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Road Gay news sites: Will your favorite still be around next year?

RoadProvincetown lesbian couple finds message in a bottle from 1961.

Gayinamerica RoadScott Pasfield on his new book, Gay in America: "I photographed men of every age, religion and race. Young men, seniors, Muslims, Jews, white and black, rich, poor, anonymous and familiar. I met men dealing with the universal issues of growing up, religion, violence, immigration, marriage, parenting, family, love-but as gay men."

RoadYep, it's the world's oldest two-faced cat.

RoadUK politicians freak out that Britney Spears is running around London filming a video with a gun in her hand. Wait till they see what she does with an umbrella.

RoadNYT on the Ledyard, New York town clerk Rose Marie Belforti, who is refusing to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples: “For me to participate in the same-sex marriage application process I don’t feel is right,” she said. “God doesn’t want me to do this, so I can’t do what God doesn’t want me to do, just like I can’t steal, or any of the other things that God doesn’t want me to do.”

RoadRihanna gets thrown out of farmer's field for racy music video shoot.

Road Alexander Skarsgard tries to be a plain jane.

Kemp RoadL.A. Dodger Matt Kemp gets wet for Flaunt.

RoadA sneak peek at Adele's "Someone Like You" video.

RoadGay DC physician hosts Obama fundraising dinner: "An announcement of the event on Facebook says participants are being asked to contribute $35,800 per person to attend a pre-dinner photo reception, the dinner itself, and a 'VIP clutch' with the president. Those attending the photo reception and dinner only are being asked to contribute $35,800 per couple and those attending just the pre-dinner reception are asked to contribute $10,000 per person, according to the Facebook announcement."

RoadBrian Burke wants action on anti-gay hockey slur.

RoadThousands of surface-to-air missiles go missing in Libya: "Though Libya had an estimated 20,000 man-portable surface-to-air missiles before the popular uprising began in February, Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro told ABC News today the government does not have a clear picture of how many missiles they're trying to track down."


  1. dancobbb says

    Dear Ms. Belforti,

    I grew up not far from your farm there in King Ferry, NY.
    I read in the New York Times about your refusal to sign marriage certificates for the she-devil lesbians living there in your community. Thank God you refused to do so. I also hope one day to have a theocracy in this country where the word of God comes first and civil government has no function. Let’s make the USA more like Iran and Afghanistan where political issues are decided by holy men and scriptural texts as interpreted by anyone who professes to be a believer! Now that’s the way to run a government! Sure, people’s heads may be chopped off if the clerics say that a person interpreted the scriptures wrongly. And sure, the USA would be about as well run as Afghanistan, without any civil authority or any consistency in public policy, but that doesn’t matter because every town clerk will be able to run their town according to whatever their interpretation of their chosen scriptural text might say! I’m with you on this one! So what’s a little anarchy!? And if your town judge happens to be a Hasidic Jew and says that your husband can divorce you just by turning around three times and saying “I divorce you, I divorce you , I divorce you….” then that’s all the state judge should require… because after all, state law has no application… it’s all about that judge imposing his religion’s requirements on his community… And if the DMV clerk happens to be Moslem and happens to believe that it is a sin for a woman to drive a car –like it is in Saudi Arabia today… then gosh darn it… he should have every right to refuse to issue drivers’ licenses to females like you because after all, the state law conflicts with his religion and his religion should trump the desire of any female to get a driver’s license. And of course, should you ever be brutally raped… and should the judge hearing your case happen to be a moslem, I’m sure you would find so wonderful to know that he is expressing his religion despite state law when he sentences you to 40 slashes of the whip because you were raped –a customary punishment according to his religion. Oh, and if it’s all about your bible as you are quoted as saying, then I’m sure you’re aware that your awful bible requires that gay people be stoned to death: see Leviticus. Can we expect that you will have a handy bag of stones at your office at the ready for the next gay couple that comes in seeking a marriage license?! Warm up that throwing arm, because I think you’re going to be getting some attention from the gay community!
    Like you said in the New York Times, you should have the right to keep your job and impose your religion on other people! Good for you Ms. Belforti… you sound like a real brain trust! And you’re doing great work!

  2. FernLaPlante says

    Someone tell Ms. Belforti that God doesn’t want her to pass judgment on others or to hate or to discriminate. I am so sick of people hiding behind a fake book to conceal their bigotry.

  3. SFShawn says

    DANCOBBB-Great post!
    “God doesn’t want me to do this,so I can’t do what God doesn’t want me to do”
    WTF? These relgious freaks just never stop with their insanity? Time for this nutjob to have a VERY early retirement from PUBLIC SERVICE or to be reassigned to work where she doesn’t have to interact with her fellow human beings since she obviously has a direct connection to GAWD and he told her not to?…. God please take your insane followers from this beautiful planet…the sooner the better! :)

  4. says

    Great dancobb, and tell Rose Marie Belforti to make everyone in her town prohibited to eat meat on Fridays, and every soldier from King Ferry to not kill anyone, and she should strive to outlaw divorce in King Ferry and require all clergy from every denomination in town to be celibate and never marry.

