1. Caliban says

    I like these videos a lot. Probably because much of what he’s saying agrees completely with my own beliefs (or lack thereof).

    I came upon this quote in a novel I’m reading, “Perspective gets lost in moral certainties. No one was ever burned at the stake by doubters.” That’s true, I think. What makes religious ideologues so dangerous is their certainty. People who have no doubt, who see things in black and white with no shades of gray are capable of committing atrocities with a clear conscience.

  2. Chris says

    I lost my faith at age 17 and drifted for awhile. I was convinced science had or would someday discover all the answers.
    I took ‘I think therefore I am’ too literally and decided since I had no objective evidence anyone else thought, maybe they didn’t exist. I later found out this was called solipcism and I hadn’t invented it.
    Then I decided it was an intellectual dead end and I would accept the evidence of my senses. Not a dead end but somewhat sterile. Now I appreciate the evidence of my senses, a good craft beer, a wonderful home cooked meal, a brilliant sunset, a wonderful work of art.
    I have not abandoned science although I now doubt it will find the ultimate answer, I appreciate it too.

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