1. Rob says

    “They kissed. The crowd cheered.” Take note Santorum, Bachman and the rest of you fools. This is how normal people feel; hatin’ on the gays isn’t an issue anymore. Stop drinking the tea, and look around.

  2. jason says

    Why didn’t they choose two guys to kiss? It seems we’ve got another case of the liberal double standard operating in the military – girl-girl OK, guy-guy to be avoided if necessary.

    You see a lot of this double standard in liberalism. It’s the reason why I won’t be voting for any Democrat next year.

  3. Lysana says

    Aw, drat. I’m not in before the guys get annoyed they weren’t privileged enough to be first. But I will note, Towleroad, that kisses lack sexual orientation. That was a same-sex kiss, not a gay kiss. But keep trying.

  4. jason says

    They would not have chosen two guys to kiss because it’s not politically correct amongst straight liberals. Straight liberals only accept female-female relationships, not male-male ones. They might tolerate the male-male ones but they certainly don’t accept them.

  5. Harrison says

    The article said that they hold a raffle for who gets the ceremonial first kiss. You have participated in a raffle before, yes? Usually, they pick the ticket anonymously, without considering whether it would lead to a man-on-man kiss or not.

  6. says

    The Jason robot has been turned on, yippee!

    We know, we know, liberals hate 2 men kissing. (As opposed to conservatives, who can’t get enough, as long as it’s behind a bathroom stall?)

    But why shouldn’t it be two women? Women are in the military, after all. In large numbers, actually. And, more importantly than who gets to be first to show off their public kissing, this shows how far we’ve come in a short time. Not long ago, this would be grounds for discharge and a way to ruin these women’s lives. Now it can be celebrated.

    Now the focus needs to be on repealing DOMA so that gay military families not only get to welcome each other openly but get the same protections and benefits straight military families take for granted.

  7. John from MN says

    Or, you know, it was 2 ladies because they were the ones that won the raffle. You people who are annoying, sexist, and unable to either read or comprehend the very few words of the article, just please, please shut up. Just have some consideration for your fellow man and stop posting.

    But on topic, yay! It is a great historic moment. Those 2 petty officers must feel pretty good right now. Hope they are enjoying their time back together.

  8. Dev says

    Don’t even bother reading Jason’s comments, it’s all basically “I CAN’T GET EVERYTHING I WANT SO I’LL JUST KILL MYSELF WAAAAAA!” Cutting off your nose to spite your face is just childish. I don’t get why some people over the age of 5 still think it’s a viable approach to problems?

  9. jason says

    There are far more men in the military than there are women. Therefore, it should have been two men kissing.

    Women want to be first on everything because of their supremacist notions. Well, we gay men are sick of them. Go away, girls. We’re also sick of the pro-female political correctness that exists in the mainstream. We’re not going to let you get away with it anymore.

    Keep in mind that all the laws against homosexuality were directed against men, not women. It’s the male side of homosexuality that had to fight for its rights historically. You girls just exploited what we fought for.

  10. says

    well, Jason, you could very easily to post a video or a URL to your own page where you show yourself kissing your boyfriend/partner.

    how about you do that, eh? rather than complain that these women got to kiss, why not instead show everyone YOU kissing YOUR boyfriend?

    just post the URL.

  11. says

    and Jason, most straight liberals don’t have a problem with male-male kissing.

    its conservatives that have a problem with it.

    my straight liberal family and friends certainly have no problem withy any forms of LGBT affection in public.

    but hey, you can always provide the URL to your own page or video where you show us all not only gay PDA but the specific support you’re getting from your fellow Conservatives.

    so, URL please?

  12. jason says

    You also see this double standard in the entertainment industry, one of the most supposedly liberal industries in America. A woman can say she’s into women and suddenly all the media is saying how glamorous she is. Katy Perry had a number 1 hit with I Kissed A Girl, don’t forget.

    Change the genders and suddenly everybody isn’t so enthusiastic anymore. Have you ever had a male singer reach number 1 with I Kissed A Boy? Of course not.

    Face it – if you’re a male homosexual, you are lower than dirt in a liberal’s eyes. Conservatives also see you as lower than dirt but at least conservatives don’t have a double standard.

