1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I listened to this yesterday and was stunned at how simple-minded this guy was. He has been introducing his amendment for nine years, and couldn’t say why.

    I hope this gets broad exposure, because it really gets at the root of the issue. It is not based in anything approaching reality, but is just purely political games.

  2. Dan says

    I don’t know whether to feel exhilarated at Signorile’s takedown of this character or depressed that our opponents are so pathetic and yet can continue to regulate our lives.


    Why was it “a big mistake for him” to appear on Signorile’s show? No one is holding Forrester accountable and he’s the sponsor of a SUCCESSFUL anti-gay bill. An appearance on Signorile’s radio show won’t change that. He’s winning!

  4. Kenton says

    I listen to Signorile’s interview yesterday and was shocked by how ignorant this so-called Doctor was. If this the best the haters have then they will lose.

    I’m glad Signorile let the Senator speak without cutting him off.

  5. Ian says

    Ignorant anti-gay politicians in the south?! Say it isn’t so!!

    This is not big news or shocking in the slightest. If you express shock by this, you’ve been living on a desert island all your life.

  6. stevenelliot says

    “Wull, I hurd at this high fohlootin think tank meetin, held by them godly coke bruthahs, that pushin ant-homasexual legislation will get votes and make lotsa money…oh and I hate them baby killahs and them thar unions too!”

  7. Michael says

    Signoirle always acts arrogant no matter what but I agree with him about this.

    Bigots should be named and shamed especially when they are preaching and promoting hate and bigotry.

  8. Bob R says

    Ah, yes. Once again we see there is indeed no fool like an old fool. An old, ignorant, antebellum bigot who would like to return this country to the days of slavery and when people “knew their place.” The man is so colossally ignorant, it’s frightening. To think this man is a “Fellow” of the American College of Preventive Medicine and he’s as professionally stupid as he is about HIV/AIDS. I think medical doctors should have to be periodically retested to keep their licenses current, not just complete bogus correspondence course.

    This is an example of why we have such a deplorable state of health care in this country and the political/economic problems we have. We rejoice in stupidity and willful ignorance. Signorile is right when he describes this “man” (and I use that term loosely) as an embarrassment to himself, his state and the United States. I’ll be so glad when these old ignorant bastards die off and dry up.

  9. richard cadena says

    thanks for once again showing them for what they truely are: shameless, lying, hatefilled, factless fanatics. notice that Michelangelo kept his temper in check and just sliced and diced the senator/doctor over every statement the senator/doctor threw at him. A GREAT LESSON FOR ALL TO LEARN IN HOW TO DEAL WITH PROUD AND IGNORANT IDIOTS WHO DO NOT CARE ABOUT FACTS-JUST IDIOLOGY.


  10. anon says

    In theory, laws need a “rational basis”, but in practice any old excuse will do. If the Prop 8 federal challenge works then this amendment will be unconstitutional because it fails the rational basis test.

  11. luminum says

    Someone needs his license revoked. I thought doctors had to regularly attend new information seminars to maintain their licenses.

    Some people just have no business practicing medicine or representing science…Disgusting.

  12. Modern Meet says

    Love the part where Forrester says with a Democratic majority in the NC congress, the anti-gay, anti-marriage legislation could not pass but now that Republicans control NC congress anti-gay measures are successful. It is plain and simple to me: if you’re a Republican, you’re the ENEMY.

  13. Francis says

    This is yet another man propagating lies against our community, and yet another person whose words we can and should use against him. This is what people need to see to understand the depths of anti-gay bigotry.

  14. Dev says

    No wonder healthcare in the US is failing. You actually accredit doctors like this. In any other developed nation such a public display of ignorance in a medical doctor about health issues will get his license to practice revoked.

  15. dbearhug says

    Having watched how this thing literally sailed through the legislature was truly mind-boggling. When Forrester had his Town Hall forum, he was primarily preaching to the choir of fellow Republicans with no real debate allowed. But, when put under the spotlight by Signorile, he seems to be absolutely withering. Here’s a physician who’s had his medical license since 1962 and in family practice for over 44 years in a town of only 3100 and gets to spout off as some kind of ‘expert.’ Then he has the gall to state, “We need to reach out to them and get them to change their lifestyle back to the one we accept.” Sorry. Not buying it!!

    Being a physician in NC myself, I’m personally appalled but not surprised at this kind of attitude. When there are small isolated pockets of any particular demographic group, there’s not going to be much in the way of a reasoned debate about anything which deviates from their perceived norm. As such, I don’t imagine that my husband and I would be too welcome in little Stanley, NC if we were to consider moving to Gaston County to start a practice out there.

    What will likely happen is that I get to watch everybody try to bully each other into their way of thinking. No minds will be made up, but maybe some will swayed by the extreme rhetoric. However, 50.1% will vote for the thing and we’ll have to wait for a generation to die off before there can be a 2/3’s majority come in later to rescind the thing. Unfortunately until that happens, we’ll have to endure an all-too-long period of glad-handing and generally smug and self-righteous statements about how they ‘saved marriage.’ I can’t wait. Ugh!!

    But, if the business community plays this as making NC unattractive to a talented and diverse workforce as they tried to do in the run-up to the General Assembly decision, and 50.1% vote the other way, I’m sure that the James Forresters of the world will be downright apoplectic. Then, they’ll try again.

  16. Jorge B Cordova says

    Taken from an excerpt written in the the Oxford Journal of the International Journal of Epidemiology Volume 30, Issue 6 Pp 1499
    Gay life expectancy revisited

    “It is essential to note that the life expectancy of any population is a descriptive and not a prescriptive mesaure.5 Death is a product of the way a person lives and what physical and environmental hazards he or she faces everyday. It cannot be attributed solely to their sexual orientation or any other ethnic or social factor”.

  17. Shirley says

    Have you ever listen to yourself it is so easy to see you are not interested in truth just to continue your lifestyle with no concern of other views well I can tell you there are other views and they do not go along with yours. Get a real life instead of trying to destroy those of an opposing view we are intitled to our view. Get over it!

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