BREAKING: Puerto Rican Republican and Grindr Aficionado Resigns

Arango Roberto Arango, who seems to have posted photos of his chest and posterior to Grindr, just resigned from the Puerto Rican senate. You'll recall that he vice-chaired Bush's 2004 campaign in Puerto Rico. Along with the pictures, details have surfaced about his alleged anti-gay past. A tipster at Joe.My.God wrote:

In 2009 he voted in favor of Resolution 99 which would have amended Puerto Rico’s constitution to ban the recognition of same-sex marriages (it didn’t pass). He has been opposed to civil union bills and in 2004 he used a rubber duck and made it quack to make fun of an opponent (in Puerto Rico, the word for duck, “pato”, means faggot.)

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  1. Rob says

    I think that’s a shame, when Larry Craig stuck it out, and Barney Frank even rode out a gay prostitution ring being run from his house. Straight guys have all kinds of sex in office all the time. I think we should be allowed to use Grindr and still have any job we want to.

  2. Mark says

    Grindr is way sleazy, but was it necessary for him to resign? At least at this point? It’s not illegal in any way and it’s not even like he was caught having sex in a bathroom- he was posting pictures online.

  3. Kelly Young says

    It’s not the cruisiness, it’s the hypocrisy. The guy voted against marriage equality and was hardly open about his orientation. Good riddance.

  4. says

    I don’t think people should have to resign over posting their bits on the Internet, BUT really, Rob, there’s no need to be heartbroken over another hypocritical anti-gay Republican out of office, particularly since he’s entirely responsible for getting himself in this fix. And, don’t include him in “we”–as far as I know he doesn’t identify as gay, and thus he’s a “straight” guy (who happens to be a bottom) out of office, not a gay guy out of office.

    Have to laugh, however, that he can’t remember if he took the pictures or not. Like taking photos of one’s bu++hole and posting them publicly, when you’re a politician, is something you’d do so casually as to have it slip your memory.

  5. Martin B. says

    “Grindr is way sleazy.” Such a stupid comment. It’s what you make it and how you choose to use it–like any other online social media outlet. The only difference is it happens to be “gay.” That doesn’t make it sleazy. What you choose to post and say makes it sleazy. IM’ing, facebook, twitter, tubmlr, Grindr are all communications tools. Dumb people communicate without thinking. Just like Mark above.

  6. mike128 says

    The issue really shouldn’t be whether or not he was gay and where he was looking for sex. The issue here is that he was using anti-gay rhetoric for political gain, while clearly having sex with men. This guy has zero integrity. I have no sympathy for him.

  7. ian says


    absolutely. another closet case believing that if he bashes gays by “using anti-gay rhetoric for political gain” somehow no one could possibly think he is gay. good riddance. although i hope he has that mea culpa and is honest with himself and others.

  8. Arturo Beeche says

    The issue is not using Grindr…the issue is centered around hypocrisy…yet another GOP mouthpiece who goes to great lengths to denigrate our community, while himself being a practicing homosexual, this one with a great ability to stretch certain muscles.

    I say good riddance…any closeted GOP and Democrat legislator or bigwig who publicly attacks us ought (MUST) to be exposed!

  9. Craig says

    @ Rob. It’s not about whether or not he used Grindr, it’s the hypocrisy. No one called on him to resign. When you pass yourself off publicly as a straight, hyper-masculine character and they discover photos of you on all fours showing off your rear end in a self pic, that’s got to be the worst kind of self-outing there is. But he did that, we didn’t.

    Beyond that, there is a serious problem with his judgment. There’s the lame excuse he didn’t remember if he had a Grindr account or not. Really? All that implies is that he’s been posting gay pics of himself across so many websites he doesn’t remember whether Grindr is among them or not!

    But what kind of person has so little common sense that they run around as an anti-gay politician and then posts those kinds of pics on the web, where they are sure to be seen by his political enemies? That’s not a very smart guy, and not someone I would want representing me because he’s an idiot.

    If he were openly gay, then the fact that he had a Grindr account wouldn’t be news, but the rear end photo would still be a major scandal. Should any of us do that and not be too surprised if our boss or family ultimately see those kinds of photos? Shirtless is one thing – but really? All fours in a self-pic?

  10. Matthew says

    @Ben E: That guy is using an iPhone. Maybe he just sent it to someone during chat.

    At any rate, I love when hypocrites are exposed, figuratively ’cause I don’t really wanna that guy’s a**hole. I really really want it to be someone higher profile, though. Is it too much to ask that Marcus Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Bryan Fischer, or Brian Brown gets caught in a scandal like this??

  11. Nat says

    “Whatever eliminates Republicans is fine by me.”


    “Such a stupid comment. It’s what you make it and how you choose to use it–like any other online social media outlet. ”

    No, Grindr is incredibly sleazy. The design is geared to allow men to meet to have sex. And it doesn’t take much analysis to realize that the vast, vast majority of men use it for that purpose.

  12. guest says

    Why is meeting to have sex sleazy? Sex is a natural and wonderful thing to do — I’d much rather look back at my life and remember all the fun sex that I had than most anything else.

    As for him posting a pic of himself on all fours, he probably did it because he is so repressed. The more you try and sublimate your desire, the more risk-taking and out there actions you will perform. On some level he probably wanted to get caught.

  13. Seaguy says

    Nat- sorry not all men can be so virtuous and not be sleazy like you imply yourself to be. Would you rather it go back to the days of park restrooms and police stings?

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