1. Jose S. says

    1. I applaud and support Lowe’s decision to not support a religion that supports the execution of gays, demoralization of women and children, and promotes slavery.

    2. I thought that TOWLEROAD was a GAY blog not a PRO-ISLAMISTS blog. Just saying.

  2. LiamB says

    Hmmm, so much for religious freedom. I guess only Christians are allowed to blanket the nation with propaganda.

  3. QJ201 says

    There are plenty of racist, misogynistic, classist, xenophobic idiots posting on TW proving that there is no monolithic “gay” “left leaning” community.

  4. Ronster says

    No one in the LGBT should be shopping at Lowe’s anyway.

    Lowe’s HRC Corporate Equality Score: 30
    Home Depot’s score: 85

    Home Depot has consistently resisted pressure from hate groups.

    Lowe’s just gives in.

  5. says

    Ditto what KM, RONSTER, et al. said. Lowes is a big contributor to republicans, Home Depot not so much.

    While I’m an avowed atheist who thinks religion and god are all bunk, I staunchly defend people’s right to think and believe for themselves. As long as you keep your religion for yourself, go ahead, delude yourself with fairytales. OTOH, I do appreciate the interesting cultures that groups bring to the table, viz. Qawwali, gospel music, etc.

  6. says

    @ JOSE S: Do you have any idea that Islam is not one thing? Just as there is the xian MCC and Catholic devil-worshiper Maledict, there are fun/peace-loving Muslims the world over.

    Get over your arrogance and ignorance.

  7. Craig says

    “…multiple sides of the viewer spectrum”

    I’m going to guess only one side – the xenophobic one.

  8. Jose S. says

    “The christians would be just as happy to see you swinging from a noose, Jose.”

    Oh really… So then my sister, parents, they all want to kill me? Okay.. LOL (they are all christians who support gay marriage)…

    You can always show me something that supports your claim any time you want.

  9. Jose S. says

    “@ JOSE S: Do you have any idea that Islam is not one thing? Just as there is the xian MCC and Catholic devil-worshiper Maledict, there are fun/peace-loving Muslims the world over.

    Get over your arrogance and ignorance.”

    These ‘peace loving muslims’ (which I think only exist in your mind) are fully welcome to TOWLEROAD and explain themselves, and tell us exactly what Islamic law says. I think such a person should have some form of authority on the subject (like an imam) and tell us straight out if homosexuality is permissible and if not what is the punishment. And I don’t think some hippie liberal movie star wanna-be would cut it. either.

    I have already studied this subject through and through with Islamist scholars, Imams, and quran students and historians. They all say the same thing: homosexuality is wrong, punishment: DEATH.

    Now, if you can present evidence that there is ‘controversy’ or some debate going on (like in christianity, hinduism, or judaism) on the subject between imams and scholars then you have me… but for now until such a time comes when these imams and scholars actually start debating the subject I ain’t holding my breath.

    And of course what I don’t get is why is it okay to bash christianity and not islam being that they are both dysfunctional in this area… seems to me that some of us want our cake and eat it too.

  10. Jose S. says

    “No one in the LGBT should be shopping at Lowe’s anyway.

    Lowe’s HRC Corporate Equality Score: 30
    Home Depot’s score: 85

    Home Depot has consistently resisted pressure from hate groups.

    Lowe’s just gives in.”

    I don’t shop in any big box store… in fact any sane person regardless of sexuality or religion should consider NOT shopping in any box chain store and instead support local businesses and shops.

    And I don’t think HRC has any authority over this being that they receive MASSIVE donations from these same corporations that have the good ratings.

  11. Randy says

    @Jose. I’m pagan, some of my best friends, gay and straight, are Muslim. What’s your point? There are extremeists in all religions. Christian terrorists are no better than Muslim terrorists. Get off your high horse for thinking that christians are better than anyone else. They aren’t!

  12. RMc says

    Here is the number for Lowe’s: 1-800-445-6937. Give them a call and tell them that they are wrong for pulling their advertisement from this show because the Anti-American “Christian” Fascists have no respect for the Constitution, American Freedom, Human Rights, & Civil Rights. There are nearly 800 million Muslims, in all ranges of liberal & conservative. It is nice to know that in this economy Lowe’s business is doing so well that they could easily give up 800 million customers. I told them that I will not be shopping at their Fascist store and I will take ALL of my business to Home Depot from now on.

  13. Kevin thor says

    Muslims are the scum of the earth just slightly more respectable then the cult of Cathelolisism.

  14. Brisier says

    I think this show alienated all other religions from the get go. If we have an ‘all american muslim’ show….why wouldn’t we have and ‘all american catholic’, ‘all american christian’, all american hindu’, ‘all american jew,’ ‘all american buddist’, ‘all american mormon’, ‘all american wiccan’…..and so on and so on and so on.

    Why did TLC alienate all these other religions? And how come no one is making noise about this BS?

  15. HoHo says

    It looks to me like the US lives in a lobby dictatorship. It may not be the government who’s enforcing censorship on the media — but who needs the government when you have lobbies representing people who are neither wise nor numerous but can be very loud?

  16. wtf says

    Oh Jose, blather on. There are plenty of moderate liberal muslims just like there are plenty of moderate liberal christians. Your claim that ALL muslims are crazed killers is just plain stupid. But it sure is easier than dealing with the nuances of reality, eh? And frankly, in the good ol’ US of A the REAL problem are the CHRISTIANS who seek to persecute us AT EVERY TURN. So STFU already, fool. If you’re going to come, best come correct.

  17. RB says

    @RONSTER, Really? Just gives in? Lowe’s has consistently treated LGBT employees with the same respect as married employees period! Gay employees partners are extended the same rights as married couples. Let’s stick to the facts and on this one I know the facts.

