1. says

    Admittedly, being “forced” to live in Brazil hardly sounds like a fate worse than death* – and yet, the injustice surrounding this is pretty astounding.

    (*For the record, I was raised in a Navy family and lived in many foreign countries as a child, and have a very different definition of “home” than a lot of people, including my own partner. FWIW.)

  2. jamal49 says

    Um, I could think of much worse places to “be forced to go live with my partner” than Brasil. Like, oh say, Utah. Mississippi. Texas. Jamaica. Russia. Poland. Saudi Arabia. You know, really BAD places. Brasil’s no paradise, but I’d rather Brasil than Iraq.

  3. Disgusted Gay American says

    Bottom line is – you shouldn’t have to leave your own country because of discrimination.

  4. Ana says

    I didn’t know Glenn was gay. I thought that we could be together someday :'(

    Ok I just read what I wrote and it sounds kind of creepy… I totally meant that in a non creepy way….

  5. Brian in Texas says

    Once you leave the touristy areas Brazil is a crime ridden, poor, and dangerous country. It is beautiful though.

    Glenn Greenwald is by far one of smartest and strongest advocates we have not just for LGBT rights, but for greater progressive causes and values.

  6. says

    My friend Dennis Cooper has been forced to live in Paris because the U.S. won’t give his Russian-born lover Yury so much as a travel VISA.

    Dennis is of course a major literary star in France so it’s not exactly purgatory, but the isolation from the rest of his family back in the U.S. is wearying.

  7. Some Yank in Rio says

    I’m the American half of a binational couple living in Rio. We chose to live here.

    It has always saddened me that, should we want to move to the states, The land of the free doesn’t allow me to offer my partner the same immigration equality as my adopted country – which was ruled by a military dictatorship until the 1980’s.

    “Brasil: where the American Dream moved to after losing the Reagan Revolution”

  8. Dego says

    @Some Yank in Rio:

    Fair Warning: I full intend to steal your closing quote; and having been to Brasil, I heartily concur.

  9. Erich says

    Glenn Greenwald is my hero. He’s not just an amazing GLBT advocate, he’s smart and progressive and more importantly aggressive when dealing with the entrenched political structures in this country. He’s even called out Obama for his continued use of the Bush era privacy invasion laws. I agree 100% with everything that he says.

  10. Grant says

    Remember, the Feds are deporting the foreign halves of legally married gay and lesbian couples. This is breathtakingly evil. The more straight Americans who know this, the closer we will get to a repeal of DOMA (because so many people have no idea what the law is right now).