1. jason says

    Isn’t it funny how you guys complain about bullying and harassment and yet here you are bashing Herman Cain on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations from 12 years ago? It just proves that, as a gay community, you’ve lost credibility. You’ve lost the plot and have sold out to the Democrats.

    Well, I’ve got news for you. I’ve decided that I’m going to vote for Herman Cain. Yes, I’m a gay man who is going to vote for Cain. What’s the alternative? A President Obama who lied to us about his “fierce advocacy” for gay rights? Yeah, right.

    At least with Cain you get honesty. With Obama, you get a list of lies designed to win votes.

  2. sparks says

    Sure am glad I value my time more than to feed an obvious troll with a thoughtful rebuttal to his nonsense.

  3. Joey says

    Jason, Jason, Jason, since you can’t tell the difference between bullies picking on a defenseless gay kid while the adults look the other way and making fun of a political figure for his double speak hypocrisy, I can understand why you would fall for a flimflam man like Cain.

  4. D.R.H. says

    You do that, Jason. Just let me know where you’re going to put that check mark considering he won’t win the nomination, idiot.

    I was really hoping Cain would take the nomination. Republicunts wouldn’t know what to do with themselves having to choose between Obama (a black man) and Cain (another black man). I feel Romney might have a chance at this given the right’s vehement hatred for Obama.

  5. Dale says

    Jason, You just prove that ignorance is not just limited to straight people. You would rather vote for a main which is a GOP plant or a bag of rocks from Texas rather than vote for a president who has done more in hist first three years in office for our community than any other president before him. I guess Pres. Obama will just have to work faster for your self-importance.

  6. nedu says

    jason am so sorry for you,i think you need people like you that elect centrist democrats and bigoted republicans and then whine about how the magical president cannot sign into law gay marriage.some times i think some gay guys like u are just so stupid.

  7. says

    I’m not sure how discussing allegations against Herman Cain (in other words, facts) can be construed as bullying, but anyhow, no one is going to have the opportunity to vote for either Cain or Perry in the general election (unless you want to write those winners in) because neither of them will be the nominee. This was already certain before their so-called meltdowns; now it’s simply more certain.

    The truth is, Cain has never been a serious candidate, even in his own mind. He’s a self-promoter with no interest in being President, following Sarah Palin on the self-aggrandizement highway to line his bank account. Rick Perry, on the other hand, would never have survived in the general election, but he’s so incompetent that now he’s become a joke even within the Republican primaries among like-minded right-wing-nuts. His “performance” in NH (on the heels of his tragic debate performances) is fascinatingly bizarre and self-destructive, like watching a witch melt.

    You could almost hear Mitt Romney and the Republican establishment applauding from the sidelines. Cain and Perry are finished, but they were mirages to begin with. So Republican voters will be stuck with Morman Mitt, the mostly charmless and boring candidate on earth, who has never had a genuine conviction in his life. The perfect Republican candidate in 2012!

  8. princely54 says

    @Jason — I hope you see the light before voting against your own interests. IF you believe that Obama has been an overall negative for our community, what in the HELL do you think anyone running on the Rep ticket will do for you/our community?!? Your insistence to vote for someone who will not lie to your face, yet will work against you openly compared to someone (you feel) will lie to your face, yet STILL get somethings done in your favor is simply IGNORANT and ILLOGICAL.

    But, the one thing I can feel satisfied about is that you’ll have to write in Herman Cain, because that fool is toast.

  9. Crystal Ball says

    Oh Jason, did you get lost on your way to the Fox “news” blog, sweetie? Or do you just come to visit *wink* when your wife is out-of-town?

  10. ohplease says

    “IF you believe that Obama has been an overall negative for our community, what in the HELL do you think anyone running on the Rep ticket will do for you/our community?!?”

    Since you asked:

    “I am the only candidate for president who supports full equality for all Americans.”

    Why would you vote for anyone who didn’t support your equality? I certainly won’t. That would be IGNORANT and ILLOGICAL.

  11. moony says

    Yes, because President Obama hasn’t given us every right we asked for- never mind repeal of DADT, hospital visitation rights for lgbt couples, and a federal hate crimes bill- let’s instead vote for someone that is guaranteed to work tirelessly to take those rights away.

    Because that is what any sane person would do.

  12. Rob says

    Jon Stewart speaks the truth- these yahoos are worse presidential candidates than any I can think of in the past 20 years. Gary Hart seems scholarly by comparison. Mitt Romney’s flip flops make him totally unelectable, well detailed by David Plouffe today, and now the repukes are grasping at straws.

  13. says

    My guess is, Obama will move onto full gay marriage support after his re-election, and his endless “evolution” is just a stalling tactic to not lose those votes on the fence. Like people above have pointed out, he has done more than any other president previous to him to advance gay rights in America, and I think he does deserve some credit for that. None of these other people look intelligent, viable or even sane.

  14. Craig says

    It really IS looking better and better for Obama. The repugs are killing THEMSELVES, leaving Romney to go up against Obama. Sort of like a punk with a blade trying to face down the U.S. Military.

    Obama will be able to handle Mttt the Twit quite easily, AND so many of the wingnuts on the right won’t be able to bring themselve to vote for a mormon.

    I truly am looking forward to a second term for the ONE president who has actually worked for us.