1. searunner says

    This is a positive sign.

    And no,the bill will not contain the exemptions Sen. Ball is asking, what he wants is in direct conflict of existing NY State Law. Gov. Cuomo has made it quite clear that Ball’s amendments are not going into the legislation.

  2. TampaZeke says

    Here’s what I would do in this situation. I would tell Skelos and everyone else pushing for more “protections”, look, I will put whatever “protection” you want if you can provide me with ONE, just ONE case where a church, temple, synagogue or mosque was ever forced, coerced, pushed or even encouraged to marry ANY two people that they didn’t want to, for ANY reason, (race, culture, religion, divorce, didn’t like the way one or both people looked, didn’t like one, the other or both people asking to be married); ANY reason. Just ONE example.

    If none of them can produce one, then the issue is clearly not an issue. It’s a solution looking for a problem.

  3. jamal49 says

    Well, kiss marriage equality in New York State goodbye. As soon as those “religious exemptions” are written into the bill, it will negate any effectiveness the equality bill may have. A good fight but the judeo-christian bigotry that we confront every time is simply too great to overcome in America. They will win against us with religion every time. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  4. Mike says

    I don’t have a problem with religious institutions doing whatever the F they want – but NOT WITH PUBLIC $$$. That is the key point, they want their bigotry subsidized. So, I would put in the bill, yes, you can do what you want – as long as you don’t get public $$$.
    P.S. This isn’t coming to a vote!

  5. ant says

    Boycott NYC Pride? WTF benefit is that going to have for marriage equality in NYS? Financially ruin the sponsors and business participating in NYC Pride?

    That’ll show …. us, all right.

  6. kp says

    They’re trying to beat the clock. They won’t bring it to a vote and they will hide behind this religious argument. Making religious institutions out to be be the victim needing protection.
    None of these senators are having a conflict with they’re highly regarded religious beliefs, its just a convenient excuse to buy time so they don’t have to go on record or betray the GOP dogma.
    The religious argument is BS anyway…
    There are churches and faiths that endorse and are willing to participate marriage equality- so why should the faiths that don’t have a stronger voice to be considered?

  7. Bruno says

    @Tampazeke: They’d point to the case in NJ where a lesbian couple successfully sued some religious group for not allowing them to use their facilities to have their civil union. The facilities were rented out to the public by the organization regularly.

  8. Tim NC says

    @Bruno That same facility in NJ also received tax $$$$ to help maintain it.

    And, @Tampazeke, by the way, the bill already contains religious exemptions to guarantee that no religious organization will have to participate in any marriage.

    These guys want even MORE exemptions but they refuse to tell anyone the details of what they are asking for.

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