1. THE QUEEN says


  2. HadenoughBS says

    Do we need reminding the Rethuglicans have no shame except when the joke’s directed at them? I think not. And just who is the black guy making racist jokes? Weird!

  3. slatefish says

    God, we ALL frigging hate it when these douchebags descend upon our city.

    We still remember the obnoxious Republican Convention in the 90s. No one tipped, they were mean and incredibly rude, sexist and openly homophobic. We hated them then, and we can’t stand them now. Bunch of assholes.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    You got it exactly right, Andy. Every other place, including Huffington Post, said he was yanked after making racial jokes, which is just ridiculous spin, because the Republican audience LOVED the racial jokes.

    I watched the whole thing, and another joke was saying that Obama’s killing of bin Laden was “torture” to some, cut to a doctored image of enormously fat Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell. Ironic, since they then cut to a shot of the Republican audience yukking it up and they were just as enormously fat.

    Another time the comic said, “soft as Barney Frank’s backside”.

  5. Come on... says

    That was hilarious. I’m sure ya’ll wouldn’t be complaining if SNL had done this first.

  6. Mikey Mugglesworth says

    Didn’t want him to tear the little darlings Bachman and Palin new assholes huh??? Well when it comes to republicans remember this: Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. Beef and Fur says

    The fact they even hired an act like this speaks volumes about who they are. I’m surprised they actually hired a black man and just didn’t use a white guy in black face.

  8. SanJ says

    In what world is this okay? This kind of stuff has no place at political rallies. This isn’t SNL.

  9. Chaddy D says

    So this audience can dish it out, but judging by their totally ineven response in this video, they certainly can’t take it.

  10. Luke says

    This was some of the worst political “comedy” I’ve seen in a while. And they definitely cut his mic immediately when he went to Michelle Bachmann.

  11. anon says

    There are conflicting stories about what actually happened, but Republicans generally do comedy very badly, as we see with Ann Coulter.

  12. BreckRoy says

    @ComeOn … yeah, I’d complain. I love SNL when it’s good (and the political stuff tends to be better than most of their stuff) but if they wen’t after cheap “half-black” jokes and interracial hook-up jokes comparing the presidents dead mother to a Kardashian I’d think it was beyond the pale. Would it be as much of an issue if a liberal-leaning venue took aim at a liberal president? For that, I’d say probably not? But just as a white comedian can’t give the same “N*ggas vs. Black People” routine Chris Rock gives (which is brilliant satire and self-reflection on the stereotypes the black community puts on itself) a conservative group sitting around laughing at race jokes about the President is very different from the time-honored (if still too mean for my taste) “roast” tradition of your *friends* making tasteless jokes about you, essentially to your face, for maximum “zing” value–happens all the time to politicians at the WH correspondents dinner.* If Dems got ugly about Chris Christie’s weight at an official Democrats-only funciton, I’d find it in extremely poor taste as well.

    *Worth noting that while it *normally* all taken in the spirit in which it was intended (roasting jest) at the WH Correspondents dinner, especially since the comedian chosen is rubber stamped by the president’s administration, the Republicans went NUTS here in Washington when Stephen Colbert poked fun at Bush during one of the WH correspondents dinners during his term. That occasionally happens (Don Imus, as well) but generally the spirt-in-which it was intended rule applies. Same here, only it doesn’t look favorable for the Republicans to hire an Obama impersonator and then laugh at the race jokes he makes about their opponent. Not classy at all.

  13. Matthew says

    Are you people serious?! I just watched the whole thing, and it’s not nearly as bad people are trying to make it out to be. There were some pretty funny jokes. Had this been on Comedy Central or SNL, there would not be this much of an outcry. I think the comedian was pretty fair in with his act. Although I think it is important that you pointed out that they only removed him because he started making fun of the candidates. (Wish I could have heard the whole Bachman joke)

  14. Prior says

    Does it seem to anyone else that more and more conservative trolls are popping up on this site?

  15. dezboi says

    @THEQUEEN…Lea has never appeared before a “gay Republican” group in Palm Springs. Perhaps, you are confused about her appearance at an AIDS fundraiser in PS which did upset some STR8 Repukes in the audience, DEARIE. You’re welcome.

  16. sparks says

    Sorry guys but I thought most of his stuff was pretty funny! He also took a fair number of shots at liberals, including ‘himself’.

  17. Rob says

    Right…he did take shots at liberals, by making minor gay jokes, racist jokes and other similar topics we have decided collectively are not funny.

    What the outcry is about is that the INSTANT he started making fun of Republican (NOT tea party) candidates, his mic was cut. They were fine with all of the other things that are offensive, but just on the edge of what we can call comedy, but the instant they are targeted at all, it’s over.

    That’s the opposite of a roast…when you just make fun of your opponents and can’t take any jokes about yourselves.

  18. Drew says

    Oh my, better than I anticipated (for an impostor! lol) and yeah, those Republicans love themselves some racism-clad jokes.

  19. Paul says

    Did you actually believe this story? Or did you believe your own eyes? They gave him a standing ovation. He simply ran out of time, and admitted such the day after this was taped. You liberals will believe ANYTHING! LOL