1. David says

    Herman is so articulate and humorous!…..I would love to see him defeat Obummer. Kudos to his wife too!!!….Go, Herman!

  2. The Milkman says

    LOL @ David… yeah, he’s “articulate”. He’s probably also “clean” and “so well-spoken”.

  3. princely54 says

    @The Milkman – they just can’t help it, even when they think they’re being complimentary, can they??

    Cain is a waste of space and a sputtering train. Thank you Towleroad for presenting a synopsis of the interview at the top so I don’t need to hear his act again. SO ready for him to be done (and if its not these women, it will be the financial issues that grind this thing to a halt pretty soon…)

  4. Brian in Texas says

    Remember he’s leading in all of the major polls and the first caucus/primary is less than 2 months away. Huntsman, Bachmann, Perry, Paul would kill to be in his position right now. Not a chance he could beat Obama though.

  5. scoobytx says

    Hermain Cain = sexual chocolate. Barack obama snorted cocaine in a limo with Larry Sinclair who gave barack ORAL SEX!!!!!!!

  6. say what says

    LOL David

    I bet you believe in unicorns and leprechauns as well

    I hate when the insane asylums allow inmates access to the net

  7. says

    In response to the ignorant reactions to Cain’s “smoking ad,” nationally recognized Smokers’ Rights group releases a video explaining Cain’s ideal of the anti-nanny state: “Cain Campaign for Dummies.”