1. TZ says

    I think he looks great – he may be a bit airbrushed, but there’s no doubt he puts a lot of time in at the gym.

    HOWEVER, he’s such a tool that it’s hard to get past the amazing body.

  2. Chris says

    The fact that he is a Republican makes him ugly and repulsive. I’d rather take an out, liberal, democrat/progressive bear (yumm, woof woof) with a bit of stomach flesh before those abs any day!

  3. drex says

    So Obama appearing on ‘The View’ somehow demeans the office of the president; but this guy posing shirtless in a magazine doesn’t demean his position in Congress? Gimme a break.

  4. Chris says

    Umm doesn’t posing on the cover of Men’s fitness in and of itself qualify you as gay?? I mean how many gay pornstars have graced the cover of that mag??

  5. just_a_guy says

    too bad he’s ridiculously ugly on the inside.

    so, not really attractive. sorry.

    i mean men’s health is a good read–despite this particular cover boy.

  6. Acronym Jim says

    Wait, wait…I thought Paul Ryan was the fittest congressman. It seemed his Republican colleagues were all gushing over his abs not too long ago.

    @Frumpy Undies: “Those scraggly boxers in the last pic. Just…no. ‘Stylist, you’re fired’.”

    Given Schock’s previous fashion choices, I figure his stylist is doing a fabulous job of “straightening” him out. I’d hazard a guess that his real gym attire is a fuchsia singlet.

  7. ratbastard says

    I personally am not attracted to over-developed gym-bunny body types, although don’t care what people do with their body. I like natural healthy body types.

    This dude is obviously narcissistic. And you’d think after previous public questions about his sexuality, he’d tone it down and keep his shirt on, not wear certain *cough* clothes, etc., He’s looking for attention in ways that have nothing to do with serious politics and issues. Stuff like this can come back to haunt him. Opponents could have a field day with all the questionable pics of this guy floating around.

  8. orangutan arms says

    Joeblo, you murdered me with that comment! LMAOOO. I did notice the arms looked a little off, particularly right around his lumpy right elbow.

  9. Bart says

    There’s no law against conservative douchebags having good bodies. I know a lot of idiots that go to the gym and at 30 have buffed bodies. But I agree with Ratbastard, there is a gigantic narcissistic streak running through this guy. He doesn’t need a wife, he needs an eight foot mirror. And who does he think the primary readership of Men’s Health is? Oh, that’s right, other men who are “confirmed bachelors.”

  10. just_a_guy says

    @Nick, hey, so David Zincenko is homophobic? Really? Tell us more.

    I’ve always preferred Men’s Health to Men’s Fitness because of what as I percieved as higher-quality content. I mean, I admit Men’s Health doesn’t tend to show off sexy guys throughout as other mags do, or as much as Men’s Fitness does. But I personally don’t read mags like that for the guys. I read them for the latest health perspectives, credentialed but-down-to-earth practical analysis, and the easy-to-use workouts, frankly.

    And I remember hearing a few years back that Men’s Health began targeting itself as specifically luring the hetero man. Which I didn’t care about, cuz heteros happen to be the vast majority of guys. Their female-focused please-your-women stuff hasn’t scared me off either. Because their content really has been good, tho I’ve fallen behind on reading it from time to time. I even enjoy the male-generally focused contributions, which I have not seen as needing to be targeted to gay guys.

    But if David Zincenko is credibly homophobic (news to me), THAT is a reason to leave. And to encourage friends to leave. Homophobes lose credibility INSTANTLY with me.

    Men’s Health is simply the largest-circulations men’s magazine–which realistically means that they are also the most-subscribed-to magazine among gay men. Even if a disproportionate number of gay readers prefer, say, Men’s Fitness, c’mon, Men’s Health is still *THE* FITNESS/HEALTH magazine, which means realistically that it is DISPROPORTIONATELY subscribed to by gay guys.

    So details please, Nick.

    Because if David Zincenko and team are anti-gay, let’s not lie that their credibility should fall in other areas too. To the point that their STRAIGHT readership OUGHT to decline on that basis alone as well.

  11. Sargon Bighorn says

    He’s 29 years old you guys. At 29 it’s an idiot that is not in shape. Get a clue. 65%+ of Americans are over weight. Lazy fat Americans. Whether he’s Conservative or Liberal, right or left, Gay or Str8, black or white has nothing to do with his physical shape. HE WORKS OUT. My God some of you Gay men are dizzy Queens.

    Being in shape and looking good with your shirt off makes one a Narcissist? Well being fat and looking awful with one’s clothing on makes one awful to look at and fat. How do you like that reasoning?

