Teen Stomped to Death in Horrific Anti-Gay Attack at NYC Party

Anthony Collao, an 18-year-old recent graduate who helped run his family's small ice cream business, was beaten and stomped to death at a brutal attack birthday party on Monday, the NY Daily News reports:

Collao It's not clear why Collao was targeted. Friends said he had a girlfriend and was not gay – though the two men who threw the party are openly gay.

Four suspects – Alex Velez, 16, of the Bronx, and Nolis Ogando, Christopher Lozada and Luis Tabales, all 17 and from Queens – were arrested soon after the Saturday incident. Lozada was wearing the victim's Atlanta Braves baseball cap, and the others were covered in blood, sources said. They were arraigned Monday night on charges of manslaughter and assault in Queens Criminal Court and were each held on bail of $100,000 to $200,000.

They came uninvited to the Woodhaven party – advertised on Facebook – and refused to pay a $7 cover charge. They stormed the 90th St. home, busting windows and picking fights, witnesses said. The party was held in an abandoned home without electricity, lawyers for the suspects said. The crashers flashed gang signs, yelled anti-gay slurs and scrawled epithets in red marker on the walls, the two party hosts said.

"They called us homos and all kinds of stuff," said one of the men,who was celebrating his 20th birthday. Sensing trouble, Collao left with a friend and was chased, sources said. The gang caught him, pinned him against a car and "beat him to within an inch of his life," a source said.

Just awful.

Party crashers beat teen to death in Queens after yelling anti-gay slurs [nydn]


  1. tpow says

    I guess when you’re in a gang that’s how you prove you’re a man.
    Yeah. You’re real men, alright.
    F**king scumbags. I hope they rot in prison.

  2. Rowan says

    Times like this you wonder what LGBT groups do with all this money they are given for alleged outreach work that they put on their grant forms.

    Has anyone ever measured how successful any of these groups actually are? Especially the Afro American and Hispanic groups that predominantly come from the Bronx, are poorer and have a higher probability of joining gangs.

    It just seems to be getting worse.

    And to think all the Gay commenters on the blogs getting their panties in a twist because gays can’t go fight in illegal wars abroad because poor Saint Choi has been so wronged!


  3. Danny says

    what exactly do YOU do to be part of the solution instead of part of just a braying commentator?

    You need to come to this blog before you’ve had that second martini for breakfast.

  4. says

    I agree with you ROWAN. Outreach my ass! Most of these national organizations don’t go to to where these kids would have lived. They don’t period. I DARE them to say different. Not even a college campus. Farthest they would go uptown and I am just softballin this one in is Columbia university.
    They have not been to Queens, nor the Bronx and only recently Brooklyn because it has gotten trendy. Unless it’s a white kid that could be a cash cow these organizations won’t make a stink.

  5. johnny says

    This could have been prevented:

    Throw the party in a public location where police can be contacted if needed.

    Throw the party in a lockable, invitation-only venue.

    Contact the police the minute thugs show up.

    Don’t leave the party unless with a large group.

    Throw the party during the day, not at night.

    My guess is this happened because of all of the above not being thought about. Too many young people keep taking chances. No, it does not excuse the thugs from causing death, but you take precautions and these things have a lot less chance of happening. If you are gay, you have to be twice as vigilant.

  6. redball says

    In addition to the requisite outrage I feel at this story, I’m also confused as to why a party was thrown in an abandoned home? How is that ever a cool idea?

  7. poison says

    This whole thing sounds like a recipe for disaster right from the beginning. A publicly advertised party thrown by high schoolers in an abandoned house? Yikes.

  8. Beau says

    @JOHNNY: You’re right. Especially if you’re going to party on someone’s turf. You have to be twice as vigilant. It’s a sad thing to say, but there are those out there, that have a blatant disregard for human life, usually because of rage of some kind. They were a pack of wolves and found and killed their “prey”. No one is safe from killers of this caliber, I hope they don’t drop their soap at their new resort.

  9. Xander says

    The part was advertised on Facebook? Perhaps this is another lesson in being careful who you add to your Friends list. Some of those “friends” added from online activities like Mafia Wars, or something similar, can also see party invites like this. Like when people watch your status to see when you’re away from home so they can break in. This of course was much worse. Gotta be careful with Facebook.

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Why was the charge manslaughter and not murder? Their intent was to do harm and to beat the boy to the extent they did, their intent must have been to kill him.

  11. jeremy says

    Death penalty. The law and the punishments need to get tougher to curb this penchant for violent and carefree violence. People aren’t scared of getting punished, that’s a big part of the problem, I believe.

  12. Francis says

    I’m completely outraged, however this doesn’t seem like an anti-gay attack per se, which I’ll elaborate on. For the party being at an abandoned house, obviously that is a horrible idea. It most likely was a secret party that parents were not supposed to know of. Also potentially drugs and alcohol involved. This whole situation seems horrible, and it seems as if this one kid was targeted, because they specifically chased him and beat him, and supposedly he knowingly had a GF. A lot of times incidents like these are gang initiations or maybe the victim got in an argument with the gang leader. Those kids went there looking for trouble and targeted the victim.

    In any case, this is such a senseless tragedy and 5 lives are essentially over. So sick and sad. And this once again shows that New York, while it has it’s trendy, upscale areas, definitely has it’s low-rent ghettos where poor uneducated felons, drug sellers and thugs in gangs reign, and nothing is being done in changing this, and they are causing terror.