  5. Myackie says


    I think that turning around 3 times and saying ‘I divorce you’ is muslim, not Jewish. Actually, according to Orthodox Jewish law, BOTH the husband and wife must agree to the divorce.

  6. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    How many more Towleroad posts do we have to endure with that over-exposed, past-his-expiration-date fame-whore former-Lt. Dan Choi’s picture in it? His fifteen-minutes were over years ago.

    I might have bought Scott Pasfiel’s, Gay in America…but not with that poseur’s picture on the cover. Especially one with him in his “uniform”.

  7. Zlick says

    Gee, Ted B., uniform in quotes, huh? Exactly when were you in the military, and exactly what have you done to advance the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? By the way, Dan’s 15 minutes were extended by 15 years last week when DADT went into the dustbin of history while he went down in history as the human being most associated with that effort.

  8. ohplease says

    And the attempted canonization of St. Dan stumbles on.

    Zlick, whether you like it or not, the person who is going down in history as the human being most associated with the repeal of DADT is Barack Obama. It doesn’t matter that he not only didn’t want it but also fought to keep it from happening, or even that Obama himself made sure that discrimination against gay soldiers still continues, that’s just the way it is. Far from having his fifteen minutes extended, Dan Choi will be long forgotten fifteen years from now. There are plenty of actually important gay activists from as recently as the early 90s that nobody under 40 has ever heard of. Dan Choi’s fate will be to have even greater obscurity than theirs.

    Dan Choi’s done some good. He’s also done some bad. He also has some of the worst best friends that any gay man can have and they include some of the LGBT community’s craziest enemies.

    Dan Choi is also seriously mentally ill and extremely unlikeable. He inspires fanatical loyalty among a few holdouts and that’s it. Most Americans, LGBT or not, either haven’t heard of him or don’t care about him.

    I don’t agree with how Ted B. put it, but my honest immediate response to this book was to wonder why I would want Dan Choi staring up at me from my coffee table. It may be a great book, but I’ll never buy it for that reason.

    That’s the reality of the situation. You’re free to admire Dan Choi if you want, but you’re never going to convince anyone who doesn’t by now that they ever should.

  9. MikeInSanJose says

    Gotta go with ZLICK on this one. Love him or hate him, Dan Choi has done more for America and more for LGBTQ America than most people who ever commented on this blog.

    The man has served in combat, and just a few months ago disappeared for a while to address his personal PTSD issues.

    Maybe he is a little over-exposed to those who haven’t put anywhere near what he’s put on the line. It seems peculiar that anyone who is truly in this fight with the rest of LGBTQ America is willing to toss out such an obviously committed, determined, and capable ally in this struggle.

    As much as that Gays On Parade republican group led by the guy with the lopsided face and obnoxious Twitter account tries to claim the credit for the repeal of DADT, it’s members of our military like Choi, who have been there, suffered under the policy, and STILL want to be part of our nation’s defense that really got this out in front of the American people, and helped to overcome the sissy, nelly, queenie stereotype that has dogged gays for generations.

    Sometimes I cringe at some of the things Choi says in his interviews and public appearances. But the alternative is to have nothing said at all. How has that worked out for us over the past decades?

  10. Zlick says

    Yeah, I agree Obama will get all the credit, and some of it deservedly so. Despite all the details, he said it would end on his watch – and it did.

    I was being a bit facetious about Choi’s 15 years from 15 minutes. I completely agree he’ll be forgotten in no time. I’m not a fantatic follower by any means, but I’ve personally approved of most of his tactics and, most recently, really admire his stance in not accepting a plea bargain for his White House fence protest arrest.

    I can’t say whether he’s mentally ill or unlikable. I met him a couple of times, and he seemed perfectly likable to me – but I can hardly claim to know him.

    Sorry, but Ted B. just got my dander up. And I’ll also agree I would not want Dan Choi staring up at me from my coffee table, and think that photo was a very poor choice for the book cover.

  11. says

    Dear God,

    Your followers are making life on earth a living hell for the rest of us. Is that your intention? They are making you come across as a vindictive, mean spirited deity who isn’t at all like the one in the scriptures. Which one should I believe in?

    Your move.

  12. Paul R says

    I’m met Dan Choi twice and seen him speak several times (in person—not including his endless proclamations, speeches, etc.).

    I agree that it was wrong to put uniform in quotation marks—the man did serve his country and earn the uniform, and should have always had the right to continue wearing ill. But I fully agree that he’s not too likable and suffers from mental issues unrelated to PTSD. I also would not care to have a book with him on the cover. There’s a difference between activism and self-aggrandizement.

    The military will likely treat him with kid gloves from now on, to the benefit of no one—especially other gay members of the military.

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