1. Matt26 says

    What kind of an adult will come out and speak the way Michele Bachmann? (You know the answer.) She knows nothing not even basics about the US history. Perhaps she spoke the Tea Party version of history.
    Good job from AC.

  2. says

    This is a perfect example of why Bachmann isn’t stupid — just morally bankrupt. John Quincy Adams WAS a staunch opponent of slavery (and expansionist wars) AFTER his presidency when he returned to the House of Representatives. Bachmann took this factoid and cynically stretched it. Minnesota public radio recently noted her status as the most prolific liar in the House.

  3. Amaezm says

    it really makes me sad that she is the representative of my hometown ><

    I can’t wait for all of the fuckery of her presidential bid, I know someone will bring up that liar report. Can’t wait!

  4. jpeckjr says

    If I am misinterpreting her remarks correctly, Rep. Backmann is obviously in favor of an immigration policy characterized by a completely open border since letting people come to the US where we can all be treated alike is a deeply entrenched American value we must uphold.

    Along those same lines, she must also be in favor of full equality for LGBT people. After all, as she says, the true greatness of our country is that everyone is treated alike. (Snark.)

  5. Rob says

    This woman has to be one of the dumbest of the dumbs occupying Repuggie seats in the US House (and there’re a few of ’em this session). Where in the world did Bachmann get her (lack of) education? How in the world can the residents of Bachmann’s district send her back to Congress time-and-time again? That is a true mystery to me. No wonder Repuggie bigwigs are upset over her planned Teabaggist reponse to the Repuggies’ response to tonight’s Obama’s SOTU address.

  6. TonyJ says

    Both her and Palin may not be too dumb, but their fans certainly are.

    They are leaders of the ignorant, of history re-writers, of the incredibly deluded poor…. and they know it.

    I find them both disgusting and immoral. They should be ashamed of themselves…

  7. Victor says

    I know everyone is really angered by this, but I am really really saddened by the state of this country. I hate that somehow the most powerful country in the world is considered the dumbest one too. Here’s another reason why education reform is so important, when not even a member of the political spectrum has a grasp on the reality of our history. This is why mistakes keep happening, why we keep repeating offenses against the disenfranchised, and why we can’t make decisions that are really well informed and thought out. We keep rewarding stupidity and ignorance. I am sorry that it’s not just her that thinks this, I am sorry that someone in that audience probably took her words to heart, I am sorry that we are followers and I am extremely sad that many people treat politicians as deities who can say no wrong.

  8. Rowan says


    What is scary is that only liberal blogs and news reply to her. The rest of her followers don’t know and don’t want to be educated. She’s their education.

  9. says

    OK, I’ll try again….without the bag language.
    Bachman, have you read Madison’s negotiations with the other delegates at the Constitutional Convention? then you might have have a clue.

    @VICTOR: Some friend of mine criticised the USA as being dumb a few years ago…..but as I pointed out the USA won FIVE Nobel prizes that year, 2009, I think.
    No one measures the standing of the USA or its citizens by the example of a third rate bigoted politician….we all have them.

  10. TampaZeke says

    Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, and was having sex with and having children by them, even as he was writing “we hold these truths to be self-evident…”.

    George Washington owned slaves until the day he DIED; freeing them in his WILL, leaving his wife and family to run an estate in a way that HE wasn’t willing to. What a class act he was.

    Most, if not all, of the land owning, farming founding fathers owned slaves. Probably quite a few that weren’t farmers did too. In fact it’s very likely that most of the founding fathers owned at least one slave.

  11. says

    I thought just the opposite of JPeckJr.
    She presents the ‘truthiness’ that the Founding Fathers (we are capitalizing it as this point, right?) were always against slavery. With this position, she can refute the argument that their intent wasn’t a mixed bag of good and bad and also assert that the Constitution (as she understands it) is ‘perfect’.
    I don’t know her exact intent, but this stance undermines the moral imperative to amend the Constitution to address past wrongs. She, along with her ignorant followers, now look like (most likely only to themselves) they have the precedence to deny equal rights to those who currently don’t have them (like the LGBT community).
    This is about as smart as she gets.

  12. BobN says

    If the Founders fought tirelessly against slavery, yet slavery persisted for almost a century after the founding, who exactly were they fighting against?

    Let me guess… Socialists?

  13. Bart says

    Michelle Bachmann speaks to get attention. Period. Is she stupid? Yes. Is she sly? Yes. And she knows the people that actually listen to her do not care how far she makes things up or stretches the truth. It’s about her message, not her facts.

    That’s what makes her dangerous to the less educated and those unwilling to be educated to the truth. Which is a wide swatch of the voting public in this country.

    The good news is, she’s such an idiot and so utterly disingenuous as a person, there’s something creepy about her that people pick up on even if they agree with her idiotic message.

  14. james Brown says

    Let the CIRCUS begin! I actually like watching her and Palin to see what “train wreck” they are going to create! However, I cannot fathom how the people of Minnesota could elect such an idiot!

  15. DeWayne says

    Next she will claim there was no Lynchings or KKK despite the films and photo proof.

    Oh come on Tea Party come clean YOU ALL believe the Earth is Flat anyway!


    By the Way both Michelle and Sarah FLOAT…

  16. says

    before the next time she comes up for re election i hope someone puts out a complete list of all the b/s she has spoken and distributes it in her home district and just maybe the constituents will read it a realize she is a complete lying idiot or maybe she is just stupid.

  17. EJ says

    My God this woman is totally nuts and extremely frightening.

    The Tea Party need her and should send her far far away, maybe to India, at government expense, Two million dollars a day would worth it get rid of her . . .forever !

  18. Rick Smith says

    Another Tea Party member who wants to rewrite history to her liking. My history class, and Wikipedia, taught me that slavery was ended during President Lincoln’s presidency in 1965 with the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. As good as Lincoln was, I don’t recall him being a founding father almost 100 years earlier.

  19. says

    Many politicians in this country are either educated fools or just plain from another planet. This last two years they(Republicans) came out like a bunch of bees from a bothered bee hive. The more we put idiots like M Bachmann in high positions the faster downhill and behind we get as a country.

  20. Montana says

    Michele Bachmann did not say how we got here from eight years of poor leadership, two wars without end, diminsihed Civil liberties. Its like she crawl out from under a rock just to complain about our current President. We all know that Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works started the Tea Party, grasroots, please. She like Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle and Linda McMahon, they are just not right but funny. I especially like the clip of Bachmann saying that the founding fathers abolished slavery, wow, what a liar, not the first or last time that will happen. Does anyone with self-respect real believe her?

  21. Chris says

    OK, is it just me or have we entered an alternate reality?

    Since Bachmann says “The Founding Fathers freed their slaves as a justification that they ‘worked tirelessly to end slavery’ it might carry a little more validation if they never owned slaves or raped them and had kids with them to begin with. Don’t cha think?

    I mean that is like a bank robber freed his hostages so he is not guilty of robbing the bank, no?

    For Christ sakes people, I am not proud of these facts either but that is no excuse to rewrite history or sweep it under the rug!

    The Founding Fathers were not Christ, they were men that make huge “man made” mistakes (they were not infallible or Incapable of erring), why is it that some want to rewrite history and say that the Sh*t does not stink, please grow up.

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