1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    In her Hannity clip, Bachmann says, “Marriage is the fundamental unit of our government”. Now, if people call her out on that, Hannity and Bachmann will claim it’s just people randomly attacking her because she’s running for President, not that it is stupid and a lie.

  2. arch says

    I find she has a sinister “Mrs Robinson” quality (no disrespect to Ann Bancroft), I keep imagining her coming onto a fresh faced graduate in a chifon neglege (no idea how to spell that word; never needed to), I think it is the hair and steely determination.

    So here’s to you Mrs Bachmann, Jesus loves you more than you know (possibly more than your hubby…)

  3. Oliver says

    If Marcus Bachmann charges charges a fee for this “reparative therapy” then he is essentially a snake-oil salesman.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    It becomes more and more apparent as this election season drags on that the majority of the Rethuglican presidential candidates and their Murdoch-owned, Ailes-programmed spokeschannel – Faux Noise – don’t live in the real world with the rest of us. God help us all if one of these GOPers gets in The White House in January 2013.

  5. corvidae says

    I hope this doesn’t happen, obviously. But wouldn’t it be funny if he is straight, and it is her that turns out to be a lesbian.
    Just for a change.

  6. Chris says

    Hammity’s excuse is that he graduated with honors from ex gay clinical procedures.

  7. NY2.0 says

    Sean Hannity is scum just like the rest of the lot on Faux News.

    So apparently the GOP candidates are only going on Faux News to face soft ball questions, preach to the choir and expect to become president of the United States??? These people are delusional.

  8. Paul says

    She says the slavery bit wasn’t in the document she signed….then she admits it was in the document and then they removed it…she OPENLY lies. Openly and Hannity choses to ignore it.

  9. Matt26 says

    What a sweet irony the gay issue is might be one of those things keeping Michele Backmann out of the race to the presidency.
    If I’m correct, there is a gay group inside GOP. What are those people thinking now? How can any LGTB person be a part the GOP after hearing all these things.
    Bachmanns cannot run away from this much longer.

  10. paul says

    What Bar ‘downtown’ are there gay guys trying to ‘un-straight’ that very bland fairly unattractive, dull looking Fox News ‘opinion’ person ?? (I refuse to call him a journalist or even an anchor). I can’t think of anyone showing him the remotest interest in any bar in New York city….besides the fact gay republicans all live in suburbs of DC right ? They are the only people likely to hit on someone who works at Fox..the rest of us quite rightly would give him a wide berth.

  11. Oliver says

    Heads up: Entrepreneurs! (Throwing you a bone here.) It being the United States, shouldn’t someone invent a pill, that costs like $1850/month, and if taken regularly, will un-gay anyone who wishes to be un-gayed.

  12. deedrdo says

    wow andy. this is kind of obsession with the bachmann’s is kind of nancy grace creepy. i cannot remember ever seeing you like this.

  13. Brains says

    What worries me is that we never seem to have any representatives from the American Psychiatric Association on these shows refuting this garbage.

    My husband and I pay a significant amount of dues to this organization, what are they doing to support the truth and their LGBT physicians!

  14. jay says

    She is loathsome on so many levels. Her husband’s counseling practice barely cracks the surface.
    Personally I think her virulent animosity towards the EPA is by far the worst thing about her. Her hatred of gay people is a given for a bible thumper. She is not going to lose any supporters over the gay issue. I want some of the other crazy ass crap she supports to be highlighted. A lot of Christians are social conservatives but are very supportive of protecting the environment. She’s trying to straddle a line between Tea Party and Evangelical. It’s already putting her in positions where she has to blatantly lie to save her ass.