1. MarkUs says

    As someone who has voted Republican as often as Democrat and has no love great for Obama, this is a disaster. I live in Texas and none of them could fill a high school gym here let alone an auditorium.

  2. coolbear says

    Romney’s actually 9 points ahead of Gingrich in Florida now. The word here in DC is that Gingrich’s lackluster performance last night was due to senior Republicans (like Dole) letting him know: they’re ready to release the real information on his record of corruption and torpedoing their policies. They thought (foolishly) that he’d be destroyed by the record of his personal life. Now they’re concerned not so much because they don’t want to lose the presidential election as because, given his track record, Newt has serious potential to wreck the party’s chances in both houses of congress.
    (It’s pretty widely known that they laid the same terms for Sarah Palin: she can generate publicity any way she wants, but if she runs for office, they’ll slam her down.)
    It’s kind of interesting to have psychopaths in an electoral campaign, but they tend not to win because they refuse to believe that they’ll ever be found out.

  3. Mary says

    I personally thought that the debate was fascinating and that all the candidates did well. I was very impressed with how Santorum has improved his speaking skills. Newt’s ideas are a bit batty, but he avoided sounding as “spacey” as he normally does. I’m hoping that Newt’s support will decline and that Santorum will be seen as the only viable alternative to Romney, It’s possilbe that Newt’s South Carolina showing was a flash in the pan.

    Who conservatives would choose in a Romney-Santorum showdown is a mystery. They SHOULD choose Santorum based on ideology, but there’s something about his personality they find lacking. I have visited conservative websites and haven’t heard any convincing arguments for why Santorum should not be the nominee. Strange.

  4. says

    you mean despite the fact that Santorum is such an appallingly prejudiced bigot that there’s no way any sane, rational, compassionate or empathetic person could possibly vote for him, Mary?

    the man is one of the most disgusting bigots america has ever produced. he’s this generation’s Jesse Helms. He’s adamant about being on the wrong side of history, and he will go down in the books as a disgrace to America.

    That’s why he’s not going to be the nominee. The only people who support him are the scum of america.

  5. BobN says

    So, another “debate” in the South, in a state where just last year they tried to take children away from gay adoptive parents, and not a peep about gay rights?

    It’s a conspiracy.

  6. Stephen says

    I agree with @Little Kiwi no one with any dignity could support Santorum. He is vile, bigoted and evil