1. Mike C says

    I don’t understand the comment “And wouldn’t they do the same thing?” Wouldn’t democrats boo the soldier as well? Excuse me but the democrats are the party which has retained at least a semblance of integrity

  2. ChrisQ says

    I guess someone high up told Megyn she was too sympathetic and understanding with her recent defense of Chaz Bono on DWTS. So she’s just trying to get her Fox/GOP/Tea Party/Anita Bryant creds back in place.

  3. says

    Aaaaaaaaand the old Megyn is back.

    And did the Democrats really need to add the sinister music to that ad spot to make what they were saying seem more evil?

    Each of those clips were already pretty stomach-turning so I don’t know why they had to be given the Fox News treatment…

  4. gr8guyca says

    Does the DNC response ad really need the “scary-house-monster-about-to-attack” music in the background? The reality of the Republican reactions is frightening enough.

  5. FernLaPlante says

    Mike C I took the “And wouldn’t they do the same thing?” to mean wouldn’t the RNC make an attack ad if the situation were reversed. But I could be wrong, that aside at the end of the article doesn’t make sense to me either. It almost seems as if the author is condemning the DNC(?)

  6. NaughtyLola says

    @Mike C, the sentences doesn’t parse very well but I think it means “wouldn’t the Repugs jump on an opportunity like this, if they were given one?”

  7. Dave says

    I agree CD. And whether it was the question or the questioner, the audience reation showed him no respect. It’s the obligation of a future Commander In Chief to clarify their commitment and respect in such a situation. Even now, only a few have even commented.

  8. Married in MA says

    @ Mike C – Andy is saying that the Repugs would use similar footage of a Democratic Debate (or any other flub that looked bad) and make a similar ad… nothing to do with the gay soldier.

  9. RandySF says

    Megyn Kelly clearly doesn’t know what the term “respectful” means. Booing loudly during a debate is without a doubt the definition of disrespectful and disruptive.

  10. Mike says

    Oh, ok… they weren’t booing the gay soldier they were just booing his inference that he should be treated equally – and booing that somehow isn’t a bad thing? Seriously, Megyn is that all you could come up with? Weak!

  11. NY2.0 says

    Nice to see some things remain the same and Megyn Kelly is reverting back to her dumb blond mentality.

  12. Bryan says

    That whole comment about the audience booing the question and not the soldier is a Fox News/Republican talking point. I’ve seen this same comment several time in cooments sections of posts about the booing since the day after the debate. It is just their way of trying to spin the disgusting behavior into something else.

  13. Mike in Houston says

    2 or 3 people boo in an auditorium of hundreds… and not a single audience member felt it was untoward. Neither did the candidates.

    And sorry Megyn, repeal of DADT is the LEAST controversial gay rights issue: event a 60%+ majority of REPUBLICANS supported repeal… and it IS the responsibility of “leaders” to call out this kind of disrepectful behavior.

    These debate clips are going to hang around the GOP’s necks like an albatross — as they should.

  14. matt says

    is that a vagina or a mouth moving saying absolutely nothing? I don’t believe a word out of this woman’s mouth..I have no idea who this thing is, but she clearly is braindead and a walking zombie of sorts, which kinda fit the halloween music used in the compilation.

  15. says

    Megyn Kelly is so dumb, she doesn’t even know that Joy Behar was criticizing the panel of debaters, not the panel of moderators. It’s as if she can’t imagine that everyone isn’t talking about her, all the time.

  16. JT says

    Interesting how when Bachmann, Santorum, or any of that bunch have any of their policy statements or beliefs questioned, they treat it like a personal attack. But the boos were only for the question, not the soldier, so there. Irony may be dead, but hypocrisy is alive and well on the right.

  17. louis says

    The funniest thing in the videos is when Meghan Kelly calls herslf a “anchor”

    Walter Cronkite was an Anchor….

    Dan Rather was an Anchor…

    Peter jennings was an Anchor…

    Meghan Kelly is someone who reads words on TV.

  18. Art Voigt says

    Republicans and Christians in particular need to just get the resurrection over with already so we might have world peace. It will NEVER come with religious hate worship of the nut jobs.

    Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc. All the same. Nothing but Hate. Just go away to your respective heavens and leave the real God’s Green Earth alone.