News: Jonathan Knight, TV Pilots, Gay Jersey Shore, Greenland

 road Antoine Dodson gets a reality show pilot that will help explain "how a news story sparked a new life for him and his family."

Tiffjon  road 80's pop star Tiffany on dating NKOTB member Jonathan Knight: "He turned gay later. I didn't do it, but he's fabulous, though. I had issues with that. I was thinking that I did. But, no…Now looking back while we were dating. He was so much fun. We used to do facials together. He was so easy to talk to."

 road Is Prince William's balding the real reason behind his engagement?

 road Robert Vander Plaats continues his hateful "Capturing the Momentum Tour" in Iowa: "We want to have a marriage amendment that the people of Iowa can vote on. We'd like to re-affirm the Defensive Marriage Act. We would like to change the selection process for judges to the Supreme Court. And we'd love to see the other four resign."

 road Twitter's involvement in the recent government turmoil in Tunisia.

 road NBC picks up lesbian sit-com pilot called I Hate That I Love You: "It's from Will and Grace alum Jhoni Marchenko, and the logline is certainly eye-catching: 'A straight couple introduces two of its lesbian friends to one another and what results is both instant attraction and a pregnancy.'"

 road More TV pilot news: thanks to NBC, David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot will get a shot at being a network series after all.

Alex  road So-called new "It" boy Alex Pettyfer goes for a run in LA.

 road Palm Springs Sergent explains to the court that he used an anti-gay slur during a gay sex sting operation so it would serve as an "icebreaker" for his officers.

 road Record ice melt: "The 2010 runoff was more than twice the average annual loss in Greenland over the previous three decades, surpassing a record set in 2007."

 road Gender-Neutral toilets cause stir in Brazil.

 road Rob Lowe buys a round of drinks at a gay bar in the latest episode of "Parks and Recreation."

 road I guess it was only a matter of time: casting is currently underway for a gay version of Jersey Shore called "Under the Boardwalk."

 road Gay couple in Philadelphia claim police brutality: “I kept telling him how much it was hurting and he just said, ‘Shut up, pussy faggot.’ I closed my eyes and all I could hear was Jason screaming. And I told him I have a dislocated wrist, and he said, ‘Shut the fuck up, or you’ll have a broken wrist.’ He said, ‘Let me hear you squeal, faggot.’"


  1. justme says

    I see this phrase everywhere, but doesn’t “gay slur” really mean that gay is inherently bad so you insult someone simply by calling them gay? Shouldn’t it be “anti-gay slur” since it’s language of hate used against people based on the false premise that gay is bad? “Gay slur” seems to be endorsing the idea that gay is bad, not that the slur itself is bad, as “anti-gay slur” does.

  2. AdamN says

    That picture of Prince William in the NY Times story is nasty. If he just shaved his head, he could possibly be attractive again…maybe not as hot as his brother but certainly more attractive then he is now. Shouldn’t the royals have a proper stylist to assist him with a better look? (Full disclosure: I shaved my head as I my hair started to thin. People seem to like it.)

  3. Matt26 says

    So the new “it” guy needs to run shirtless in front of cameras in order to be it guy and get roles?
    He looks nice, but can he act? Oh sorry, it’s Hollywood.

  4. Clay says

    I can’t understand how Prince William can be going bald so obviously so early in any case. By that I mean he’s a member of one of the wealthiest, best-connected families in the world. Surely he could have something done about it in a restorative vein.

  5. AdamN says

    Yeah, I am not saying that balding guys shouldn’t be comfortable with going bald, I’m comfortable with going bald myself, or that there is anything unattractive about bald guys. Bald guys can be super hot. Most of the guys I’ve dated in the last couple years haven’t had a full head of hair. But its all about making it look good which can be as simple as shaving your head. Right now, the Prince’s head looks pretty gross.

  6. Paul R says

    Good lord. He’s the likely heir to the British throne. Do you think he’d have a problem attracting a hot mate even if his face and scalp were covered with oozing zits and welts? Hair is utterly unimportant relative to heir.

    His dad *somehow* (that’s sarcasm) managed to snare Diana, and he was never good looking.

    That said, were William really concerned, he’d be undergoing baldness treatments. I think he realizes that, Wow, I don’t have to give a crap!

  7. Rovex says

    Maybe William is smart enough to know that all baldness treatments either dont work, or look stupid, even implants are fairly obvious.

  8. CoMo'mo says

    I like the comment about Australia being the only English speaking country that elects bald men to political office often. that’s definitely a step up from all the American politicians whose hair looks like polyester.
    It seems to be the style among Mega-church fuehrers, too. And take a look at Bob Vander Plaatz. what does this say about our politics and religion?

  9. SONNIE says

    In today’s world, guys are cutting their hair really short anyway, so what does it matter? Gone are the 70’s, when most guys had really beautiful hair. Now adays it’s just follow the herd, and CHOP it off.

  10. Ethan says

    I can’t believe there are men who truly don’t care about balding. They might not let it depress them or go crazy about it, but I’d imagine every man feels a little bad when balding. I started thinning in my early 20s and immediately went on Propecia and have maintained what I’ve had into my 30s. I know it won’t work forever, but I am not ready to shave my head.

    I’m just surprised that the heir to the British crown couldn’t get a prescription to Propecia to hang on to it, if he really cared.

    And I think as Harry ages, he looks more and more like a Windsor. So I’m not sure I buy the whole, they have different fathers bit. Blonds simply tend to thin earlier than others. You rarely see a man in his 40s with a full head of blond hair.

  11. NaughtyLola says

    @Aman Chaudhary, Harry is the image of Charles in profile, down to the lopsided smile (not to mention the weirdly close-set eyes that seems to be a hallmark of the Windsors along Elizabeth’s line).

    If you’re wondering where the red hair comes from, look at the Spencer family. Diana’s brother was a redhead.

  12. shannon says