1. says

    Haha! Um… No. This guy is more interested in fame then music, let’s just be clear. I think he’s a joke. You don’t. Differing opinions. That’s what makes the world, no?

  2. LiamB says

    Good lord, people. No one was arrested. The two were drunk and arguing. Some friends tried to get them away from each other to cool off, and one of the girls was accidentally smacked. According to everyone involved, no one was hurt, no charges were made, and the two were released after questioning without even a fine. Big nothing.

  3. Continuum says

    The favorite pass time of many couples, gay or straight. Get liquored-up and start remembering all the things that get on your nerves.

  4. Leo says

    Ugh. Has VAST potential but needs a PR lesson or…10. Subtlety’s never been this guy’s strongest suit, hence why I detest him. In fact, while I’m at it, I’ll put Mika, Patrick Wolf, and Rufus Wainwright, the former insufferable, the second, a petulant child, and the last, high on his own pompous musings in the same category.

    **Cue predictable “why can’t his own community support him”***….to which I say BULLSH*T I support out gay male performers far more talented and not up their own *ss like John O’Regan of Diamond Rings.

    End of rant.

  5. says

    Ooh, drunk Finns. Not good. It’s no accident the Russians have an expression, “drunk as a Finn.”

    and speaking of Matt Alber, where IS my preordered album??

  6. david says

    In a way, I feel sad for Adam. He’s not getting played on radio in America due to the fact that American radio hates out homosexual men.

  7. says

    We should be thankful we even HAVE openly gay performers. No one hated Liz for her drunken fights, they still went to see her movies. Adam Lambert, whether we like his work or not, is a member of the gay community. Young, yes – and as a performer he is still learning the ramifications of bad publicity. He should have WON American Idol, complain about that. Who beat him? And where is that guy today? I don’t like the guy’s music but it takes all I can to look at k.d.lang sometimes yet I love her voice. Publicity, good or bad, won’t hurt Adam’s record sales.

  8. Ian says

    Lambert always struck me as a bitchy, catty, drama queen, fame-seeking non-artist. Not sure if that’s factored into this little quarrel. But he is certainly far from the most kind and down-to-earth artists out there.

  9. uffda says

    Let’s get back to a real performer/song writer. Matt Alber. His new album, like his old, is unbelievably elegant, lovely and memorable. Comparatively speaking Lambert really is a joke.

  10. says

    remember, folks, hating adam lambert won’t make his life any worse nor will it make your own life any better.

    but if you need to mock him to get through the daily chore of being YOU, then go right ahead. won’t affect him.


  11. Lexxvs says

    @ Little Kiwi Pleased to read some words of wisdom around here. I guess the hardships of being gay have left some people emotionally scarred and bitter for life.

  12. Brenda says

    “In a way, I feel sad for Adam. He’s not getting played on radio in America due to the fact that American radio hates out homosexual men.”

    ….um. Or because the vast majority of people over here are at best “eh” about his music and at worst loathe it. He pidgeon-holed himself, and his market is very limited. I’m sorry to make generalizations but his main fan base is not that “males and females in the 20-30 age range” that drives record sales and singles charts.

    Personally I think he’s full of unrealized potential, but unfortunately is proving to be a hilariously self-important child. He makes me secondhand embarrassed.