1. FernLaPlante says

    You cannot be ex-gay. Not possible. You can be in denial. You can be closeted. You can be living a lie. But you cannot be ex-gay.

  2. Jake says

    That’s right, this moronic buffoon has a wonderful voice for radio!

    I refuse to even listen to the clip for fear my ears will bleed.

  3. alguien says

    i could click “play” in the youtube link, but that would mean i’d have to subject myself and those around me to the sound of her voice.

  4. scollingsworth says

    PROOF! Proof I tell you, of Ex-Gay people! Just like Victoria Jackson is proof that ALL blondes are dumb!

  5. walter says

    so what they are saying a gay man married a lesbian and both are denying who they are being interviewed by a has been or never was. very interesting.

  6. uffda says

    Fernlaplante@ I think you need to broaden your perspective. Lots of people have changed over time from dominantly gay to dominantly hetero, and vica-versa. There’s everything in the world out there with just yesterday an interesting item on the autheticity of bisexuality. There’s no use in being yet another Stepford gay, black or white only about it. Give nature some room beyond the cramped quarters of the ideologue.

    As for praying it away?. Not very likely in my view since Christ never said a recorded word about it and, from the metaphysical point of view, All That Is countenances all that happens. Bottom line – not one of us really understands what’s going on with the needs and in the soul of another.

  7. Jesus says

    @UFFDA, I definitely agree, but I wonder how many out and proud gay men would risk the social ostracizing and discrimination they might face if it were simply a matter of bisexuality. I know that this is an issue that causes a great deal of distress among segments of the queer community, especially when there are so many of us who fall completely on one end of the sexuality spectrum and are trying to prove to the rest of the world that this is an inalienable trait that we cannot change, yet we have people who say they are gay coming to terms with their bisexuality and end up dating a woman. To me, it used to feel like they were betraying our cause and giving power to that argument that people can change, but it has less to do with someone’s true sexual orientation (which is, of course, not mine to define for anyone else), and more to do with our society’s stilted idea of sexual orientation and this perception of “fluidity”. I’m gay, as an identity, and homosexual in my orientation (completely), but I wonder how many people actually do that intense soul-searching (sex-searching?) before “coming out”, only to later realize that they were just too young or too pressured to conform to one standard or another because they thought that’s what they had to do.

    I’m not saying ex-gays exist, but rather, they were in all likelihood just bisexual men who got lost in the mix. I certainly cannot change any more than an ex-gay can, they might either be okay with dulling their sexuality or were a little bit bisexual the whole time.

  8. Gay American says

    CC,the man…” Oh yes Victoria…my wife and I make Love all the time, at least 3x a week…I suck her Coc…I mean, kiss her neck,and pound her As…I mean, Pussy with such joy”!!!

  9. Mack says

    UFFDA, this man is not saying that he has changed his orientation; in fact, he explicitly states that “as long as he is in this flesh” he will be attracted to men. There is no “homosexual lifestyle” for him to have left, there is only his orientation, and in his own words he has not left or altered that. What he has done is made the choice, which is his to make, to live in a facsimile of a heterosexual relationship, but it is only a facsimile–it is not authentic. While I believe in bi-sexuality, after listening to this couple, I doubt that he or his wife are so much as bi-sexual. They are living according to “their” faith, and I can respect that, it is after all their choice; nevertheless, this is not an example of a bi-sexual couple, nor is it an example of an “ex-gay.” It is an example of an “ex-authentic,” an “ex-honest” man and women living as “pretend” heterosexuals. If in the Bible the sin of “lust” is the equivalent of any other sin, including the sin of being homosexual, then he isn’t fooling anyone, and most certainly not his God.

  10. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    @Jake: her voice may or may not be made for radio, but her face certainly was.

  11. Bosie says

    You wasted space by telling us what she’s up to…I didnt know she had a show now thanks to AD promo we do…she is getting more recognition. she’s a waste of life….Nazi-Christians

  12. says

    The biggest question I have is, who in their right mind would hire this dipstick to host a radio program.
    I have yet to hear an intelligent sounding phrase come out of her mouth!

  13. Cadence says

    I always find it odd that none of these people seem to realize that a whole lot, if not most, of these so called “ex gay” people end up marrying other “ex gay” people. That seems to be a little too convenient.

  14. Alex says

    From Torch Song Trilogy
    “I’d like to see a bisexual who lived with his boyfriend and then saw his girlfriend on the sly”.

  15. Jonster says

    At 5:17 — “Now Edward, I wanna know … are homosexuality people born that way?” Edward R. Murrow she is not. I love the bizarre elevator music in the background that plays through the whole thing. Isn’t her voice irritating enough?

  16. Dan Cobb says

    Victoria has that same d’oh-I-am-sooo-stupid! look that Michele Bachmann has.
    I mean, she just looks so damn stooopid!

  17. John says

    Here’s one thing I don’t get. There does seem to be a genetic link to sexuality , i.e. we are “born that way”. That said, wouldn’t it make more sense – for those who want to do away with homosexual “activity” – for gays NOT to get married and reproduce? Really, the anti-gay movement ought to be encouraging homosexual behavior… that would remove homos from the gene pool eventually. Or, we’d all get AIDS and die off. Either way, it’d make these idiots happy.

  18. Ted says

    This is so strange. She courageously stood alone and refused to perform on SNL because of Andrew Dice Clay’s bigotry.

  19. Tyron says

    Just more evidence that her old SNL dumb blonde schtick not only wasn’t funny but it was actually not an act at all – she really is a dumb blonde. Any questions as to why Jackson’s career went absolutely nowhere?

  20. Tyron says

    The guy probably decided a radio interview would better protect his identity and be safer. Not realizing however, that a recorded video would be posted to YouTube and might result in some of his “bookstore” buddies refuting his heterosexual transformation. But I think he need not worry, he’s probably safe from exposure since many of those on their knees in the back rooms are hiding and in denial same as he is.

  21. Michael says

    Im watching just so I can laugh at her dumbass. Sad also that these EX gay individuals hate themselves so much that they would rather conform that what bigots want.Instead of being true to who THEY are and doing what THEY want to do and be who they are meant to be as well.Just sad.

  22. J. Page says

    OMG! Listening to this makes my ears bleed. Victoria’s voice and her guests endless blathering about Jesus, then that awful music in the background…If these are the people going to “heaven,” I will gladly go to hell. One mans heaven, is another’s hell.