  12. ratbastard says


    I’m in great physical shape. But I’m not NEUROTIC about obsessively working out and developing the ‘perfect’ abs, etc., It might shock you to know many people [guys and girls(women)] wouldn’t necessarily find his body attractive [sexually], while at the same time admit he obviously works out a lot and has ‘perfect’ abs. NORMAL attention to your health, staying fit, etc., should be encouraged, not NEUROTIC gym-bunny activitiy. But of course, how do make money off of that? It ALWAYS seems to come down to selling people sh*t in order to fix their problem[s], doesn’t it?

  13. RGB says

    I am sorry, but HOW OLD ARE THE PEOPLE COMMENTING ABOUT AIRBRUSHING ON THIS PHOTO!? Who the hell airbrushes ANYTHING anymore!? That’s just ridiculous. Go back to your 8 tracks and “talkies”. Tomorrow there’s going to be a lesson on how to start fires without having to rub sticks together for a half hour!

  14. ratbastard says


    Most people use that phrase as an EXPRESSION,meaning the picture has been deliberately altered. OF COURSE there are modern ways of altering photos. That goes without saying.

  15. ratbastard says

    I don’t think he’s ‘hot’ at all. He’s worked excessively on his physique, absolutely. But I don’t find this necessarily ‘hot’ and otherwise he’s average white bread material. Maybe if he had some tatts, facial hair, even scruff, didn’t look so much like a cross between a corporate tool/drone and a obsessive compulsive gym rat, I might find him genuinely more attractive, even hot.

  16. Sargon Bighorn says

    RATBASTARD, neither You nor I have any idea about the mental state of the good Representative from Illinois. He might NOT be neurotic as you suggest. Don’t read more into this man than there might be. All I state are the facts. I draw no conclusions. He works out, he’s 29, 65%+ of Americans are way way out of shape.

    “Normal” attention? Oh is that like “Normal” people, you know the str8 ones?

  17. redball says

    RGB, I’m not in the media industry, but according to this 2003 BBC article, airbrushing is now the industry standard.

    Key excerpt:

    “These days you only get two kinds of pictures of celebrities – paparazzi pictures or pictures like these which have been highly styled, buffed, trimmed and altered to make the subject look as good as is humanly possible,” he said.

    “We do that for everyone, whether they are a size six or a size 12. It hasn’t a lot to do with body size.

    **********Practically every photo you see in a magazine will have been digitally altered in this way.**********”

  18. WebHybrid says

    I’m with ‘ratbastard’ – this armored body type disgusts me. I like flexible. Those grotesque add-ons between his neck and shoulders!! He looks deformed. Yechchchch…

  19. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Atleast Barney Frank gets to shower with him at the House gym…

    At the gym.

    See you at the White Party.”Not gay… But my BF who buys my clothes is.”

  20. B-rod says

    If I were one of his constituents, I’d want my vote back….it appears he spends more time in the gym then doing his job. And he’s dumb as a brick…find his appearance on Meet the Press on YouTube and pull up a chair.

  21. says

    What I love from straight people is the “just because he’s ______ doesn’t mean he’s gay” excuse.

    Do you know why, and how, we can tell that he’s gay? Because he’s gay. That’s how we can tell. Because family can spot family.

    This man is a coward and a wimp, as pathetic as the Uncle Toms of GOProud.

    He’s not man enough to be gay. He’s one more resentful reluctant homosexual.

  22. Go Galt. Please. says

    This makes it painfully obvious that politicians are simply actors. Even his supporters admit they haven’t a clue as to his mental status. Once upon a time, politicians got elected based on their minds and what they thought about.
    And, I’ll let him get away with saying he’s not “gay” if he’ll admit that Clinton never had “sex” with that woman.

  23. Buster says

    @Go Galt – I take your point, but I’d argue that “once upon a time” politicians got elected because of the machine they belonged to or the votes they bought or the public’s ill-informed opinion about who they were. Much like today.

    What I liked best about the article, however, was the quote “In college I could feel my body changing, and I knew that if I didn’t make some changes, I was going to go in the wrong direction.” To me that sounds remarkably like the language I imagine that a “cured” homosexual might use about that time.

    Ultimately, however, it doesn’t matter if he’s buff, or in a magazine. Don’t get distracted by the ephemera — if he’s a Republican, he is likely working against our interests and THAT is why he should be criticised.

  24. Drew says

    He must be pretty big since he’s only 5 foot 8. I think his chest is a little overdeveloped, but other than that he’s in amazing shape.

    I have no comment on his politics because that seems to go without saying. He’s a social conservative with a nice body. End of story.