  13. jason says

    I’m simply pointing out the truth to you. The male side of the homosexual community is despised by liberals. From Hollywood to New York, you are not really liked. They PRETEND to like you but that’s about it. They pretend to like you because they want your money.

    On the other hand, the female side of the homosexual community is much more accepted. I’ve already pointed out to you an example from the music industry. I can reel off a million more but it would take up too much bandwidth.

    It’s high time you realized that gay and bisexual men are despised by liberals.

  14. says

    what truth, Jason? i’ve never encountered liberals that have a problem with gay male-male affection.

    that’s why my Liberal ass is Out, and can put a face and name to my comments. unlike you.

    so, i call your bluff. post the URL to your own video or page where you show us all not only gay male affection, but the specific support you are apparently receiving from your fellow Conservatives.

    my straight liberal parents march in the pride parade every year. do your parents do that?

    seriously, kiddo. i’m calling your bluff. post the URL to your own page or video.

    i dare ya.

  15. Kit says

    As a member of the Navy myself we had a “what if a gay couple wins first kiss raffle” discussion when we went through our DADT repeal training last spring. Most people were very supportive and the jokes were kept to a minimum and were not hateful, but since the raffle was held before repeal people wanted to know what would happen if someone gay were to win.

    But now it’s a reality, this is amazing!!! Way to go ladies! I’m glad she had the courage to enter the raffle!

  16. says

    “Ricky/Jason’s” paranoid terror of and loathing towards women doesn’t deserve a reply, but it should be noted that, while there are far more men in the military than women, a disproportionate number of women were discharged under DADT, meaning that the policy actually affected them more than it did men. Just the facts.

    So, in addition to these lovely women having the good fortune to win the kiss raffle, they certainly deserved the recognition, as they and their loved ones paid a higher percentage of the price of DADT. Right-wing homophobes (and closet cases) may freak out more at the idea of 2 men kissing, but women aren’t exempt from discrimination cause some men dig “girl-girl action.” Especially within institutions led by old boys, such as the military, quite the contrary.

  17. Cyg says

    Please, by all means, Jason, let’s see your boyfriend and you kissing. I’d just love to see how the heterosexual conservatives rally around to support you.

  18. says

    I am afraid “Jason” wouldn’t be kissing any one his kisses are too bitter! Get over it it is a same gender kiss the first in history “that has been seen” from the military in public. Soon it will just be another kiss and no one will care and Jason will still be bitter.

    Happy Holidays
    and a Blessed New year

  19. jason says

    You just don’t like having the liberal double standard exposed to the world, do you?. You like to pretend that liberals love us all. They don’t. Liberals only celebrate female-female affection, not male-male affection. The only time liberals turn their attention to gay men is when they need us to help fight their culture war against conservatives.

    You also saw this pro-female correctness in how the media celebrated Ellen’s coming out on TV some years ago. It had to be a woman. The media would not have celebrated if Ellen were a man.

    Again, with the music industry, you have a double standard where a woman like Katy Perry can hit number 1 with I Kissed A Girl. Heaven forbid that a male have a hit with a male version of this song.

    A lot of you don’t want to believe that this double standard exists. I’ve already cited a number of examples of the double standard that are based on fact, not opinion.

    As for this kiss resulting from a raffle, give me a break. I know someone from that ship and they claim that it was an organized thing. They didn’t want it to be two men in case it offended people.

  20. says

    What double-standard? Im a gay Liberal, and i’m Out. You’re a gay Conservative, and you’re still Closeted.

    My straight liberal parents march in the pride parade every year, my father with his “I love my gay son”, sign.

    What do you straight Conservative parents do, Jason?

    Speaking of double-standards, unlike you I’m no coward and I can put a face and name to not only my comments and statements, but to back up my points.

    Why not post the URL, Jason, to your own page or video where we can all see how wonderfully supportive your conservative family is of not only you, but the LGBT Community.

    What’s the URL, Jason? For you to not share the URL to your own page or video would be you being hypocritical, and exposing not a “double standard” but a sad reality. Your conservative parents don’t love you enough to do for you what liberal parents do for not only their own LGBT Children, but for the entire LGBT Community.

    there’s one straight male liberal who supports the LGBT Community. Care to show your own family, Jason?

    i call your bluff. prove it. 😀

  21. says

    anyone else notice how Jason/Rick complains about women in the recording industry in one breath, and then in the next gets his size-small panties in a twist about Adam Lambert?

