1. Mark says

    Too bad Sean Hayes didn’t have Kristen’s balls when it came to coming out when it really mattered.

    This whole “controversy” was as much as a publicity stunt as his timely “coming out”.

    I wonder which next B or C-list artist will come out to boost a lagging career in the name of personal honesty?

  2. Dback says

    Check out her performance of “Upon This Rock” from her “Christian” album “As I Am”–even if you’re not religious, the purity of her voice combined with her spirituality is incredibly moving. Roger Ebert once said that being in the presence of Dolly Parton was like being in a room with a faith healer; I can’t imagine it could be any more radiant than being with Chenoweth. (I saw her during the SF tryout of “Wicked” which she did wearing a neck brace–and she was so good I barely noticed it.)

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