1. Tribyen says

    That image looks like a human wearing fur outerwear as they climb a steep hill. I’m extremely skeptical, especially if they haven’t done testing on the hairs to identify whether they are from a creature that has already been identified by scientists or not. Scientists should only use “irrefutable” if the sheer volume of evidence actually DOES make something irrefutable (which is not often).

  2. Lexxvs says

    Those people claiming irrefutable evidence are delusional (not surprising), they can collect goat hair, man made footprints and photos and films of guys in disguise until the end of the world and scientifically will not probe anything. Obviously pseudoscience keep on making noise as always did, and those who follow suit adhere with the same passion as religious believers.

  3. say what says

    eh , poor rural russian townsfolk need an influx of $ so YETI and the gullable come flying in with tons of $

    just like nessie and dracula’s castle etc

  4. luminum says

    If they’ve found hair, then it should be available for DNA testing to compare to DNA of existing animals. If there’s a match, then it’s not a new species. Only when it shows considerable differences could it be classified as such.

    They would probably also do well to find other testable forms of DNA–scat, blood, bones, or the body itself. Those yeti can’t just be disappearing when they die.

    Until then, it’s bunk, even “tracks”.

  5. gomez says

    um, how can a photo be an “illustration” and “not evidence”. that makes no sense.

    it’s clearly a screen shot of the video. which is…interesting.

    i want to believe

  6. Caliban says

    Oh dear. Did Maggie Gallagher cancel her back-waxing appointment AGAIN?! I knew it would lead to trouble!

  7. jomicur says

    Wow! Just like the irrefutable proof that the earth is flat. And the irrefutable proof that the earth is on the inside of a hollow sphere. And the irrefutable proof that JFK and Marilyn Monroe are alive and living on a UFO. And the irrefutable proof that Bat Boy lives in a cave in West Virginia. And…and…and…ad infinitum…or should that be ad nauseam?