1. says

    Well that’s going to create an image problem for the Seattle police, to say the least. I can understand why they’d generally pepper spray an unruly mob, but there should be policies in place to deal with these situations. If not they’d better get to writing them ASAP. I mean how much trouble does an old woman in her 80s really present? She refused to move? Ok, pick her up gentle then and move her.

  2. Sweet Jimmy says

    I guess the moral of the story is that if you want to hang out in the midst of an unruly mob, you take your chances. You made your choice, don’t go pulling any age card or other crap like that when something happens as a result.

  3. Bob says

    @Jimmy and Inside — log onto Google and download a copy of the US Constitution. In it, Americans are promised the right to free assembly. If you don’t like that — or side with the jackbooted ass-wipe Nazis that are the police — go find some new Soviet-style stronghold and stick your sorry, fascist asses there.

  4. mcNnyc says

    Lets face it The Police in the US are out of control.
    Post 9/11 they were trained as anti terrorist military.
    This is what they know how to do.
    We as citizens have outfitted them to prevent terrorist attacks.
    These are the tools and the methods we paid for with our tax dollars.
    these are unarmed US citizens.

  5. Name2 says

    Freedom of speech has never been extended to questioning the economic status quo. More than a hundred years ago, you had the Pinkertons, and now you have – in the case of Zucotti – privately employed thugs telling you what you can and can’t do.

    As for the injunction against the eviction of Zucottui, that was a double-edged sword. If tents can’t be a part of legitimate protest, I guess we’ll never see “Hooverville”s again. So when millions of people are homeless and sleeping on the streets in just a few short years, they risk having the crap kicked out of them by hired thugs unless they have only the kindest and sweetest things to say about The Greatest Country in the World.

  6. Name2 says

    But they do need to can it with the drums (Video #1) – that just ups everyone’s anxiety levels, and sometimes some random old lady will get it in the face as a result.

  7. Jesus says

    Now, imagine the police doing the same thing to a gay pride parade? I’m sure people might be changing their opinions then about how “deserved” this action would be (which it surely is not).

    The fact that anyone would stand up for the trampling of the very rights our country was founded on is beyond contemptible. There is nothing in the First Amendment that says people need to have clearance to peacefully assemble, and before anyone goes on about private property, you might want to remember that this entire country was founded on stolen indigenous lands.

  8. Joey says

    Nov you are so very right. Amazing how quickly we deny others their rights while we scream about our own. Maybe some of you should go re-read the NOM victims of traditional marriage posting. And then go look at the It gets better videos to understand what bullying is. And then think about how many people in America would love to see your gay faces sprayed with pepper.

  9. kodiak says

    The “authorities” hold the citizenry in contempt. The strong show of
    force pretty much defines their attitude. Politicians will wear an american flag pinned to their lapel but that don’t mean a thing. The police are beating up people, destroying their property, etc., “for their safety”. Here, this pepper spray is for your own good. The issues being presented by OWS are valid and need to be voiced. Someone doesn’t like what they hear, so laws limiting free expression, assembly, etc., are written into effect so as to protect us from ourselves. In NYC, Bloomberg has shown himself to be that person who doesn’t hear what is said, but instead worries about protecting the protesters from fire(confiscating generators), trampling each other on the sidewalk(“move along,
    nothing to see here”), and cleaning(riot police paramilitary forcibly evicting sleeping people). That coupled with the media blackout of the event is really creepy. This comes from a mayor who overturned a term limit of 2 consecutive terms in office, voted in by the people of NYC, so he could keep his seat. Honey Badger Bloomberg don’t give a $hit!

  10. fullfrontal says

    What the heck is going on in your land of the free, home of the brave? Quite astonishing and frightening, frankly.

    But then again, change is never easy to come by. When banking and economy are completely deregulated and people are demonstrating aginst this, suddenly security regulations all work perfectly. Strange times indeed.

  11. Redebbm says

    This is appalling, i never saw the police acting in this way toward the tea party protests, and while they are different the actions speaks volumes on how we are suppose to behave versus what the people at OWS are trying to do. The police are simply the barrier for those in power who have a true fear of this movement because it finally shows reality on what has been a fantasy 30 years. people are done with the status quo.

    As for those of you on this board that are against OWS. Go ahead a spout your your rhetoric but remember, even and 84 year old women has a right to voice herself without the fear that she will be doused with pepper spray! I have a feeling the movement will only grow larger as the police attempt this again & again.

  12. Lance says

    It’s good to see people starting to realize that the cops are out of control. I don’t necessarily agree with every tactic of OWS but the constitution should never be trampled on. After seeing this garbage, I’m shifting to a slightly more pro OWS mindset.

  13. Alex says

    @ JOEY ^QFT

    What people fail to understand that when banks and multinational pockets own our own politicians by having their balls in a noose through their pocket they no longer answer to the public. They answer to their campaign contributors and let mass media manipulation handle the rest.

    When we no longer have the right to protest, to voice our disagreement and unhappiness with our own government through peaceful demonstration, then it is time to either move to a new country and or burn it down and start again.

    The former is preferable, but when you squeeze the majority of the country to increase the wealth of a select few it will eventually lead to anarchy against a system that no longer stands for and operates as what it proclaims to be: a land of freedom and equal opportunity to happiness and expression.

  14. Max says

    OWS used the old woman as a propaganda pawn. If OWS actually cared about her, they would have politely cautioned her to show her support via other means. You don’t get a free pass to do whatever you want just by using an old woman as a human shield.

  15. Drew says

    I used to think Republicans were crazy for wanting everyone to own a gun, but when I see cops acting this way towards what are essentially unarmed and innocent people, I think we should all own a gun to insure and preserve our freedoms.

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