Eddie Murphy Out as Oscar Host

As I mentioned was a possibility, Eddie Murphy has stepped down as Oscar host following the exit of Brett Ratner:

Murphy_ratnerAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak announced that Eddie Murphy has withdrawn as host of the 84th Academy Awards. "I appreciate how Eddie feels about losing his creative partner, Brett Ratner, and we all wish him well," said Sherak.

Commented Murphy, "First and foremost I want to say that I completely understand and support each party's decision with regard to a change of producers for this year's Academy Awards ceremony. I was truly looking forward to being a part of the show that our production team and writers were just starting to develop, but I'm sure that the new production team and host will do an equally great job."

Eddie Murphy Seen as Possible Casualty of Ratner Oscar Departure [tr]
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  1. Tim says

    Yeah – looks like I’ll be watching the Oscars afterall. NPH a great choice. Brilliant, actually.

  2. elg/edwin says

    I’m glad Eddie Murphy is out. At the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, he told hateful jokes about people who had HIV/AIDS. He did this during a time when he probably thought (like most people) that gay and bisexual men were the primary or, perhaps, only victims of HIV/AIDS.

  3. Esther Blodgett says

    NPH as host and every presenter gay: a pair of Scientologists, Jodie Foster, Kevin Spacey, “Grinto”, Ian McKellan, etc.

    Works for me.

  4. Who cares? says

    Aww, what a loss…NOT! Now maybe they can get someone decent to host instead of this clown who hasn’t been relevant since the 80’s.

  5. Michael Singh says

    Yes. Great news.

    Not Neil Patrick Harris he is not that interesting. Billy Crystal & Whoopi Goldberg.

  6. Brian in Texas says

    The last time Whoopi Goldberg hosted the Oscars she did a great job. Those costume changes were awesome.

  7. SFShawn says

    It’s obvious they want someone closeted and black to host…how about Oprah Winfry or Queen Latifa?
    They already tried the closeted white guy with James Franco and that was a big fail but they can always go with an older closeted white guy like Anderson Cooper?
    If they REALLY wanted to reach a younger and more diverse audience they would get the most famous woman in the world to do it with costumes at every turn: Lady Gaga. :)
    I used to love the Academy Awards but haven’t watched it for years due to boring and crappy hosts: get Lady Gaga and I’ll watch. :)

  8. says

    Am I the only one who loved it when Jon Stewart hosted? He was as hilarious as ever.

    NPH is always a good choice to host anything, IMO, so I certainly wouldn’t complain if he were picked.

    He’s just that big Harold and Kumar’s comedy (not to mention the mega-hit, if poorly received by critics, Smurfs movie), so it seems like a timely pick, as well, if the Oscar’s went that route.

  9. BreckRoy says

    I think NPH is very talented, but don’t like or want him as Oscar host just yet. If they want the classic funny with appeal to older viewers, go Whoopi, they want to play it more contemporary, Latifah would be good, too. Personally, I loved Hugh Jackman and even though he already said no, I’d ask again. His musical numbers were funny (except for the overdone Baz Luhrman number with Beyonce) and the dancing was awesome. And both he and the audience looked like they were having fun. I like when they have actual movie stars as hosts.

  10. jaragon says

    Now Murphy and his creative partner can go out and create more movies that no one wants to see…

  11. walter says

    murphy and his movies are not funny. he should stick what he is good at picking transexual prostitutes and claim he didn’t know it was a guy.

  12. jeff r says

    Eddie Murphy helped lots of gay kids commit suicide in the 1980s. He helped delay my own coming-out by years. Check out recordings of his “comedy” performances for that era.

    As someone else said: Karma.

  13. jeff r says

    sorry, typo above: performances FROM that era

    In case younger people don’t know, Eddie Murphy used “faggot” freely, and said all kinds of horrible things — made AIDS jokes and such.

  14. KEN says

    I wish Ross Mathews could host the oscars, he would be awesome,but many people would be like “who?” and I know it would not happen… NPH is a great choice too.I can’t wait to find out who gets the job.

  15. uffda says

    Eddie Murphy is bold and brazen but not actually funny. Strain never is. And he definitely ruined any pretense to decency with his artless, vulgar and cruel gay “humor” routines. He’s a pig.

  16. Tim says

    Agree 100% – I recall cringing while watching his mid 80s HBO comedy special as he led the audience in a laughter-filled diatribe of horrible comments about gays and AIDS (“That AIDS sh** kills motherf**kers!!”). I crawled as deep into the closet as I could. No doubt, Murphy loaded lots of guns, tied nooses and provided the pills that ended young lives in the 80s. He may have apologized at one point, but this once terrified 16-year old never got the memo. Karma indeed.

  17. just_a_guy says

    Hmm. Further reinforcement that Eddie Murphy is a SMALL man indeed. No suprise I guess…after his “comedy” history.

    Dude deserves the closet he’s in. Have fun in there, Eddie.

    But PLEASE, be nicer to your transexual partners. THEY deserve better.

  18. Mick says

    LOVE NPH and he would also be my first choice. But if he’s not available or interested, then why not give Will Ferrell a chance? He’s funny and talented and imaginative. I think he would also appeal to both the younger and older demographics. Good writing and directing also make a great Oscar Show.

  19. Jeerry6 says

    I have always liked his acting. He is a real comedian, BUT I find his sexual inuendos to be offensive.