Anderson Cooper Attacked by ‘Pro-Mubarak’ Mob in Cairo

Anderson Cooper describes the attacks:

Footage of some of the clashes, which, despite the title of the clip, doesn't have anything to do with the attack on the CNN crew:


  1. Anonymous says

    Hope Anderson is Okay.. but they really should use a real journalist to do this reporting — perhaps one that knows Arabic.. Anderson is not a journalist..

  2. cupcakes says

    miss anderson is always sticking her nose where it don’t belong, except up her boyfriends ass. now why couldn’t she find a nice egyptian boy to help her out here.

  3. says

    mubarak supporters? do they even matter anymore

    he is out

    He and the USA that has enabeled him to stay in power for 30 yrs have conceded that he won’t run again and at least is out by sepetember

  4. Derek Pearce says

    This is a ploy by Mubarak to cling to power– have hired thugs cause chaos so daddy can come in and restore order. It ain’t gonna work though.

  5. tcw says

    Serves him right. He’s in over his head when he interviews people in a NY studio, let alone in the middle of a developing country’s revolution.

  6. uh huh says

    hey dr. jeff, i’m sure you are gorgeous, but if that makes up the bulk of your qualifications, I will seek medical help elsewhere

  7. NaughtyLola says, the Mubarak supporters (the police in plainclothes, according to people on the ground) matter inasmuch as they’ve been brought in to introduce violence into the mix. Reports of agent provocateurs started coming in late last week as people identified plainclothes police looting and actively encouraging the rest of the protesters to join in.

    They will be successful if the anti-Mubarek protesters are drawn into the violence, because they will be able to point at them and say “See! We told you!” and retain control of the police-state. It remains to be seen what the Army will do, although the police are now attacking people with rocks and whips so hopefully the Army will step in and put a hard stop to it.

  8. Jeff says

    @uh-huh….you have NO idea. Post a comment with some intelligence after you’ve done some research

  9. nyrkr says

    Wonder what Ms. Palin, Ms. Bachman, Ms. Angle et al think of the pro-Mubarak factions exercising their “2nd Amendment remedies” and turning what had been a pro-democracy movement into a violent melee ?

  10. Jim says

    Crazy thugs! AC- I am coming to your rescue. PS- who exactly would count as a real journalist if Anderson doesn’t? Who the hell else would go to these pathetic areas and report on these hoodlums? Get AC/Americans back and nuke the place!

  11. JauntyJohn says

    Re: Anderson Cooper reporting on the scene, there are no scripts for this kind of thing, I find it hard to believe it’s all ‘a big stunt’ — his reporting from New Orleans after Katrina demonstrates his character in this. I fully admit that TV is an even more cynical business than ever, so maybe there’s something to some of these criticisms… BUT some of the comments so far are stunningly small minded and inane, (“my bad. you are clearly ugly.” really?) and make me wonder who’s really here and what their agenda might be. Agent(s) Provocateurs indeed. Sometimes the news you read online is shocking or depressing; but sometimes the comments even more so.

  12. ratbastard says

    Put em up! Put em up! I’ll fight you with one paw behind me back!!

    Posted by: AdamL | Feb 2, 2011 12:41:33 PM


    I love the Wizard of Oz; no brain, no heart, no courage. Now what or who could the author have been alluding to?

  13. says


    nuke the place?


    Cairo just happens to have the renmains of the oldest human civilization on the planet

    Th recent discovery of egyptian hieroglyphs predating (cuneiform)writing in summeria knocks summeria off the pedastel as the oldest civilization

    & Jim, when the egyptians were building the pyramids….your own ancestors were picking and eating the lice off of each other’s hairy backs

    (side note, yeah the Copts are the closest genetic relatives to ancient egyptians as vs the majority now in egypt being mostly semitic /arabian invaders descent)

  14. says

    President Obama and Secretary Clinton are not Pro-Mubarak. They simply do not want to set a (Obama administration) precedent where a foreign nation advocates the overthrow of a sitting government.
    Secretly, they are most likely hoping Democracy wins the day.

  15. says

    actually , every USA administration has been pro mubarak for the past 30 years whether R or D

  16. says

    ▲ I understand the strategic military value Egypt has had and the value peace between Israel and Egypt has had since the Camp David accords. But once demonstrations like this take place we must re-evaluate where we stand on those things versus the right of the people to determine their own government.
    If we truly believe in Democracy in the world, we have to come down on the side of the people. But, like I said, we can’t set a precedent where we advocate the overthrow of a sitting government either.

  17. Paul R says

    I suspect Obama and Clinton will continue to say as little as they possibly can and hope this resolves itself quickly, with Mubarak out of office. He should have just stepped down a couple months ago, citing his age and health issues. But he’s an egomaniacal dictator, so it’s no big surprise that he didn’t.

    I was in Egypt less than a year ago and Mubarak has almost no support. Obviously his “supporters” are hired guns.

    Really sucks that Anwar Sadat was assassinated.

  18. plaintom says

    Someone in our government has got to convince Mubarack to pull a Marcos and leave Egypt. Pay the bastard off before this escalates into a fullblown civil war. I don’t particularly like the solution I am suggesting but it would resolve the situation with the least amount of bloodshed.

  19. Paul R says

    Unfortunately it wouldn’t be setting precedent for the US to advocate the overthrow of a sitting government, as we’ve actually overthrown governments—see Latin America, Iraq, etc.

  20. shannon says

    Anderson Cooper is NOT “hot” guys…please stop saying that…your desperation is showing! Further….he needs to stop exploiting people to make money…also these Arabs that you all claim to “love” and think are so hot want you all DEAD…..grow up!

  21. Randy says

    Can we send Glenn Beck over there? I’d love to see him get punched in the head by an angry mob.