1. just_a_guy says

    I likee. More inventive than the response to the industry from that British actor who once played a cute bold and gay english public school kid in that 90s movie or something.

  2. ohplease says

    So far these are the most cryptic comments I can ever recall on towleroad, and that’s saying something.

    I’ve learned that the world-famous Perez Hilton isn’t a celebrity and neither is a kid who’s widely known, been self-promoting for years and has a world-famous grandfather and mother.

    But the mind-bending comment about the anonymous British actor wins the thread so far. Can anyone top that?

    I believe Mason means well, but he’s exceptionally naive and that doesn’t bode well. A pampered, sheltered rich white child of celebrity with no known talents comparing himself to Poitier? That’s just embarassing.

  3. Liam says

    He’s an ‘actor’ yet never once looks up from what he’s obviously reading. No wonder he thinks Perez is a celeb.

    However what really confuses me is the “You might also like:” lists all James Franco articles…..??

  4. realest turtle says

    Hilton’s “celebrity” comes not from talent, but rather from parasitically preying on the misfortunes of others. Moreover, Hilton is a known homophobe (ex. calling Will.I.Am a ‘fag,’ or purposefully misgendering Samantha Ronson as an insult).
    It perplexes me that this sorry bastard is allowed to act as an advocate for gay rights; there are far more qualified individuals who could take the role of the “gay Poitier.”

  5. Jack says

    Duke, this is a bad advertisement for you as an actor. I wanted to listen to you but had to quit after about a minute. If this is something you care about, for God’s sake, memorize your lines!

  6. says

    You go kiddo ! It’s sad to read so many negative responses here to what you’re trying to create … Pay zero attention to the room of jaded angry queens here. Your mom should feel good about raising such a good kid .

  7. Josh says

    Hey kids, go watch Dustin Lance Black’s oscar acceptance speech for his original screenplay for “Milk”. That’s the best “It Gets Better” video I can think of.

  8. Gregv says

    He’s not comparing himself to Poitier. He’s saying that Poitier chose to believe in himself and he’s going to choose to believe in himself to live his truth while he pursues his own career.
    Regardless of how big or small he and his initial group of celebrities is, he’s definitely onto something with his statements about how these many trickles turn into cascades of change.
    I grew up feeling like I was the only gay person in the whole world and was too minor a player to change anything. But what I’ve noticed is that, with the truth on our side, small people can have many significant influences, and the people they influence multiply those influences into much bigger ones.
    Dan Savage made It Gets Better and it grew into something huge. Then we got a couple of thousand people (so far) on board with Athlete Ally. Maybe that Volleyball player in Brazil saw these things before he decided to come out last week. And now we read today about basketball players making a PSA against anti-gay slurs. Someone will see that and tell one of the guys from the PSA that he’s gay, and then with that support, he’ll tell the whole team and then someone from another team may see that and tell ESPN, and then a thousand kids who saw that won’t be afraid to tell the high school team, and so on and so in.
    Things are changing faster than ever. We WILL have an out leading man in Hollywood, and when we do, a hundred more minor players will follow. And then nobody will remember what the big deal was.

  9. gr8guyca says

    I think that the “poster child” of this effort should be Neil Patrick Harris. He is a popular actor playing an aggressively heterosexual character in a major TV series. When he came out, no one cared.
    If anything, he became more popular with stints as the host of the Tonys and then the Emmys.

    While having Ellen and Lance Bass on the covers of People Magazine when they came out was important, that time has passed. It’s now a greater victory when it doesn’t make the cover of a magazine.

  10. qjersey says


    They have already been here for ages.

    Our Editor stays above the fray, but the quality and type of comments on TR are no better than Queerty half the time.

  11. Gregv says

    @Rowan: Unless you know Andy personally, you wouldn’t know what he may have done. But there is something to be said for the free flow of ideas on the Internet. Have you noticed that in spite of comments that flow into Towleroad from all continents of the globe, no one ever comments from mainland China?

  12. Realest Turtle says

    @MarkBoston: Gay people disagree with you, so you call them queens. Never mind that your ad hominems aren’t valid arguments, and in this case, aren’t even correct. You don’t have any arguments as to why we’re wrong and you’re right, you just know that we’re gay and we don’t agree with you, and that’s enough to discredit us. This is a common response on these blogs, where people are apparently uninterested in seriously considering stories and would rather use the internet’s anonymity to take out their insecurities on others.
    But seriously, GTFO with your homophobia and your head-in-the-sand mentality.

  13. Hollywood, CA says

    YAY! Great video JD! This is a great campaign! Best of luck with it I know it will do a lot of people some good. Please know that deep down inside, the H-A-T-E-R-S do to… but, being haters, that’s the language they speak.

    Bless thier hearts.

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