1. Bklynguy says

    Dear Ms. Lithwick:

    I’m sorry that you’re suffering from a massive case of cognitive dissonance over this, but the explanation for the retrograde response to sexual harassment is simple: It’s coming from the neanderthal Republican media and their inept, irresponsible, should-be-embarrassing man of the hour, Herman Cain. It’s this rather limited group that’s saying the hell with 50+ years of progress on the issue of sexual harassment.

    Sadly, the troglodytes will always be with us, but that doesn’t mean that they represent most of us. Most of us believe that sexual predators — in the National Restaurant Association or at Penn State — are scum.

  2. chuck says

    This is another example of the RePug’s trying to push us back to the 1950’s. Sexual Harassment doesn’t exit…it’s just gold diggers trying to make some money. Penn State coaches don’t molest young boys…the children forced themselves on the coaches…besides Penn State makes $50million/year from football…and everything else is forgiven. How dare LGBT come out…they need to stay in the closet or they will have their brains bashed out. How dare a black? man run and win to be the POTUS. ‘Occupy’ members are just communists and so are the unions!

  3. says

    As far as I’m concerned, this attack on Anita Hill in conjunction with his referring to the Democratic Minority Leader as “princess Nancy”, in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars he has paid in settlements proves without a shadow of a doubt that Herman Cain is guilty of sexual harassment.
    He admits it – every time he candidly speaks, the truth comes out.

  4. Abel says

    Is the Republican Party taking its mask off?

    With so much attitude: Yeah, we did it, what’re YOU gonna do about it?

  5. Max says

    That’s actually kind of funny. Lol.

    Hey Rachel, any news about how gays are treated in Muslim/Communist countries? Is that not politically correct enough for your show?

  6. mmike1969 says

    Of course this repuke thinks sexual harassment is funny. Most RWNJ’s do not have a favorable opinion towards women in generally anyways.