1. yonkersconquers says

    Vomit. More insincere blatant political pandering per second than any ‘Christmas’ greeting in the history of politics. Vomit.

  2. rovex says

    She looks like something from V.

    Seriously what is it with these slightly to thin, ‘Cruella Devile’ republican wives?

  3. james says

    I bet all those scenes are somewhere in Iowa.

    And, hey, they didn’t mention Jesus at all. What would Sarah Palin think? Oh, sorry, she wouldn’t.

  4. redball says

    looks like she’s had a lot of work done…………….(if people can tell you’ve had it done, what’s the point lol)

  5. Taylor says

    You can’t tell me that the woman’s eyes fully close when she’s asleep. She’s simply been pulled too tight.

    She really is creepy. I want to see a copy of her birth certificate…I’m not convinced she’s human.

  6. Jim says

    I don’t get how all those right winger Christians want this adulteress to be their first lady? She should have a scarlet “A” on her chest.

  7. Ian says

    Wow Callista is scary looking! And Newt looks and sound visibly uncomfortable next to her. His body language when she is speaking is interesting.

  8. bill says

    Love it. The Pillsbury Doughboy is so smitten with his latest whore/adulterer/wife that he doesn’t see how monstrous she is to the rest of the world. Those two deserve each other. Repulsive.

  9. Tom in long beach says

    I am sure Newt’s wife # 3 has all the skills to keep him happy (for the moment). And I am sure Newt gave her one of those black platinum American Express cards….. I am happy for him. Just don’t be a hypocrite and interfere with our ability to marry whom we want to.