BREAKING: Puerto Rican Republican and Grindr Aficionado Resigns

Arango Roberto Arango, who seems to have posted photos of his chest and posterior to Grindr, just resigned from the Puerto Rican senate. You'll recall that he vice-chaired Bush's 2004 campaign in Puerto Rico. Along with the pictures, details have surfaced about his alleged anti-gay past. A tipster at Joe.My.God wrote:

In 2009 he voted in favor of Resolution 99 which would have amended Puerto Rico’s constitution to ban the recognition of same-sex marriages (it didn’t pass). He has been opposed to civil union bills and in 2004 he used a rubber duck and made it quack to make fun of an opponent (in Puerto Rico, the word for duck, “pato”, means faggot.)

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Posted August 28, 2011 at 5:47pm ETC by Penn Bullock
in Julie Bindel