WATCH: Teenager Says 'It Gets Better' Saved Him From Christian Counseling

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Does the 'It Gets Better' campaign have any impact at all? There's proof that it does, from the life of a teenager named Dylan. 



(via Box Turtle Bulletin)

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  1. That is awesome and it's great to see this campaign really having a positive impact. Now I'll say it for everyone in my Dad voice: "Dylan get in there and clean up your room!"

    Posted by: MrJ | Sep 10, 2011 10:35:11 AM

  2. Mr. J Beat me to in my best MOM voice. "You heard your dad!" "Don't make me tell you again!"

    Posted by: Mike | Sep 10, 2011 10:42:18 AM

  3. That's sweet...more of this please!

    Posted by: Jay | Sep 10, 2011 10:49:21 AM

  4. VERY cool, and what a neat kid.

    lol @ how we all seem to think the same thing about his room.

    Add an Auntie to the chorus of clean it up Dylan!

    Posted by: Geoff M | Sep 10, 2011 10:54:56 AM

  5. The clip was awesome, that kid is terrific. Please though, change the title. It is offensive. "saved him" from christian counseling? really? I'm gay and christian, and you can have both.

    Posted by: casey | Sep 10, 2011 10:58:36 AM

  6. So sweet. Good luck Dylan, you can do it!

    Posted by: javo | Sep 10, 2011 11:00:55 AM

  7. That's a pretty awesome video. I can tell you that I'm 42 and my room is now in a beautiful house I own with my partner and I still have a messy room!

    Posted by: DJSauvage | Sep 10, 2011 11:06:51 AM

  8. kudo to dan savage for his putting this project together. it does work and it does help make it better.

    Posted by: walter | Sep 10, 2011 11:16:53 AM

  9. The Leffew Family and their "Gay Family Values" youtube channel ( have made such an enormous impact on so many lives including this wonderful teenager here, and they never fail to amaze me with their spirit and love.

    Posted by: Sean Chapin | Sep 10, 2011 11:31:10 AM

  10. That's awesome! Now go clean your room and make your bed.

    Posted by: joe | Sep 10, 2011 11:31:10 AM

  11. Definitely clean your room, or no box-seats at the Opera for you, young man.

    Posted by: Ted B. (Charging Rhino) | Sep 10, 2011 11:36:51 AM

  12. My first thought was "typical teenager, look at that room!" :-) Great video and a great kid!

    Posted by: scollingsworth | Sep 10, 2011 11:40:45 AM

  13. Don't listen to them, Dylan! There is NO reason to make the bed up when you're just going to mess it up again 16 hours later. Doesn't you school tell you not to succumb peer pressure? Well NOW is the time to put those lessons to work!

    Posted by: Caliban the Lazy | Sep 10, 2011 11:51:00 AM

  14. What in Gay Hell?! That background is a mess.Umm umm sweetie before posting a pic or a video make sure the background is CLEAN, it's toooooo distracting from your message.

    Posted by: mando | Sep 10, 2011 12:03:08 PM

  15. Very touching. Good for him! And congrats to Dan for all those this project has helped--youth and adult alike.

    Posted by: Ronny | Sep 10, 2011 12:29:48 PM

  16. It really makes you want to cry when you see the children (GLBT children) like this adorable boy and it reminds you of your own childhood. I think EVERY SINGLE GLBT adult needs to and must think of the Dylans every single day- set an example for the younger generation, be role models, and make sure that we lift up their voices so we can say we fight for them. People are wrong when they say that gays don't procreate. The younger generations of gays will keep appearing because they are born like that and everybody should just cut the crap- it is NOT a choice!

    We shall think of Dylan and other children and my goodness lets remember- those are our kids out there! What are we going to do about it?

    Posted by: j | Sep 10, 2011 12:32:36 PM

  17. Makes me wish the IGB project was around when I was his age.

    Uncertainty and doubt are a form of self-torment that can be a beacon that invite bullying. The sooner gay youth can shed the "I'm a broken human" worries, the sooner they can feel assertive enough to stand up for themselves when confronted. It won't eradicate bullying completely, but should help reduce it significantly.

    Posted by: jexer | Sep 10, 2011 12:40:23 PM

  18. I love this kid, and I love his messy room ... nice to something entirely real and heartfelt.

    Posted by: mike | Sep 10, 2011 1:42:36 PM

  19. oh please, let the kid have a messy room. Great video!!

    Posted by: Coffee&Chicory | Sep 10, 2011 1:43:45 PM

  20. I'm so glad y'all can't see my room. Why so bothered by an unmade bed and a few things on the floor?

    Posted by: at | Sep 10, 2011 2:55:44 PM

  21. Dylan admits he procrastinates. He is planning on making his bed and picking up his room...he just hasn't gotten around to it yet. I hear the same thing from my kids all the time! LOL.

    Terrific video...I'm so glad he did get around to making this. I love the "I'm obsessed with you guys videos." I think that was a bit of the point, right? It makes me so happy to know the IGB project is doing the job it was intended to do.

    Posted by: Dev | Sep 10, 2011 3:22:15 PM

  22. And here I thought I was going to spend the weekend in tears because of all the 9/11 retrospectives... turns out, it was a sweet kid telling the world he's going to be okay.

    Posted by: Chris | Sep 10, 2011 3:40:34 PM

  23. The very fact that you're asking the question underscores the shortcomings of the IGB Project. We need much, much more than these videos if life is going to become livable for most LGBT kids.

    Posted by: Stuffed Animal | Sep 10, 2011 3:44:00 PM

  24. I've followed some of Depfox's videos and they are one inspiring couple, courageous and uplifting with enormous conviction and compassion.
    Dylan, I hope there are a million like you out there have had the courage to pursue your own feelings and beliefs.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Sep 10, 2011 4:22:13 PM

  25. Stuffed Animal:

    So what are you doing about it?

    Posted by: Hunter | Sep 10, 2011 4:25:56 PM

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