  13. ratbastard says

    I think national gay ‘Advocates’ [especially national] will down play this incident, and usually down play other incidents that involve ‘Minorities’, both victim and perp. A big part of the reasons for this is are:

    A MIDDLE CLASS [preferably white middle class or so-called white acting/talking, etc.,] guy or girl [preferably cute/good looking] talented, interesting [musician, artist, honors student, etc.,] will always get more publicity and attention.

    Political Correctness: Far left ‘Progressives’, who inordinately control gay organizations, always down-play violence, hate in ‘Minority’ communities, including so-called minority on minority crime and violence.

  14. just a guy says

    i don’t know a lot about this situation, but it sounds awful.

    a lot of y’all have targeted national gay orgs with your comments. i’m confused. 1) why should such groups shoulder this burden, why not expect it to be shouldered by things much larger and more influential? 2) i haven’t heard many solutions, only blame-game. who does that help?

    but y’all seem to have called yourselves wise experts, so serve up better answers/solutions/ideas, please. i’m anxious to check them out. enlighten us.

  15. ratbastard says

    Folks have to understand; this gang violence problem [EXTREME violence, not fist fights and brawls] has been a out of control serious issue in NYC and urban America in general since the 60’s – 70’s. There are many neighborhoods, even whole cities [think Detroit, St. Louis, etc.,] in urban America that never recovered from the huge race riots, arson and middle class abandonment of the late 60’s-70’s. Trillions have been pumped into these areas and in efforts to uplift those living an underclass lifestyle. By and large it’s been a failure. Part of the reason is simple economics; most of the decent paying working class jobs people traditionally used to lift themselves up, are gone or been of-shored. Also, tens of millions of competition for the native born American working class and poor population have been allowed to flood the U.S. over the past 30-40 years, both legally [1965 Immigration ‘Reform’ Act], and illegally. Unfortunately, the ‘Progressives’ who would normally defend and advocate for the poor and working-class, also promote and advocate for the flooding of America with more poor and working class people.

    The current situation is a mess, but it didn’t happen overnight or just over the last 10 years. And EVERY political ideology and group has negatively contributed to making a bad situation worse, for their own selfish reasons and rationales.

  16. ratbastard says

    Manslaughter usually involves something the prosecutor determined was the result of an accident [EXAMPLE:someone is punched in the face, they fall back, bang their head, and die]. It could also be the prosecutor doesn’t have enough evidence that would stand up in court for a murder charge.

  17. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Regarding “manslaughter vs murder”, I saw a comment on another site that said if the charge were murder, the prior intent to kill would be hard to prove, and if found “not guilty” the four would walk. With manslaughter, they have the evidence and can convict them.

  18. SFshawn says

    Fresh meat for the NYC prison system.
    Rape is too good for these thugs.
    Being killed in prison is too good also.
    Hope they suffer beyond the torture they caused their victim. Public hangings might be a more effective educational tool.

  19. Francis says

    Another thing about this that enrages me, where are the parents? The parents are saying how their kids are so great, they couldn’t have done this, they are perfect students. How can parents be SO uninvolved and unattached? The social conservatives are right about one thing—-the family unit in America is in decline, obviously not because of our community, but when a country has a 40% out of wedlock birth rate, and a near 60% divorce rate, and that’s just the couples who actually go through with the divorce and not the separated/struggling couples, most kids do not have a stable familial structure to go home to. ESPECIALLY in inner cities and rural areas, where most of these hate crimes and hate attackers are from. So ultimately, what do people expect? These kids to act like humans? They only know the streets, rap music, drugs, violence and general negativity, and they become warped and this is what happens.

    It’s not SoHo or trendy parts of Brooklyn where the majority of these NYC hate crimes are happening or where the perpetrators are from. It’s the ghettos of Queens or the Bronx. It’s loud mouth guidos from the slums. That’s where the outreach needs to be. It gets better campaigns and gay day’s are great, but if we want to fix this problem, we have to get at the heart of the problem.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    “Trillions have been pumped into these areas and in efforts to uplift those living an underclass lifestyle.”

    Nope. Much of those tax payers’ dollars never got near the ghettoes of the cities, and dirt poor communities down South. It was stolen and misused by local governments/business institutios all over the country.

    I didn’t want to comment on this terrible incident, but I can’t let right-wing propaganda go unanswered.

  21. ratbastard says

    @Derrick from Philly,

    1/2 truth. A lot of funds are distributed by politicians, including of course MINORITY politicians. They use most funds under their control to reward those with political connections. You can bet plenty of politically connected blacks and Hispanics have been given cushy city jobs, grants, etc., by black and Hispanic politicians. The average black, Hispanic, white, or Asian? No, only those connected. And ‘Progressive’ so-called advocates are well aware of this reality, but really don’t care.

    Also, trillions has been spent on social services, schools, housing, food, heathcare, etc., That’s not a fantasy.

    The reality is what I wrote in my previous post: The type of jobs that a H.S. grad [or drop out] can do and earn a decent living have greatly dwindled since the 1970’s, our under-class has not shrunk, and in fact has increased in size, and millions [tens of millions] have been added legally and illegally to our poor and working class population through uncontrolled immigration, making getting a decent paying job that much more difficult. Both ‘Progressives’ and conservatives, neo-cons, whatever you want to call them, have allowed this to occur, each for their own selfish reasons. This is the reality.

  22. Lexxvs says

    Horrific. That being said, there are so many “don’t s” in the story it’s impressive. Thinking is an undervalued exercise. At the end, reality impose itself.

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