1. johnny says

    I seriously don’t think this guy is smart enough to be homophobic.

    And I’m also baffled by the non-logic of “You can’t be homophobic because I’m a lesbian.”


  2. Jnyca says

    EW! This is disgusting. This makes me pissed at Rosie. What the hell does she mean “I know you’re not homophobic, because News Flash! I’m a lesbian.” Shut up, Rosie. People like Tracy are part of the reason gay children are committing suicide. He IS CLEARLY homophobic. JOKES ABOUT KILLING YOUR GAY SON!?!?!?!? hmm….. probably not homophobic.

    He just got slapped on the wrist for it.

    And Tracy with “I have had gay family members?” So making jokes about killing gay people is cool, then? GROSS!!!!

    Get out of here. Just go away. Seriously… do not turn this crap into a PR stunt.

  3. Rob says

    You know, if we were going to have a Queen, it sure as heck wouldn’t be Rosie – nothing against her but, just saying that this is NOT her call to make. Amazing how the spin machine is in FULL cycle on this one, but I’m not buying it in this case

  4. TampaZeke says

    Every time the man opens his mouth something incredibly stupid falls out; even when he’s not trying to be funny.

    And Rosy, here’s a NEWSFLASH for YOU: 1) you aren’t the spokesperson for the gay community; 2) at times you’re a disgrace to the gay community and 3) there are many millions of people (particularly men) who hate gay men but are OK with lesbians so just because someone is OK with you doesn’t mean that they aren’t homophobic.

    I’m not saying that Morgan is or isn’t homophobic. I don’t know him. But really, neither does Rosie so she’s in no position to make such a proclamation.

  5. David in Houston says

    Morgan added, joking: “If my son was gay, I wouldn’t be mad at him, just ask him to decorate the house.”

    Spewing out another gay stereotype for laughs. Nice. I guess that’s a step up from murder, so that makes it okay in Tracy’s mind.

    I agree with David above. Tracy does come across as an extraordinarily stupid individual.

    …and just because he comes on a show hosted by a lesbian, does not mean that he isn’t homophobic. Rosie should know better than to make such a simplistic comment.

  6. Michael says

    Tracey can go to hell he IS homophobic thats been obvious since the dumbass made the stab my gay son comment as well as his FAGGOT comments. Haha Tracey oooh so funny I forgot to laugh NOT!

    As someone else said Rosie may be gay but she sure as hell does not represent this community she only represents HERSELF.Im still annoyed with her comments back in 2008 when she refused to help when it came to being against PROP 8 and donating to help the community.Heres some of her idiotic comments=

    Granted I loved how she stuck it to Elizabeth on the View and miss her on there.But her not confronting Tracey and just automatically forgiving him… for RATINGS is pathetic and hypocritical on her part period.

  7. says

    Rosie O’Donnell = handkerchief head, dumbass, has-been, motor mouth embarrassment to her kind
    Tracy Morgan = loathsome, dumbass, potty mouth, media whore homophobe turd blossom embarrassment to his kind

    The two of them, along with Melissa Etheridge, should go live together in a gated community where the gate locks from OUTSIDE

  8. dh says

    NEWS FLASH! Rosie, there are plenty of homophobic men who are ok with lesbians, they just hate the fags.

    I can’t believe a mental incompetent like Morgan can be taken seriously.

    Rosie’s show is so bad, it’ll probably be cancelled soon anyway.

  9. dh says

    Oh, and let’s not forget that Rosie has stated that she hopes her kids grow up to be heterosexual.

    This is not the first time she’s refused to condemn antigay violence. When Ellen asked her to attend an event in Mathew Shepherd’s memory, she stated that the Shepherd murder didn’t bother her as much as James Byrd’s murder. She’s willing to speak out about racism, but oddly downplays homophobia.

  10. Robert says

    I guess she would “forgive” him. This is a woman who implied that Kelly Ripa may be homophobic because she (Kelly) didn’t want Clay Aiken’s cold and clammy and dirty hands covering her mouth.

    It’s so naive for her not to realize that it’s male homosexuality that they hate. Straight men see her Lesbianism as an asset. Wake up Rosie.

  11. Someone says

    Rosie O’donnell is usually crazy but she has gone off the deep end…First, She suddenly doesn’t stand for the entire LGBT community just the “L.” She swapped Tom Cruise, a severely rumored closet effeminate gay man, for Russell Brand….Then she says “I forgive you to Tracy Morgan” being neither a Black son nor an effeminate man!!!…She and Tracy Morgan should apologize to Tom Cruise…Secondly, She just met her girlfriend and she wants to marry her? It’s either a publicity stunt or a Dr. Phil moment…To top it off her girlfriend’s parents are calling Rosie a “liar” and she claims she didn’t have Gaydar. Was it the puppy or the estrogen???I think it was the puppy…

  12. Mick says

    Rosie is a no talent, self-serving quitter and does not speak for me nor the gay community. Tracy is a no talent, mean spirited, stupid bigot. I do not support them nor do I watch either of their shows anymore. They are both irrelevant and need to fade away into obscurity.

  13. Shawn says

    Her boss is a monkey so what do you expect? Oprah prolly made her do this. Hey Rosie, next time just shove a banana under her nose and you will not lose all credibility with the gay community.

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