1. Chance says

    This man may support gay marriage, but that’s probably only because his Wall Street backers support it.

    When you have the extremely-conservative group, Club for Growth, applauding some of your actions, you have a slight problem.

    His record fighting for the middle class and poor is absolutely horrible.

  2. Mark says


    You’re right. It’s nice that the guy supports gay marriage but he’d rather increase taxes on the middle/working class and give a tax cut to millionaires.

    I’m happy for NY LGBT folks who can now enjoy same sex marriage but Cuomo is otherwise not good people. He’s just another servant of the rich and the powerful. He’s for crushing unions, shifting tax burdens from the 1% onto the 99%, etc.

    It’s obvious that he’s setting himself for 2016 run for the presidency. He’ll get a ton of Wall Street and wealthy LGBT folks backing him.

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