1. Forearm73 says

    I’ve never been a fan of hers, but I’m with Dr. Laura on this one.

    I’m sick of blacks whining incessantly about inequality and stereotyping and racism (the ultimate trump card word – things aren’t going your way? Use the ‘R’ word to make it all better :), yet they throw the ‘N’ word around liberally all they want, but still expect the ‘hurting’ it apparently (?) means to them to ‘go away’. If it’s such a BAD word to them then why are they making every effort possible to ensure that it doesn’t get removed from society?

    When’s the last time you heard a Chinese person call another Chinese person “Yo Chinka whazzup??”

    Screw this “that is OUR word” bullshit. If white people had a double standard like that they’d be up in arms, once again (as expected), using that precious ‘R’ word as their usual defense).

  2. Asher says

    Forearm73, dude, it really isn’t that big of a deal. So you can’t say the ‘N’ word’. Big deal. Go have a good cry, get it out of your system and try not to waste your limited brain capacity on small, intellectually useless issues such as this one.

  3. Cloudup says

    seriously, Forearm. If saying the N word really means that much to you then you’ve got problems. Just like Dr. Laura. How unflattering it must be to actually share an opinion with that creature…

  4. Rob says

    You know forearm, you’re right. Racism just doesn’t exist anymore. We have a black president so everything is A ok. Black people have been trying to reclaim the n-word but we obviously live in post racial world so we need to re-reclaim the n-word back from them!

    Or maybe you’re just being racist. (Sorry but you are.)

  5. Terry says

    Although I agree in theory with Dr. Laura about how black male comedians throw that word around, it’s still wrong for any non-black person to say, period. I do think that it would be wise for black youth to use that word only when non-black people aren’t around; it’s still a loaded term that makes most people uncomfortable.

  6. deeminus says

    Forearm…you’re a moron. Take a U.S. history class, and snap out of your ignorance, stupidity and entitlement!

  7. says

    Black people using the N-word takes away its power as a hateful slur and turns it into a badge of pride- just the same way we GLBT folks use “Queer”. Taking the words out of the mouths of the bigots and throwing it back at them empowers us and disempowers the hatefulness of the word…

  8. says

    Though, actually, I wish he’s spent a little time educating the audience on the actual meaning of the 1st Amendment w/regards to free speech and freedom of the press.

  9. Hollywood, CA says

    Hey Forearm73, you dropped your brain back in the 50s, they’re holding it at the front desk for you.

    Don’t trust a bald barber, a cook who doesn;t eat their own food, and a person that complains about BLACK people who doesn’t know a single BLACK person. Fin.

  10. gr8guyca says

    Just to ask an incendiary question, but who decides when a racial slur becomes unacceptable to write or say? African-Americans should not be called the N-word. Gays should not be called the F-word. Jews should not be called the K-word. Italians should not be called the W-word.

    What is the threshold point when a word goes from being offensive and improper to being un-writeable and un-speakable?

  11. Alberto says

    It is so sad to see people like “forearm” speak like this! Just as ignorant as Dr. Laura! As a proud gay latino, I must admit I have myself received this type of reaction from non-latino gay males. It’s sad! I could go on and on about the things I could say about bigoted non-latino gay males, but at the end of the day, I appreciate that I am blessed to have great friends who don’t see race, color, as an issue! I love all my peeps, white, black, asian, latino, etc.. Get over it peeps!

  12. Bernadette says

    What’s really interesting, is that writing out the n-word on this site is prohibited (I wrote a comment a few days ago, which had the n-word written out, but it didn’t show up), but every misogynistic slur is appreciated and allowed. My question is, why are the feelings of a specific group of people worth to be protected and the feelings of others aren’t?