    Oh, Rick/Jason, you cowardly little wimp with no testicles.

    take a good look at what your ilk is:

  22. L says

    Why is everyone complaining that it was two women kissing and not two men? She won a raffle genuises, there was no supremacy involved, it was the luck of the draw boys, so suck it up and support your gay sisters as they would you. You wouldnt see lesbians complain if it was two gay guys that won, geeeezus!

  23. jason says

    Commenting on this kiss, a conservative web-site made the point that the liberal mainstream media doesn’t celebrate male-male affection in the same way it celebrates female-female affection. It’s the truth, unfortunately.

  24. says

    Please stop feeding the troll. He exists to suck up your time and energy, and he’s so not worth it.

    Lovely article and video. I’m looking forward to the day that it IS two guys kissing, but there are so many more straight guys in the military than gay, it might be a long time coming.

  25. Bernadette says

    Jason, how stupid and uneducated must you be that you don’t realize that the reason why female homosexuality wasn’t as persecuted as male homosexuality is because for a long time – even until today – straight AND gay men deny women their sexuality. They claim(ed) that women don’t have an interest in sex, don’t have a sex drive and even aren’t able anatomically to achieve an orgasm. That they only exist to give men pleasure, but don’t feel it themselves. Straight AND gay men think that only men are so privileged to have all those feelings and urges.

    That’s why lesbians aren’t seen as threatening to a patriarch society and as long as it is two ‘lipstick lesbians’ kissing and touching they don’t mind that.

    The way you’re talking about women you surely are a regular on Datalounge. Just go back there and read the threads were gay men talk about women not being able to enjoy sex, have an orgasm or that a lesbian’s sexuality is always fluid (meaning that they’re not really gay, but can always go back to loving men) and that ONLY gay men will always be gay. Which is actually also one of the reasons why lesbianism isn’t being taken serioulsy by either straight OR gay men. I’m sorry, but apart from straight men being stupid it’s gay men who are digging their own graves with their ‘once gay always gay, but once a lesbian still not really gay’ dogma.

    I just think it’s so funny when a gay man whines about female homosexuality being more ‘accepted’. It’s not accepted more. it’s just not being taken seriously by men of whatever sexual orientation.

  26. Gregv says

    @Bernadette and @L: One solitary troll who posts the same obsessive and delusional drivel hundreds of times (maybe thousands; I’ve lost track) does not represent the opinions of all gay males.

    I love the fact that a gay person won the raffle and had her homecoming kiss with with the gay person she loves celebrated, no matter what their sex.
    I know that women do, indeed, have sexual feelings and meaningful relationships, Bernadette, and know no intelligent male who would disagree with that.
    And my liberal, heterosexual family members (including the males) have NO problem with a man-on-man or woman-on-woma. kiss and have no sexist sentiments at all and no delusions that gay female couples exist only for the titillation of straight males.

    Your own statements, Bernadette, are as sexist and offensive as any notions you attribute to men.

  27. violet2579 says

    Oh god !! this jason guy seriously needs to get over himself !! when they say gay rights its for both men and women .. its not specifically for women ! you are just a bit two sexist for my taste .. and when it comes to what YOU fought for, it wasnt just “gays” who had to fight for there freedom .. it was the “lesbians” as well !!

  28. Harrison says

    Wow. Not only does Jason know the inner workings of the two-faced liberal media, he also coincidentally just so happens to know someone on a dock landing ship deployed in Central America. I’m asking Santa Claus for that level of access to inside information this year……

  29. Bernadette says

    @GregV: I’m sorry, I should have worded my comment more carefully. It was never my intention to generalize, but reading my comment again, I can see that it must have come across that way. Of course, I don’t think that ALL gay or straight men think that way. There are plenty intelligent men who know better. Jason isn’t one of them, obviously.

  30. jason says

    It now transpires that there was no lottery and the whole thing was organized. Just as I thought, a lesbian kiss designed to titillate sleazy straight guys. If that’s what repealing DADT is about, I’d rather go back to the bad old days.

  31. Den says


    I thought you believed the bad old days had never gone away.

    Little Kiwi – I admire your perserverence. The number of times you have asked Jason to post an ‘out’ URL of himself is becoming legendary. Person when you ask for the millionth time he might then oblige !

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