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Anderson Cooper Goes Spray Tanning with Snooki: VIDEO


Although she's impressed with his "peanuts", I'm not sure Snooki's convinced that Anderson Cooper will ever make it as a Guido.


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  1. what is that gawd awful laugh track? is this an episode of full house?

    Posted by: sean | Sep 13, 2011 8:09:42 PM

  2. Michael K. from is going to be over the moon.

    Posted by: Joe | Sep 13, 2011 8:25:31 PM

  3. Media has hit fuccen rock bottom

    Posted by: AllBeefPatty | Sep 13, 2011 8:28:25 PM

  4. Looking at the tan line...that was just obscene. Anderson is toying with us; he knows we're putty in his hands!

    Posted by: Sean D | Sep 13, 2011 8:42:06 PM


    Posted by: Joe | Sep 13, 2011 9:02:02 PM

  6. guy's got great nips.

    Posted by: Eddie | Sep 13, 2011 9:02:13 PM

  7. Oh dear. Girlfriend will use any excuse to get work to pay for his spray tans!

    Posted by: Dr. No | Sep 13, 2011 9:14:13 PM

  8. I've enjoyed the first two airings of his new program.

    For a trust fund baby who doesn't need to work, he is certainly unpretentious, easy-going and seems to have a great sense of humor.

    Posted by: Todd | Sep 13, 2011 10:27:27 PM

  9. And this is the guy who won't come out publicly because he's worried that he won't be taken seriously as a journalist??????????

    What a self-loathing loser.

    Posted by: B-rod | Sep 13, 2011 10:34:34 PM

  10. This man is the next Oprah.

    I'm so excited.

    Posted by: Derek in Madison | Sep 13, 2011 10:48:23 PM

  11. Why do I find anderson annoying, but snooki endearing>?

    Posted by: mike128 | Sep 13, 2011 11:02:02 PM

  12. Why is Anderson self-loathing or a loser? I bet you're a bigger loser than him anyday.

    Posted by: MrJ | Sep 13, 2011 11:16:51 PM

  13. @sean That was the show's live studio audience responding to the clip, not a laugh track.

    Posted by: jj | Sep 13, 2011 11:18:24 PM

  14. And why are you a bigger loser B-Rod? Because however closeted you may think he is, he is respected and respectful and doesn't indulge in cowardly anonymous Internet name calling.

    Posted by: MrJ | Sep 13, 2011 11:18:28 PM

  15. @B-ROD No reason to call him a self-loathing loser. He's never publicly denied being gay. If he had, then he'd be a loser. He just doesn't happen to be an activist. That's ok.

    Posted by: Bri | Sep 14, 2011 12:29:30 AM

  16. Anderson needs a daily segment on the show where he shows up somewhere half-naked. He can start with my house.

    Posted by: Red | Sep 14, 2011 12:41:46 AM

  17. @B-ROD

    Kathy Griffin once implied on Howard Stern that Anderson Cooper could not be out of the closest because his job requires him to report from countries where being a gay man is dangerous.

    To me, that makes sense.

    Posted by: Thomas | Sep 14, 2011 1:07:13 AM

  18. Did you notice at the beginning how he turned his back to the camera when he showed her his stomach. He's so shy. Awww

    This was a weird segment, since there was no real before and after pictures. So what was the point? Ah yes, for AC to show of his pale but smoking bod. I'm cool with that.

    Posted by: Gino | Sep 14, 2011 1:35:49 AM

  19. wonderful! just wonderful! i love seeing my silver fox shirtless! naked would be better but i'll take what i can get!

    Posted by: pitluver | Sep 14, 2011 3:07:11 AM

  20. Love Andy....but sad that he trolled the gutter with that irrelevant skank. Now..I wanna lick the tan off his bod.
    It's Chocolate, right?


    Posted by: Bruce Wayne | Sep 14, 2011 3:32:08 AM

  21. is this the same guy who we saw in new orleans and haiti??

    Posted by: h | Sep 14, 2011 4:12:34 AM

  22. A segment filled with irony. He darkens his body while she whitens her teeth. And that makes them both better looking. Well, he's fine any way he looks.

    "I love the smell of spray tan."

    Posted by: james | Sep 14, 2011 5:11:22 AM

  23. I find Ms Cooper to be a disgusting, self loathing wimp, his new show sux he has lost much credibility with his persiflage.

    Posted by: Kevin Thor | Sep 14, 2011 5:15:34 AM

  24. Do the weirdo whiners hating on someone that EVERYONE loves realize how stupid they sound?

    If Anderson Cooper is any of the bizarre things that any of the lunatics on this thread say he is, then sign me up for each and every one of those traits because they haven't hurt Andy one little bit.

    And, one more time: you can't be secretly gay when the entire world knows your "secret". It's the 21st Century and there is no closet now. Get over it and move on.

    Posted by: ohplease | Sep 14, 2011 5:35:57 AM

  25. re: OHPLEASE......

    The entire world doesn't know that he's gay. The gay community knows that he's gay. There's a difference.

    Posted by: Tim NC | Sep 14, 2011 7:25:37 AM

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