Police Reach Settlement with Men Targeted in Atlanta Gay Bar Raid

The Atlanta Eagle and the Atlanta Police Department have agreed on a settlement which is reportedly just above $1 million, according to WSBTV,  for the September 2009 raid on the Eagle bar during which patrons and employees were ordered to the ground and searched while being called derogatory, anti-gay names.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: Atlantaeagle

Dan Grossman, representing the plaintiffs, confirmed the agreement but could not comment on specifics per the instructions of federal Magistrate Judge Alan J. Baverman. The city will pay an unspecified monetary settlement as well as oversee reforms within the police department — a victory for the petitioners, based on their stated goal when the civil rights suit was filed in November 2009.

"It's unfortunate we need a federal judge to make our police department follow the law," Grossman said at a news conference announcing the suit, filed on behalf of 19 Eagle patrons against the city, former Police Chief Richard Pennington and 48 of his officers, including members of the department's Red Dog unit. "Since [police] don't think they did something wrong they're going to do it again."

The settlement has to be approved by the Atlanta City Council and neither side can comment until the deal is finalized.



  1. Dan says

    I applaud the settlement — the city behaved disgracefully — but what do the politicians care? It’s just more taxpayers’ money to slosh around. I wish you could take it out of their individual pockets.

  2. Tank says

    More gays looking for a free handout. Boo hoo so they were frisked by police. Happens to the rest of us all the time and we don’t go looking for million dollar handouts. Learn to grow a pair, this is why most of America and indeed the world hates queers.

  3. Joe says

    Good for them for pursuing this and insisting on reforms of the police department.

    However, it’s really sad that TAXPAYERS must pay for this when I’m sure a majority of them would never condone such actions.

    @TANK – Why are you on a “faggot” website if you hate it so much?

    Methinks Tank doth protest too much….

  4. Sean Mac says

    If you note how many people were unlawfully detained and harassed by officers during this raid, you’ll see the monetary settlement is ultimately negligible. The real win comes in forcing the APD to address their internal problems with procedure and training adjustments. The lawless manner in which the raid was carried out is inexcusable. This is the first band-aid on the wound.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    Tank claims to be thirty, but already he is a bitter old queen. For his sake I hope he is gorgeous, because that personality will never attract a man. More happened there than some guys just being frisked, Tank. Lawsuits such as this put little money in anyone’s pocket, but it will stop future acts such as this.

  6. Steve says

    Were any of the police officers fired?
    Were any of their police licenses revoked?

    If the victims were white heterosexual protestant women, would ANY of those officers still have a job, or a license?

  7. ratbastard says

    How much does police and prosecutorial malfeasance cost taxpayers every year? Amazing. Some of it is so blatant.

  8. Alan Arthur Chiras says

    And thru all of this, where were our leather sashed titleholders fighting for our rights? Oh, yeah, they were at a party.

  9. wimsy says

    Jack-booted government thugs will continue to act this way until the city’s leadership yanks their choke collars. Maybe paying $1 million will get their attention, and just maybe the news media will stay on their case.