Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1044

DIARY OF ZAC EFRON: Hoop dreams.

BETTY WHITE'S 90TH: President Obama demands to see the Golden Girl's long-form birth certificate.

BERNIE GOLDBERG: FOX News contributor doesn't know Ice-T from Ice Cube.

64 HORROR MOVIES IN 5 MINUTES: Can you name them all?

Click the box at the bottom of the player bar for all the videos.

Thanks for all your notes from yesterday about this format. We're trying to find an easy-to-use and program player that will allow people to use the pick and choose format of the earlier Guide to the Tube posts, and have visible thumbnails rather than hidden ones that are less intuitive.

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  1. Urmensch says

    @Johnny, click the rectangle beneath the screen, beside the watch later clock icon, and it will pop up a movie strip selection for the videos. Just as you use it on youtube.

    I like the new format; It’s less cluttered.

  2. Zlick says

    Yeah, I must have missed yesterday’s decision-making vote on new Guide to Tube Formats, what with it being a national holiday and all. Yeah, looks less cluttered. As in Where The Heck Are The Other Three Videos??

    Without the instructions provided in this comments section, I would never have known how to find them. In any event, it’s very non-intuitive. Go back to the old format, please.

  3. Scott says

    With pahima- I check in on my iPhone, and only the first video shows up; and there’s no box to click on.

    Yeah- unless it’s mobile friendly- for androids, iPhones, and tablet users- go back to the old version.


  4. scotsyank says

    The new format is a disaster, and the old one sucked too. Why can’t we just click on links, and open a new window? I’m sick of waiting for the site to reload after I’ve linked and come back. Get in the 21st century, already Andy!

  5. Randy says

    I should have mentioned that the current format seems to lock you in to Youtube for all content. Increasingly, interesting content is also found on other sites like Vimeo.

  6. Luke says

    Like some of the other commenters have mentioned, why not embed them separately? Put the descriptions above the break, and embed the four videos separately at full width after the jump with a couple of line breaks in between. Give the user the choice before loading all that Flash.

    Additionally, it would be great if you would link the short descriptions of the four videos to their YouTube URLs so we could selectively open them in different tabs if we wanted to.

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