1. whatdidyousay says

    “There is no evidence the Taliban are returning to power in Libya, a continent away.”

    It’d be like Hitler returning to power in Japan. WTF.

  2. The follow up says

    I see the problem. He should be presented with a map of the world and asked “Can you locate Libya on this map?”

  3. Qutt says

    What’s with the lame Obama comparisons? “Obama thinks there are 57 states” — those kinds of things are OBVIOUSLY different than Cain’s kind of gaffes. Do you seriously believe that Obama thinks Hawaii is in Asia? Do you seriously believe that Obama thinks there are 57 states?

    Quit making false equivalents.

  4. Kevin_BGFH says

    If Cain honestly felt, in the moment, that the question was too broad or too vague, then address that in the moment. Ask the reporter pointed, specific questions to narrow the question, or just speak to all the points that you think are good or bad. That would have sounded like someone who had a grasp on the issues, unlike both the initial response and the subsequent damage control.

    We all misspeak from time to time. I often say January when I mean June. It’s just one of those mental malaprops. But there’s an obvious difference between using the wrong word or the wrong figure versus a whole paragraph that displays a complete lack of understanding of the issue at question.

  5. Max says

    Kevin, if Obama had any grasp whatsoever of economics, we wouldn’t have a 9% unemployment rate and be $15 trillion in debt. His entire presidency “displays a complete lack of understanding” of executive leadership.

    Whether Cain confuses one kind of Islamic dictatorship with another is irrelevant because the Taliban, the Ayatollahs, and the Muslim Brotherhood are all Islamists. It’s keeping them out of power that counts.

    This is going to be a fun day. Lol.

  6. says

    Max, the digging and evasion that you have to do all the time on this site is both pathetic and obvious. This is why your parents resent you – you’re not worth respecting.

  7. says

    It’s long past the time to be pretending that Cain is a real candidate. He was so obviously out of his element when being asked a simple question, and his gross intellectual incompetence is merely the tip of the iceberg. Yet, he’s a juicier story than most of the other morons in the Republican field so the media will persist in the charade.

  8. Max says

    Ernie, I think Cain is an excellent candidate. Is he perfect? No. Do I agree with all of his policies? No. Would I vote for him over Obama? Yes. Sorry, but Obama is just a disaster.

  9. say what says


    14.7 trillion debt

    Iraq and afganistan unpaid for = 3.7 trillions of the current debt

    Uhm who started and did not pay for those?

    Bush tax cut has now contributed around 3.15 trillion so far

    unpaid medicare part D thanx to bush and repub congress 450 billion

    so right there thanx to Your guys 7.3 trillion dollars of the US debt

    oh wow about 1/2 of the debt thanx to Bush and repubs

    go figure

    6+ trillion was when clinton left office paid down from what it was when he entered office that had actually built up during reagan and bush sr

    with the surplus from Clinton economy slated to pay off the US debt completely within 5-6 years

    That is till shrub came to power

    reality/ facts / truth have a liberal bias

  10. say what says

    oh and PS

    simply letting the bush tax cuts expire will pay off at least 1/3 of current US debt within 10 yrs

    but repubs want to make the bush tax cut permanent

    So who really cares about deficits and are fiscally responsible?

    definitely not repubs

  11. says

    Max clearly stated he thought Cain was an excellent candidate – which only goes to prove that he’s clearly delusional. Right now Max is probably sitting naked holding a rifle between his legs as he polishes it with the American flag….. fantasizing about bottoming for Rush Limbaugh….

    Max – take your confused rhetoric and shove it up your ass; it’s because or morons like you why this country is in the mess it is in.


  12. Caliban says

    It’s almost comical when GOP candidates pretend the question is “too broad,” as if they’re right on top of the topic but it was just too darn vague for them. Uh huh. Right.

    “What magazines and newspapers do I read?”

    Yeah, that’s a real ‘gotcha’ question there, Sarah.

    “What do I think about Libya?”

    Yeah, Mr Cain, Libya. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Since you’re obviously SO on top of the matter, perhaps you could just speak extemporaneously. Oh, that means “off the top of your head,” BTW. Didn’t mean to throw a curveball at you or anything.

  13. says

    Oh my, there’s a knee slapper, Cain is an “excellent” candidate as much as he is a “real” candidate. Which is to say he is obviously neither (he barely has a staff and barely pretends he wants to do anything besides sell books), so any vote for him is irrelevant in the long run, since he–along with Bachmann, Perry, Frothy, Paul, etc.–will all be long gone before the primary season is done. Libya’s a good distraction from all the sexual harassment embarrassments.

    The only real contest is to see which of the Republican faux-candidates can score the most gaffes.

  14. concerned says

    IF cain was given an important decision in which seconds mattered whether to save millions of people, brain farts like the one cain gets will like kill lots of people. he’s just too old man. old people = lots of brain farts

  15. test2 says

    “Kevin, if Obama had any grasp whatsoever of economics, we wouldn’t have a 9% unemployment rate and be $15 trillion in debt.”

    Non-sequitur. You’re assuming the current crisis is conjuctural, that it depends on the particular decisions of individuals currently or recently in power, when in fact the crisis is structural – it is a result of trends (financialization, deindustrialization, higher dependency on consumption vs. production) that have been in place for a while and are inherent to the history of a capitalist economy. Trust me, Max: Obama may have done dozens of mistakes; but even if his choices had been different, nothing would have changed. Sometimes we need to be pessimistic; sometimes we need to understand that the individual is impotent to bring about satisfactory improvements in his realm of action; that sometimes we need time, and successive actions by different individuals, to cause favourable modifications in our situation.

  16. NY2.0 says


    Well said!

    Unfortunately MAX is a perfect example of the millions of simpletons in America who have the right to vote. So your astute logic in this case does as much good as reasoning with a tree stump.