UK Vandal Does Obscene Paint Job on Gay Nightclub


A gay bar in Carlisle, UK, 10 miles south of the Scottish border, was struck by a vandal who was caught on CCTV painting the club's windows a bright orange, News & Star reports:

Police are investigating but stress they are not treating the attack as a hate crime. The man responsible, who brought his own stepladder to help him complete the paint job, also wrecked the vibrant “artwork” sign that had colourfully spelled out the club’s name above its main entrance. He used a spray can to paint it black.

Said Dee Lockhart, PA to the club’s chief executive Glenn Anderson:

"We caught the whole thing on CCTV. This guy turns up, without a care in the world, just taking his time, casually spraying over our sign. The video shows him coming along, having a good look at the outside of the building, then he goes round the corner where he’s obviously stashed a ladder, and then he comes back to start work, going from left to right spraying our sign. Then he takes the ladder away, and comes back and sprays all four of our windows completely orange. He’s completely ruined the front of our club. It could cost up £10,000 to redo it."


  1. Brad says

    How is this “obscene”? He painted the windows orange and sign black. No foul words. It was Banksy..

  2. everybody's an art critic says

    ummm, I think he may have improved it. Do we have before and after pics?

    I’d leave it alone now.

  3. Layla says

    It’s called vandalism. No matter what building you do that to, that’s what it is. In this case it might also be discrimination against a minority or as some people see it, a hate crime. I doubt this person had issues with this club besides the fact that he is homophobic, but there is a small chance that it was a revenge scheme. There is nothing “obscene” mentioned. I hope your house gets spraypainted orange. Then you can spend your time cleaning it rather than being a hater.

  4. brad says

    @Layla crazy party of you.
    um how am I a “hater” for saying they are using the wrong word to describe this story?

  5. gregory brown says

    I agree with Brad. It’s vandalism, whether motivated by some personal rancor against the club or homophobia or simply a desire to ruin somebody’s property. There’s not enough info in the story to go beyond that. “Obscene” has more appropriate uses.

  6. Ambrose says

    Curiously neat for anti-gay vandalism. Maybe he was just an anarchist with a penchant for redecorating. Orange is definitely this season’s color. And black–unlike “vibrant”–never goes out of style.