1. Jack says

    We have public accomodations laws in the U.S. which make it a crime to refuse to serve people in your restaurant. Just imagine the outrage on the left (which i consider myself a part of) if a restaurant refused to serve gay people or black people or whatever. Shame on that restaurant owner. You are no better than the bigots on the right. We have freedom of speech in the USA no matter how ignorant or bigoted the speech. These leftists are acting like Lester Maddox with his axe handle keeping blacks out of his restaurant.

  2. RyanInSacto says

    @Jack: You’re misconstruing the law. Businesses have the right refuse service to *individuals*. Have you have never noticed signs in restaurants that state “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?” What a business cannot do is refuse service to someone because of group membership (race, religion, etc).

  3. kpo5 says

    We have public accommodations laws in the US? Really?

    Because I was a bit confused when LGBT couples of the past few years have been denied stays at B&Bs, and when LGBT couples’ weddings have not been welcomed by public wedding chapels, and when LGBT wedding cakes have been refused to be made by homophobic bakers, and when LGBT wedding decorations have been refused by homophobic florists, and when GSA t-shirts have been refused to be made by homophobic shirt makers.

    Are you sure those laws exist?

    If they do, they aren’t being enforced. Perhaps we need to make a statement to inform the people.

    Ah, excellent. A restaurant that refuses to serve a homophobe! Legal? No. Got your attention? Yes sir.

  4. RyanInSacto says

    @Jack: Also, the First Amendment guarantees that Congress shall make no law abridging speech. Private entities can – and do – abridge speech all the time. Newspapers decide which letters to print in their editorial section, for example. Another example is that the editors of this site can decide to delete comments at will. Neither of these cases come under the purview of the First Amendment because neither one involves the government curbing speech. It’s all private individuals. Just the same, a restaurant (unless its the cafeteria of Congress, I suppose) is not a government entity and therefore, refusing service to an individual is not in any way a First Amendment issue.

  5. Scott says

    Most public accommodations laws are a state by state matter. Some states, like New Jersey, do make it illegal for businesses to discriminate against LGBT people, but many do not. However, in no state is being a bigot a protected category, and this restaurant was well within their rights to kick out Sen. Campfield if they don’t want his money.

  6. JakeP says

    Was he asked to leave because of prior statements? Or did he make a scene in the restaurant? I’d think it wouldn’t be appropriate to kick out David Duke himself just for being David Duke. But if he said anything racist, homophobic, etc. I’d be fine kicking him or anyone out.

  7. anon says

    You can be kicked out over political views, and while brave, they now risk a lot of retaliation. He can just call in a few favors and have the place shut down over a health inspection.

  8. Carlos Abreu says

    There’s no doubt that standing up for what’s right can be risky. Most of us know that from first-hand experience. Being courageous though, despite the threat of retaliation, is what affects real change. I applaud them for giving him a taste of his own medicine.

  9. says


    this is the change we’re going to see happen the more people take a stand; that the social pariahs are the anti-gays, not the gays.

    it’s a change that’s already coming, it’s already affecting families, businesses, communities.

    another proud moment for liberal thinking 😀

  10. Tom says

    Uhhhh…it’s a shame this reporter is an absolute moron. The news outlet that deployed her to deal with this case wasted a chance here.

    “Ohhhhm…well, the dawkter sez that’s wrowng, sehw…”

  11. says

    It is illegal in TN to deny accommodations based on an individual’s race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, or national origin.

    So, lgbt people aren’t covered, but neither are crazy homophobic a-holes, so kudos to the Bistro. BTW, some seem to have missed their point that they were aware they were “unfairly” discriminating. In other words, they were intentionally giving him a taste of his own toxic medicine.

  12. says

    I’m from Knoxville and only wish I was there now JUST to eat at the Bistro in support of Ms. Bogg’s choice to stand up to ignorance. Kudos to her! If people continue to stand up to these idiots, things will change for the better a lot more quickly.

  13. say what says

    jack it is illegal to not serve specific groups of people

    But all establishments do have a right to refuse service to single individuals (as long as it isnt a trend amongst said establishment)

  14. say what says

    @ JWL

    LOL more like gay repubs are defending him you nit wit

    progressivism liberalism tolerance logically can not defend the intolerant for that would be the death of tolerance/ liberalism/ progressivism

  15. says

    @ SAY WHAT


    Don’t you love when the GayCons come on and say “No! Now you’re being prejudiced and intolerant against them! so much for your liberal tolerance, huh? yeah, you liberals are hypocrites!”


    oh, those poor sad conservatives. wake up, boys. just because your stupid-ass families say things like “they’re the real ones who are intolerant because they’re intolerant of us” doesn’t mean they’re right. in fact it proves how stupid they are. and how stupid some of you are for repeating it as if it makes sense. it doesn’t.

    Stacey Campfield is a bigot pig and this is exactly what he deserves.

  16. Caliban says

    How great is it that the restaurant’s address is on Gay Street?

    That little detail elevates this story from merely amusing to deliciously ironic. “Author of “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Refused Service On Gay Street”

  17. Pointed says

    Campfield said that on the contrary, he has no problem with gays (CASH).

    He’ll take our money then spit in our eye laughing all the way to the bank. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  18. Michael says

    I am a resident of Knoxville and The Bistro at Bijou Theatre has always been one of my favorite restaurants. I commend her as a fellow business owner for not only supporting the LGBT community but standing up for what she believes in!!! Kudos to you Martha!!!!!!!!!!

  19. shadow_man says

    Lol, he isn’t including the full information. What he is doing is twisting CDC data to support his anti-gay bigotry. When you need to tell half-truths, your side obviously has already lost in a matter of time. The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of AIDS over 70% is among African heterosexuals, and AIDS started within the heterosexual community.

  20. Samuel Adams says


    If a member of the KKK walked in, you could refuse them service. Because hate speech is not protected speech.
    Anti-gay organizations have officially been classified as hate groups.
    Hate groups, and hate speech, are NOT protected by the law.
    Also, I’m sure you meant no harm, but DO NOT COMPARE gay people to anti-gay bigots.
    Anymore than you would compare Martin Luther King Jr. to the grand wizard of the KKK.

  21. thedavidvbf says

    He is patently ignorant. And.. the book, “And The Band Played On” does not say that Patient Zero became infected through sex with a monkey. Both the interviewee and the interviewer should read the book.

  22. Lee S. says

    What in the H is it that everyone thinks they have to glorify gay people????? I know I will definitely not be eating at that restaurant. Hey how about glorifying some heterosexuals?
    U must think your really hip to be like the crowd… which is really brainless.

  23. Stevein says

    I think Ms. Boggs crossed the line by refusing Mr. Campfield service. We have laws regarding this and just because she is probably a gay, this doesn’t enable her to do as she please. She can keep her damn Bistro and all of her gay friends and I’ll eat at Wendy’s.

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