1. Todd says

    I’ve enjoyed the first two airings of his new program.

    For a trust fund baby who doesn’t need to work, he is certainly unpretentious, easy-going and seems to have a great sense of humor.

  2. MrJ says

    And why are you a bigger loser B-Rod? Because however closeted you may think he is, he is respected and respectful and doesn’t indulge in cowardly anonymous Internet name calling.

  3. Bri says

    @B-ROD No reason to call him a self-loathing loser. He’s never publicly denied being gay. If he had, then he’d be a loser. He just doesn’t happen to be an activist. That’s ok.

  4. Thomas says


    Kathy Griffin once implied on Howard Stern that Anderson Cooper could not be out of the closest because his job requires him to report from countries where being a gay man is dangerous.

    To me, that makes sense.

  5. Gino says

    Did you notice at the beginning how he turned his back to the camera when he showed her his stomach. He’s so shy. Awww

    This was a weird segment, since there was no real before and after pictures. So what was the point? Ah yes, for AC to show of his pale but smoking bod. I’m cool with that.

  6. james says

    A segment filled with irony. He darkens his body while she whitens her teeth. And that makes them both better looking. Well, he’s fine any way he looks.

    “I love the smell of spray tan.”

  7. ohplease says

    Do the weirdo whiners hating on someone that EVERYONE loves realize how stupid they sound?

    If Anderson Cooper is any of the bizarre things that any of the lunatics on this thread say he is, then sign me up for each and every one of those traits because they haven’t hurt Andy one little bit.

    And, one more time: you can’t be secretly gay when the entire world knows your “secret”. It’s the 21st Century and there is no closet now. Get over it and move on.

  8. TJ says

    Persiflage = light-hearted banter, shallow small talk; perhaps aligning himself with the vapid such as Snookie will damage his street- cred. Or not. Having watched a bit of the show, the thought did cross my mind that he might damage his authority as a serious journalist. But maybe, if his show is successful, he might give up the journalism for a more blatant show business career.

  9. says

    Speaking as someone who works behind the scenes, he’s targeting to his audience demographics quite well.

    The only problem is he may have (like someone already mentioned) jumped the shark a bit early. Shirtless in the second episode? What would he wear on Thursday’s show, just underwear?

    Play the tease, Anderson. It will keep you around for more than a 1/2 season.

  10. Tanner says

    I feel sorry for the jealous, bitter queens who need for Anderson Cooper to be publicly out so that it’s okay for them to be queer.

    Anyone paying attention, at all, knows that Anderson Cooper is gay.

  11. Jay says

    Kevin Thor, congratulations on your use of the word “persiflage!” That said, your punctuation sucks, so I can’t give credence to your intelligence. From your word choice, I can avouch for your contentious acrimony, though.

  12. jj says

    @TJ He is doing more serious topics too, it’s a mix. Larry King’s show had reality show people and comedians on as guests frequently, and Larry was still classified as a news person. Murrow hosted a “light-hearted banter, shallow small talk” with celebrities talk show that ran for years while he was also a major voice in news anchoring his evening show.

    @Gino The segment happened because months ago Anderson had poked fun at Snooki on his news show and she had responded on twitter at the time by inviting him out spray tanning with her.

  13. Your Mom says

    If AC wasn’t the perceived attractive man that so many purport him to be, then he wouldn’t be given as many passes on here or anywhere else for not being 100% authentic. Don’t crack your skulls in the shallow end of the gene pool.

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