1. lessthan says

    I like this guy’s perspective, but I wouldn’t know what to do if I met him. Doesn’t like books, movies, music, or food? What else is there? I imagine there is exercise (he definitely looks like a fan of exercise. damn that shirt. ;-))but once you run down weekly workout… What do you say?

  2. wtf says

    Wow. I think this video proves that gay people can be just as boring and banal as straight people. His lifelong dream is to own a towtruck company? Really? Way to dream there bud. Doesn’t like movies, books, music, and yet believes he can carry on a conversation with just about anyone? What do you talk about? The weather? Your quads?

    This is just sad.

  3. Nat says

    Man that guy has a nice bod! Seems like a really hot guy all around, especially with personality. Some may say he’s boring but I think he’s just chill.

    Anyway, one thing… the hand gestures are really distracting lol.

  4. Rick says

    Good lord there are a bunch of judgmental bitches here today. Give the guy a break, he’s in his early 20s and answering a bunch of random twitter questions. How witty and fascinating would you have been under those circumstances? I have been following his videos, which are pretty damn cool, regardless of whether his life or interests impress the Towleroaderati.

  5. sparks says

    Just read between the lines a bit, and he doesn’t seem so boring.

    He likes to travel, he’s very health-conscious even in his food choices, he appreciates a guy who likes to cook, he prefers getting out and doing things over watching them on a screen, and he isn’t afraid to pursue a dream even if it seems “banal” to other people. (And who’s to say he won’t decide to do something else? He’s young, presumably healthy, in shape, and judging by the bottom half of his face probably pretty good-looking. Doors of opportunity have opened for less.)

  6. Steven says

    This is hilarious. Young “fit” fellow goes sleeveless while showing half a face and the gays are glamored away from his lack of personal interests beyond…wearing white tank tops because he’s…wearing a white tank top.

    Hmmm that DADT closet must have wonderful mirrors.

  7. mattman says

    wow, how refreshing to hear such a humble and grateful young man. He doesn’t want to be a star, a model, etc…he just wants a nice simple, interesting life not based on money, fancy food, or other externals.

  8. ohplease says

    “How witty and fascinating would you have been under those circumstances?”

    Pretty damn witty and fascinating, thank you.

    But it’s a gift and not everybody has it and I’ve never held the lack of it against anybody. To be honest, less-complicated guys tend to make for more relaxing company. To be brutally honest, dumb hot guys are still hot guys, only without the high maintenance.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with just being a good, kind, decent human being, as he seems to be. Plus, he gets to look like that. And having simple tastes, wants and needs means yours are more likely to be met. Sounds like a great way to go through life.

  9. breyer88 says

    Captured in video above: a guy in a dire situation whose clandestine lifestyle has led him to introspection and humility

    Captured in comments below: self-congratulating, catty gays whose lives are obviously so interesting that they feel driven to rebuke UNinteresting occupations such as owing a tow truck company

    I think it’d be cool to get to know this guy better. As for you first few commenters, I’ve seen about all I need to see.

  10. wtf says

    lol whatever. if you bitches want to marry a guy who doesn’t read and is only dream is to own a tow truck company, please, be my guest.

    One can be fit, a good person, and actually intellectually stimulating.

    Oh nevermind. I’m sure you’ve got episodes of Housewives and “A” List to watch.

  11. MikeBoston says

    He sounds like a lot of other 20 somethings. Granted I might not have a lot to talk to him about right now, I’m willing to be that in a few years – after he is out of the service, sees Australia and Brazil, learns to cook – that I’d enjoy talking to him.

    After I’ve thrown it into him a couple of times, we’ll have a nice little chat.

  12. cmh says

    I agree gay people can be just banal and boring as straight people.

    Maybe he is one of those guys who does more than he says. Some people just show who they are by what they do more than what they say. My best friend’s husband is like that, not the most intellectual or witty man, nor the life of the party, hardly any gay tastes, likes computers and code. He would go to a store in the middle of the night for something needed, be there at a moments notice in an emergency, and generally walk through fire for my BF and has for 20 years. He is loyal loyal loyal and is hot. In the long run witty conversation pales.

  13. Charles Lemos says

    Give him a break, he’s 21 and from a small town in the southeast of US. He grew up in a conservative, presumably Christian, household.

    He wants to travel and he shows curiosity.

  14. G.I. Joe says

    “He sounds like a lot of 21 year olds”

    Be careful, your ageism is showing.

    I’m 23 year old, and I don’t know anyone my age who doesn’t read at least one book per month (at the LEAST). Granted, I go to a very good university, but so what?

    His not being interested in anything remotely cultural isn’t the result of his age. It’s the result of him being a hick.

    Then again, nice body. And he seems nice enough even though I’m not sure I would have much to talk about with him.

  15. kodiak says

    I would be stoked if he popped out of the cab of a tow truck I called!
    My only wish is that he would take off the shirt when he broadcasts!
    But really, he sounds like a good guy to hang out with. I’m glad he’s doing this.

  16. Mark says

    I always find it amusing how among gay men physical attractivness always negates anything else. Although many will deny it most would forgive just about anything as long as a guy has a hot body.

    “Yes, my boyfriend is a serial killer…but he’s hot.” LOL

  17. Doug says

    I’d like to defend him against some of the “Empty Shell” comments. I think he is young and apparently intelligent (no tattoos) and plenty of time to blossom into a Cormack McCarthy reader. If any of you remember what is was like to live a life in hiding, as it were, you will recall that watching everybody else to make sure you blend in was more than just a hobby…it took a lot of work and time. He’ll turn out fine. His life just got better.

  18. dancobbb says

    Well, I think owning a tow truck company is a decent ambition… it means he would be his own boss, would own his own business, and could expand that business –should he desire to do so– to include other auto related services. God only knows, there are a LOT of younger people without any clue whatsoever as to what they want to do in life.

    BUT, REGARDING DADT, dear soldier, if you happen to be reading this blog, LET ME COUNSEL YOU NOT TO COME OUT!! STAY DISCREET AND CLOSETED! WHY? Because we have a huge contingency of VERY RADICALLY CONSERVATIVE GOP politicians who are running for political offices in this country. While things may seem safe now that the Dems are in control of the White House and the Senate… this will not always be so. Once the radical right-wing GOPers get back into power, which may be sooner than later –they will complete outlaw gays in the military. Guaranteed. That will be their clarion call announcing that the CONSERVATIVES ARE IN POWER!
    Remember, just as the DADT law has been repealed, it can just as easily be re-instated. ANd once you’re out of the closet, there’s no going back in… your military career will be OVER, 100%. You might even get a dishonorable discharge under these right-winged f***tards.

  19. Bill Michael says

    He seems like a very nice, earnest, brave, and honest, young man. I hope all the best things in life come to him.

  20. Bill Michael says

    PS: This is what all of us in the older generation have been fighting for all of these years, so that a nice young man like this can take his rightful place in the world. All the donations, the marches, the protests, the strife have been worthwhile if we can make a better life for ourselves and leave the world in a better place for young people just like him.

  21. Bryan says

    I’m not hating him for his looks, but if this guy was some skinny unattractive guy with the same message, he wouldn’t get HALF the attention he’s getting. Hot bod or not, if he’s really not interested in music, movies, books or any cultural stuff but is the stereotypical macho-outdoorsy type, I’ll pass thank you very much.

    @WTF: I get what you’re saying, but we’re not really talking about wanting to marry him.