’t openly homophobic back then. The prohibition on gay men being Scout leaders dates to 1991, and the prohibition on gay Scouts dates only to 2004.

    The organization has been hijacked by religious fundamentalists, and it’s very sad to see.