  18. says


    The HRC gave Target a high score before their contribution to a foundation that in turn supported an anti gay candidate
    was exposed so I give NO credibility to the HRC’s scoring or for that matter the HRC. I have never received a letter from the HRC that didn’t ask for a donation.

  19. jason says

    Oh, please, not another “reality” show with female media whores revealing their cleavage! For Pete’s sake, Jersey Shore is bad enough.

  20. jason says

    Lowe’s is entitled to do whatever it wants. Just as the GLBT community is known to boycott, so Lowe’s has the right to as well. As for Muslims, keep in mind that they execute gays.

  21. says

    Lowe’s is indeed entitled to do whatever it wants, though, considering that they’re closing stores right and left and cutting tons of jobs, their corporate decision-making skills don’t seem particularly sharp.

    To object to this show because “Muslims execute gays” is ludicrous. The Muslims in this show (I saw about 15 minutes of one episode) are worried about their own petty lives, just like the people on any reality show. TV star wannabees aren’t apt to be out executing lgbt people since it would really put a bad spin on their 15 minutes of fame.

    The Muslim panic in the US, along with the idiotic panic over Sharia law taking over places like Oklahoma, is so predictably silly. A show about how different Muslim families go about integrating their faith into their public lives is actually quite interesting, and not threatening at all. The Real Housewives of NJ are way more scary than a few Muslim-American families in Michigan.

  22. jason says

    The women on these types of shows are media whores who are seeking their 15 minutes of fame. Nuff said.

  23. ian says

    Man, what a couple of religious bigots. @jose, you are confusing christianist (christian fascism) with christianity and @kevin, all Muslims are scum?!? Really? It’s ignorant bigots like you both who are a big part of the problem.

  24. Yuki says


    You do realize that even after that pro-big-business donation, Target has continued to support gay pride events, right? No reason to demonize them.

    Also, Brandon… sorry, but I’m really displeased with the use of “Christianist” here. I’m not religious in the least, but I feel like using that instead of just plain ol’ Christian just makes it sound like you’re a “crazy liberal”, if that makes sense. I only ever see that word used in a “LOOK AT THOSE STUPID RELIGIOUS PEOPLE” context.

  25. macmantoo says

    The biggest group of bigots or racist in the US is no longer the KKK, it’s the Christian religion.

    While both the Christian and the Muslims are anti gay, that’s their rights here in the US. Just like it’s the Muslims right to be a relgion here.

    We’ve became a nation of hate. It’s sad but it’s getting sadder.

  26. Nun says

    No one cares about the people in All American Muslim. It’s the Somali’s who were given amnesty and then left to fight in Afghanistan, and so on.

  27. Shannon says


  28. Tone says

    Well I never did like Lowe’s and if I’m going to shop at a formulaic big box hardware store I’ll go to Homo Depot.

  29. fern says

    This show sounds like a bit of a whitewash imo. I think people are a bit naive about Islam. It is not a small fringe of “extremists” who believe in gays being put to death. It is the majority. I fear Christians may become “inspired” by Muslim treatment of gays and think they too should be able to do the same.

  30. manhattanvince says

    @ Jose S. Thank you! It amazes me how it seems everyone who comments on religious stories on this sight seem to want to fight to the death to defend Islam but then completely denigrate Christianity.

  31. Zira says

    I’m posting my opinion for the THIRD time since it seems to have been deleted the first two times I posted it:

    Who cares!? All religions are the same, as long as you agree with their dogma and finance the lifestyles of their priest caste you are in and will go to heaven.

    I have no time for imaginary beings and their followers. It’s not like any religion embraces me for who I am.

    Who cares?!?!

  32. Ali says

    I’m tired of explaining our position on this. I really shouldn’t have to say this every freaking time, I’m a Muslim and I believe in universal human rights and dignity for all people. As for our “friend” Jose, the bible says the same stuff the Quran does, that gays should be killed. Good Christians look at what Jesus said about loving your enemy rather that killing gays. Good Muslims look at what Muhammad said about there being no compulsion in religion, rather than killing gays.

  33. JP says

    The United States of the Offended. Get over it people or go back to where you came form if Amerivca isn’t good enough for you.
    I’m 100% behind Lowes, Stand Strong Lowes!

  34. Anonymous says

    You are not going to shame us into accepting Muslims into our country. Muslims appear insensitive instead of empatethic to America’s distrust of the culture due to circumstances of 9/11 and beyond including Sharia Law. Which within itself is hypocritical of any religion, “He without sin throw the first stone.” The whole reason we are on this earth is to glorify God. The muslims who represent themselves appear to glorify themselves and their religion. Furthermore, for people who want to be accepted by the American public, chose to segregte themselves in an American community? What other culture would feel welcome there? I have not seen any Muslims show compassion of what the United States has been subjected to by their culture. They are too worried about preserving their image. In order to get respect you have to give it. Muslims received that respect when they were allowed the same freedoms as all other Americans. It is that culture who violated that respect and trust, it is up to them to earn it back. The only perfect being is God, he is the only one who knows the ultimate truth.

  35. Jesus says

    Wow, I had no idea all of these Islamic scholars frequented Towleroad! So many solid, logical points to be made..


  36. Jason Cobb says

    Didn’t Lowe’s succumb to similar pressure to pull its ads from programming a few years back that was deemed too gay friendly?

  37. JJ says


    The show is eh.
    It wouldn’t make sense to have an “All American Catholic” or “All American Jew” show because no one doubts that Catholicism and Judaism is American.

  38. ronald says

    As an electrical contractor, I have switched from doing my primary business from Home Depot to Lowes. Homosexuality is a perverted attempt to love. Not in God’s plan for mankind.

    Other’s who know how destuctive this perversion is will stop spending their money where it is supported.