1. say what says

    boxers (not boxer briefs) or jock strap (plain normal jock straps not colored or anyth9ng) are way way way sexier

    though wearing a jockstrap would get someone arrested on the subway for sure

  2. Dback says

    Ah, but boxers would obscure those amazing thighs. Tighty-whities are just fine, thank you.

    What an endearingly goofy-yet-hot way to start the day. (He’s an awesome guy and ally, too.)

  3. Gregv says

    I don’t think I would even notice anything is unusual if someone on the subway was in boxers (unless they contrast them with a jacket and tie). I see people underdressed for the weather all the time.
    Tighty-whities stand out as unusual on the subway — and on Taylor’s legs, they’re sexy, too!

  4. say what says

    eh what can I say

    I see boxers or a normal white jock strap and I think MAN

    I see tighty whities and I think underoos or “queeny”

    its my personal tastes

  5. antisaint says

    Sperm count? On a gay blog? Really? I’m the accidental child of a man who wore briefs all his life — I don’t think there’s much stock to that logic unless you’re trying to have a baby and it’s not working.

  6. homosex says

    Boxers are for insecure guys and a jock strap when not playing sports really is just plain queeny.

    Briefs and to a lesser extent low-cut/square cut boxer briefs are sexy.

    There’s nothing sexy about covering everything up entirely or revealing your anus before even saying “Hello.”.

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