    Not every man who has a nice body and has spoken out against homosexuality is gay. In fact it seems derisive if we use it as an attack about him being ‘in the closet’ to insult him. Isn’t that technically demeaning us as well, since… I’m guessing most of us ‘came out’ at some point? Kill them with kindness, or don’t kill them at all, right?

    This article is mostly about the MOVE campaign, and lowering obesity in this country is something I can fully get behind, whether or not he’s a Republican.

  25. Phil says

    Why are these photos being published on a gay rights blog? He is a republican who votes with the rest of his party to not only deny all of you your rights as tax-paying citizens but to demonize you as well. He is appearing in a magazine that totally censors and erases any sort of gay influence in the culture of bodybuilding and health. It sickens me that gay men would drool over such a repulsive display.

  26. says

    This behavior really reads as narcissism, as some other posters have remarked on. We don’t know anything about him politically, all we know is that he’s socially conservative and has an awesome six-pack. But it’s not as if narcissism is unusual for an American politician. You would have to either be an extreme narcissist or a glutton for punishment in order to want to be a politician in the good ole U.S. of A.

  27. lodenmuse says

    “confirmed bachelor”… “conservative Baptist”… “healthy lifestyles”… “headed down the wrong path”… “my body changing”… “go in the wrong direction.”

    These stories always seem to write themselves.

  28. Paul R says

    So another representative posted a shirtless pic of himself on Craigslist (not showing his face) and had to resign, and this moron poses shirtless on a magazine cover and that’s dandy?

    I realize the CL post reflected on the guy’s poor “values” because he lied about his age and was soliciting sex outside his marriage, but who cares? Elected officials should try to retain some dignity and decorum. A faceless pic on CL seems to me in better taste than a magazine cover whose audience is 90% closeted gays and 10% gays who are too lazy or cheap to get real porn.

    Oh wait, these are Republicans.

    As for the question about his politics, few Republicans espouse a shred of their personal views these days. Most important votes in the House are unanimous, strictly along party lines. Sadly, we no longer have free-thinking members of Congress. Just talking heads with bullet points and hypocrisy by the boatload!

  29. steven says

    honestly he does ping. While it is not really a true indicator of being gay, but being 29, hot, conservative, Baptist (at least to his voters) AND single does strike me as odd. You think he would be married or at least be seeing someone, but so far no one has come to claim him publicly. Personally, he is a bit to built for my tastes, although i would hit him if there was the right atmosphere.

    We would have to work out a no talking about politics rule, but I’m all for bipartisanship. Before everyone starts screaming at me for wanting to bed a conservative who is against our rights,

    Please folks take a chill pill, you are just going to seem like yet another angry old person for conforming to the old ways and sleeping with someone is not the same as giving them the reigns to the country.

    Plus I would never vote for him because I’m practically Scandinavian in my politics.

  30. just_a_guy says

    “He is appearing in a magazine that totally censors and erases any sort of gay influence in the culture of bodybuilding and health.”

    A bit harsh, don’t you think? Sorry, but the fluffy gay-focused mags that try to cover fitness in between tips for looking hot at the club never had much credibility for me. Won’t say I haven’t tried them. And frankly they are more FUN to read. But then I feel like I’ve wasted my energy. (Same reason I follow this blawg over some others actually.) I value credibility.

    Also, the mag DOES cover gay-related (but not gay-focused) topics occasionally.

    And the mag ALSO truly DOES erase the STEROID culture so inherent in some other fitness mags. As I learned in MH, steroids do not even produce results which are statistically physically attractive (prolly survey data of women, but still–I concur on this point).

    Not sure which part of gay culture you think OUGHT to be all-visible in a mag like MH?? (You might have a point, depending what ur thinking of.)

  31. SteveXS says

    Just came across this article from back in May (it’s almost Halloween now) and I’m here to tell you that ANY guy who manscrapes is gay. No exceptions. They might only get into it behind closed doors with another dude on the DL but the manscraping evidence is as solid as singing show tunes in the shower while bending over to pick up the soap your str8 buddy just dropped.

  32. Mikey says

    I’m as gay as the next guy (hopefully I’n next to him) but the media trying to out a man because he is avid about maintaining a hot body, and beacause he wore an aqua belt, and purple shirt, is to border on the ridiculous. Can’t a strait guy want a fit and hot body–which appeals to women, as well as gays obsessed with their own bodies? To tar every straight guy who departs even slightly from the so-called “acceptable” look–a business suit, colorless leisure clothing, makes gays look ridiculous and over eager to find gay under every rock Have you noticed the gay men, the big husky bears who dress like lumberjacks? Do straits have to look like that to avoid being branded as gay?Long live honosexuality and may I run into either a gay or strait guy who looks like Schock who’ll give me a tumble.

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