1. Gobear says

    What’s wrong with them? They’re Republicans! Their entire political philosophy is predicated on embracing being mean-spirited, petty, bigoted assholes, Of course, they won’t give Obama any credit. FFS, they complained that Obama killing OBL was a breach of international law. Rush Limbaugh sided with the Lord’s Resistance Army, who kidnap and torture children, just because Obama sent troops to fight them

    Republicans aren’t just mistaken; they’re just plain evil.

  2. says

    What’s wrong with them? They’re drinking too much of their own kool-aid. They surround themselves with only like minded people. People who tell them what they want to hear. And every morning, they get their talking points from who knows, and the rest of the day like the robots they seem to be, they go around to the various News outlets and spew their garbage.

    They seem to have lost the ability for critical thinking. Until they rediscover it, we can expect more of the same.

  3. woodroad34d says

    What’s wrong with them? They’ve lost the hearts and minds of people and are in a desperate tailspin trying to win them back. Their little reptillian brains can’t comprehend the fact that they are in the wrong place at the wrong time all the time.

  4. say what says


    not sure on how they view all repubs at the moment but a group of US soldiers in Afganistan burned a couple of boxes of Bill O’reilly’s books that he sent to them

    yeah probably more they wanted cookies and toilet paper but probably a bit of anger at a repub

  5. QJ201 says

    What is so obvious is that the Repugnants get everyone “on message” and then we are subjected to the same “sound bite” endlessly. And if you repeat a lie often enough, some people with believe it.

  6. James says

    My question is simple: What is wrong with Jon Stewart? Can you imagine what he would say if a Republican spent a billion dollars on what was largely a European campaign to topple a tin-horn dictator? And if a Republican were president, what would Stewart say—- and I will dispense with references to the goofy facial gestures and vocal inflections—-about aligning US policy with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is listed as a terrorist organization and is closely linked with al-Qaeda? If a Republican were in office, what would his response be to the thousands of surface to air missiles, which can bring down commercial airliners, that have gone missing in Libya? And what about engaging in a war of aggression without congressional authorization?

    At this early stage, does Stewart seriously believe that Libya is going to turn into a Shangri-la where there will be peace and harmony and no further violence? If he believes that, then he has not been paying attention. Indeed, there is already evidence that the rebels are engaging in human rights abuses. (You can read accounts at Human Rights Watch)

    How Libya will turn out is anyone’s guess. It is certainly possible that Stewart’s video may turn out to be his “Mission Accomplished” moment. What is very clear, however, is that polling data in the middle east shows that the US is more unpopular now than it was under the Bush Administration. This does not bode well for the future of US policy.

  7. andnowwhat says

    Jon’s premise is simple:
    President Obama supported an international coalition to topple libya’s dictator seven months ago at the cost of $1 billion and 0 american casualties.
    bush commited the US to toppling iraq’s dictator nine years ago at the cost of $1 trillion with 36000 casualties, including 4500 american deaths.
    neither outcome is certain, but republicans seem to be more comfortable with bush’s strategy than Obama’s.
    Jon’s “mission-accomplished” moment was made by the host of a 30-min comedy show on basic cable.
    bush’s “mission-accomplished” statement was made by the sitting president of the united states making a jet landing on an air-craft carrier 30 miles off of the california coast. we’re still in that war 9 years later.

  8. Keith says

    Obviously James it must be a slow day at Republican smear central. if a republican was in the white house someone like you would be called a person guilty of Treason. But then I suppose you would be the one doing the accusing.

  9. James says


    Obviously you have not been following progressive politics or political discussions in general. Many who supported President Obama are appalled at the way he is conducting foreign policy. Dennis Kucinich has been one of the more vocal critics in Congress. As for Libya, Democrats who opposed the Administration’s actions include: Reps. Jerrold Nadler, Donna Edwards, Mike Capuano, Maxine Waters Rob Andrews, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barbara Lee, and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

    And it is not just liberal politicians and activists who have criticized the president. Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, who certainly do not carry conservative credentials, have been very critical of Obama’s approach to international affairs. Both journalists also highlight the hypocrisy of those on the left who condemned the foreign policy of President Bush, but look the other way when a Democrat is in office.

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