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Darren Criss to Play Kristen Wiig Love Interest in New Film

I'm not sure how a film could get a better cast than Kristen Wiig, Darren Criss, and Annette Bening. Imogene is Wiig's follow-up project to Bridesmaids, Vulture reports:

D_criss Talking about the plot of Imogene, [producer Celine] Rattray explained that Bening's pretty much going to be getting a spray tan and a push-up bra. "Kristen Wiig plays a girl from New Jersey, who ... is embarrassed about her family in New Jersey, like it’s Jersey Shore," Rattray said. "She gets sent back to live with her mother in New Jersey, played by Annette Bening, who is a tacky Jersey Shore mother, and then it becomes about her family reconnecting." Just how tacky? Rattray described Bening's character by saying, "Her outfits, her makeup. She’s the mother who’s a little inappropriate all the time, nothing is ever too much, and it’s going to be fun."...

...As for Criss's role, Rattray said he would play "a younger love interest. When Kristen goes back home from New Jersey she falls for someone."

Meanwhile, if you haven't had enough Criss yet today (and I know some of you haven't), check out the teaser he recently did for the upcoming Glee 3D movie, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. *faints*

    Posted by: justme | Aug 1, 2011 12:44:30 PM

  2. Can't imagine them together at all, he looks younger than his age, and she must be in her mid thirties at least.

    Nice that he's branching out though.

    Posted by: Joe | Aug 1, 2011 1:01:58 PM

  3. Brilliant cast and I can totally see Kristin crushing on Chris and maybe that awkwardness will be the point, she's more like her mother than she wants to admit? Just a guess. I've got a completely inappropriate crush on Darren too.

    Posted by: RONTEX | Aug 1, 2011 1:14:51 PM

  4. Darren could so be remade as a juicehead joisey boy.

    Tacky mom: See Midler remake of Stella Dallas

    Posted by: QJ201 | Aug 1, 2011 1:19:15 PM

  5. This boy keeps getting cuter everyday. *swoon*

    Posted by: Redebbm | Aug 1, 2011 1:42:16 PM

  6. Damn, I wish I was sixteen again, this fascination of mine with Darren is a bit creepy....

    Posted by: John Normile | Aug 1, 2011 1:48:56 PM

  7. **squeallll! EEEE! this sounds like fun!

    Posted by: Trey | Aug 1, 2011 1:51:20 PM

  8. Such a dreamy dreamy dreamboat!

    Posted by: Derek Pearce | Aug 1, 2011 7:20:18 PM

  9. I met Darren when he was doing concerts in London and he is truly a genuinely nice guy with a overabundance of charisma and charm i hope we get to see him in a lot of movies.

    Posted by: charcus | Sep 10, 2011 12:25:07 PM

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