1. Max says

    Jon, you are so deluded it’s embarrassing. You obviously know nothing about Egypt or the Muslim Brotherhood. Maybe you should learn about something before you show off how ignorant you are?

  2. Paul R says

    Max, the Muslim Brotherhood–which is officially banned in Egypt–is trying to replace Mubarak, and it’s Mubarak “supporters” (hired thugs) who have started causing violence. Mubarak hates the Muslim Brotherhood. So your claim doesn’t seem to gel.

  3. Jon says

    @Max, I am referring to the millions of people who are working for democracy. In this news story, it is the pro-dictator groups of people sparring with the media and anti-Mubarak protestors that is important, not their religion. After all, there are people from all walks of life and religions protesting across Egypt for one common goal–democracy.


  4. says

    I hope we all realize that revolutions usually turn violent regardless of what the local religion is. French Revolution. Russian Revolution. Get the picture? What exactly did we expect when we dropped Anderson Cooper in the middle of Cairo? That being said, I’m glad he’s OK.

  5. NaughtyLola says

    @Max, you need to pay closer attention. It was Mubarek’s own police force in plainclothes who did the attacking. They’re out in force with rocks, bricks, machetes, knives, and whips attacking the anti-Mubarek protesters who had been — up until these police/agent provocateurs showed up — very peaceful, Muslim Brotherhood included.

    In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement last week that the future of the country was more important than religious interests and threw their support behind Elbaradei.

  6. Name: says

    If AC wore that tight black t-shirt he wore in Haiti, that showed off his buff bod, or even that bunny suit, nobody would have fuct with him. Nobody! Kidding. He looked more pushed around than attacked. I’m glad he’s OK.

  7. says

    Max you idiot

    The muslim brotherhood is 1 of the many different factions smaking up the peace protesters /anti-mubarak protesters

    the thugs are mubarak gov supporters


    islam is a whacked out religion like all religions, BUT the thugs are pro mubarak gov operatives you numbnut

  8. says

    PS as naughty posted

    The Muslim brotherhood is aligned with the anti-mubarak protesters

    The muslim brotherhood is anti-osama bin laden and believe that their focus should be internal gov reform within each muslim country and not attacking the US or Israel

    ALL religions are idiotic fairytales and in no way peaceful including xtianity and judaism

    BUT you max are a huge idiot for not even knowing what is going on in egypt

  9. says

    post post script

    the muslim brotherhood’s stance though not “an age of enlightenment” due to not letting go of a HUGE!!!!!!!! step for religious-politic muslims

    it is a baby step towards an “age of enlightenment” with their focus being internal government reforms and leaving the west and israel alone

  10. Max says

    Mstrozfckslv, you are either the most proudly ignorant poster on this board or a deliberate misinformer.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is to impose Sharia law on the entire world. They are violently anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and anti-Christian.

    My original comment was: “Religion of Peace” vs. Anderson Cooper.

    Both the Muslim Brotherhood and Thug Mubarak are part of the “Religion of Peace” (Islam), even if they are politically opposed to one another. So it really doesn’t matter which Islamic barbarian attacked Anderson Cooper. Point is, it was a violent Muslim.

  11. Paul R says

    @Max, who else would attack him? About 90 percent of Egyptians are Muslims. The country is undergoing a violent revolution fomented by its dictator. Such revolutions have occurred all over the world, throughout history, in countries of myriad religions.

    Jon’s comment was correct; this is about politics and control, not religion. The protests were peaceful until the dictator made them violent. The Middle East and North Africa are among the few remaining pockets of the world largely (not entirely, obviously) led by unelected dictators (or, in a few cases, monarchies), and it looks like their people are getting a little tired of it.

  12. Max says

    Paul, you are incorrect. This is all about Islam. You will understand this when Egypt becomes the next Iran. I understand that you would like it to be otherwise, but it won’t be. Go read a little, please.

    MLD, anyone who disagrees with you is a troll, I’m sure. You can’t come up with a counterargument, so you name-call. So clever!

  13. says

    Mubarak’s thugs have been let loose. Very sad.

    I hate how these people are described as “pro-government protesters.” For starters, they’re not protesters — they’re thugs. Thugs almost certainly bought and paid for by Mubarak’s forces. Secondly, they’re not “pro-government,” because a real government can only be of and by the people — Mubarak’s dictatorship does not have the legitimacy that comes with having the support of the people.

    Mubarak is a criminal who needs to be locked up, as do his leaders and anyone who ordered these actions — as well as the military commanders who ordered Egypt’s army to look on as it happened.

  14. says

    egypt the next Iran


    even the most radical islamists egyptian doesn’t want that


    Egyptians pride themselves on being far different from all other muslims/muslim countries and will work out a very egyptian system of gov without the west imposing a dictator on them like we did with propping up mubarak with US tanks and weapons. Those are 100% USA made tanks mubarak’s gov is using

    Egypt has always been the most cosmopolitan nation of north africa and the middle east for thousands upon thousands of years

    It is the oldest civilization after all as I posted in the other AC threa. Recent discoveries show that in fact egyptian hieroglyphs are the world’s oldest written language predating summerian cuneiform by centuries (which is only logical since drawing pictures as the 1st language makes more sense than creating words with a non pictorial reference)

    Anyway; max

    yes islam is a crazy religion and violent so to xtianity (witness 2k yrs of massacers and burnings) as well as judaism

    Violence and religion is not wholly the domain of the montheists though. budhists are extremely violent and cruel to the peasantry they rule over with an iron fist

  15. Chad says

    One of the reasons why I enjoy reading the comments is because they are usually informative and free of flaming. Not so in this post. Poor showing, people.

  16. ravewulf says


    It’s very obvious that you are bigoted against all Muslims. Not all Muslims are extremists, but extremists of any religion (including Christianity) are dangerous.

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